Chapter 331.1: Vulgar Uncle

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After doing all of this, Tang Doudou quickly got up and ran back to Baili Yu. Then she pulled him in a different direction.

When Baili Yu saw that she was moving around a lot even as large beads of sweat were dripping down her forehead like she was enduring a lot of pain, he stopped her and pulled her into his arms. "Doudou!"

Tang Doudou reached out to push him away, but discovered that she had no strength left. "Am I about to die?"

If she hadn't abruptly woken up in time to use Jin Yi to diverge the black-robed people's attentions, they probably would've already been caught. However, ever since she woke up, she noticed that her body felt off. She felt like she was about to die.

She recalled that she had been feeling very sleepy these past few days. Could it be that she really was pregnant?

Or was it the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance flaring up?

Regardless of what it was, it was bad news. If her body had been fine, she would've been able to flee with Baili Yu, but now, she couldn't even walk. She'd probably have to rely on Baili Yu to carry her the rest of the way.

"Don't talk nonsense. Once we get out of this forest, we'll disguise ourselves with the human skin masks and find a doctor to take a look at you."

"We're not waiting for Jun Xin? And the things I arranged won't be needed anymore?"

"There's no need." Baili Yu's gaze sharpened slightly. "Tang Doudou, although I no longer have martial arts, trust me, I'll definitely bring you back."

"But this time it was supposed to be me bringing you back." Tang Doudou smiled bitterly. For some reason, no matter how hard she tried to arrange things perfectly, her plans ended up seeming like child's play in Baili Yu's hands.

However, she also understood that if it weren't for the sudden situation change, Baili Yu wouldn't have gotten involved either and would've allowed her to go ahead with her plan. It was just that he couldn't sit back in the current situation. As long as they could safely get away, any plan was a good plan.

"You bringing me, me bringing you, what difference is there? Silly, don't worry so much and just rest. I'll wake you up once we get there." Baili Yu started walking forward quickly. Although he no longer had martial arts, his physique was not bad and Tang Doudou wasn't heavy either. Thus, his steps didn't become heavy even after they walked a while.

"How can I rest in peace before we get to a safe place?"

"Doudou, traveling on our own is much safer than traveling with them, so don't worry."

"I understand the logic, but I still feel uneasy. There's so many things ahead of us." Tang Doudou was most worried about Liu Zhiyuan.

She had a premonition that they would encounter them on the way.

Or perhaps Liu Zhiyuan had been waiting for this opportunity the entire time. He had been waiting for the moment when Baili Yu left Gu Xun's line of sight.

He was definitely going to act!

In addition, he was even more troublesome than the black-robed people because his martial arts were very strange. Based on her current skill level, there was no way she could fend him off.

As she was worrying about all these things, she ended up falling asleep.

The next time she woke up, the sky was already bright.

She was in a carriage and Baili Yu was nowhere in sight!

Tang Doudou abruptly sat up, then was attacked by a wave of dizziness. Her vision went dark and she almost passed out again.

Once those sensations gradually faded, she stood up with difficulty and walked to the front of the carriage to lift the curtain.

The driver was a middle-aged man dressed in gray garments. When he saw her walk out, he smiled very sincerely. "You're awake? You must be hungry. There's food in the box inside, so make do with that for now. Once we get to the next location, I'll take you to eat something tasty.

Tang Doudou was still dizzy, so this man's words made her even more confused.

"Uncle, why am I in this carriage? Where's my companion?" asked Tang Doudou, her eyes wide.

The middle-aged man smiled. "There's a mirror inside the carriage."

"I don't need a mirror, I just want to know where my companion went!" Tang Doudou shook her head as she sat down at the side of the carriage. After taking in the unfamiliar surroundings, she asked, "Where is this place?"

"Isn't he right in front of you?"

"Huh?" Tang Doudou looked in shock at the man in front of her. He wasn't very tall and seemed to have a stooped back that resulted from years of bending over to farm. This was Baili Yu? What kind of joke was this? Tang Doudou laughed dryly, "Uncle, please stop joking and tell me where he went, alright?"

An amused smile appeared on the middle-aged man's plain face. "What, is he someone very important to you?"

Tang Doudou nodded like a chick pecking rice. "That's right!"

The man then asked, "How important?"

Why did this uncle liked digging into people's private matters so much? He couldn't be some vulgar uncle, right?

However, it was fine since she knew martial arts. If he really dared to try to do something to her, she'll just beat him black and blue. The most important task right now was to find Baili Yu. Hopefully he hadn't gotten captured while trying to help her escape.

Once Tang Doudou's thoughts got to here, she became depressed again. Why was she so useless? She always ended up causing trouble at crucial moments. Sometimes she really wanted to just swat herself dead.

When the middle-aged man sensed a gloomy aura from Tang Doudou, he asked with a smile, "What is it? Are you embarrassed? Is that man the person you like?"

"Uncle, you've seen him!?"

"I've seen him!"

Tang Doudou hastily grabbed his arm. "Uncle, I'm begging you, please tell me where he went, alright? I can give you a lot of money!"


"That's right, I have a lot of money!" As she spoke, she reached into her chest but couldn't feel anything. "Where's my money!?"

She then warily glanced at the man and slowly backed away into the carriage. "Who, who exactly are you?"

The middle-aged man's lips lifted. "Guess."


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