Chapter 331.2: Vulgar Uncle

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Tang Doudou sized him up and down. His appearance was really very ordinary and his tiny eyes looked very vulgar. Even if a human skin mask was used, it couldn't cause that big of a change, right?

"That's not possible, how could you be him!?" Tang Doudou dismissed that idea as soon as it emerged.

The middle-aged man shook his head and turned around to continue driving the carriage forward.

Tang Doudou continued muttering to herself for a while. Since she wasn't clear on the current situation, she decided to head into the city with this uncle for now in order to find out about what happened.

When Tang Doudou went back into the carriage, Baili Yu, who was pretending to be a middle-aged man, smiled. How could she be so cute? It was no wonder he fell in love with this girl before he lost his memories. She was truly his type.

However, he had to hurry. If he had diagnosed her condition correctly, he had to hurry and find a doctor.

Otherwise, with the current condition that her body was in, it was very likely for her to have a miscarriage.

It was all this girl's fault for being too slow, to not even notice that she was pregnant and ride on horseback to travel. Luckily she had a strong life force and the child inside her belly was also strong.

En, as expected of his wife and son.

Eh? Why would this thought emerge so naturally?

Baili Yu smiled. Perhaps this was just fate!

The carriage continued to clatter forward. Inside the carriage, Tang Doudou soon fell asleep again due to the rocking motion. When Baili Yu didn't hear any sounds from inside, he lifted the curtain to check on her. When he saw that she was leaning askew on the chair, he smiled helplessly and stopped the carriage next to the road in order to shift her to a more comfortable sleeping position.

However, as soon as he got close, Tang Doudou started awake, and upon seeing that it was him, sent a kick flying towards him.

Baili Yu was caught completely off guard and was kicked out of the carriage. He fell heavily onto the planks, causing the horse to be startled start running forward.

Things happened in an instant. Right after Tang Doudou kicked him, she was thrown out of the carriage by inertia.

Baili Yu didn't hesitate in the slightest and allowed himself to be flung off with Tang Doudou. The moment before Tang Doudou fell, he quickly moved below her to serve as a human cushion.

"Fudge, what the hell is the horse doing? My poor buns!" Tang Doudou was knocked out of her wits by the fall. When she tried to get up, she realized that the sensation of the ground seemed strange.

When she saw that she was lying on that uncle, she immediately clenched her fist and punched him.

Baili Yu had been planning to explain things to her, but before he had a chance to, he was knocked unconscious.

"Humph humph! To dare to eat this ma'am tofu! I'll beat you to death!" Tang Doudou climbed up from the ground. When she saw that the horse had stopped nearby, her eyes lit up. After giving Baili Yu another kick, she summoned her inner strength and prepared to run towards the carriage.

However, the moment she stirred her inner strength, a wave of pain came from her abdomen and almost caused her to faint.

What was going on?

Tang Doudou covered her stomach as she sat down, leaning against a tree. Beads of cold sweat soon covered her forehead. Had she gotten poisoned?

That wasn't possible, she was already immune to a hundred poisons so normal poisons shouldn't have any effect on her.

"Silly girl, it hurts a lot, doesn't it?" Just as she was about to faint from the pain, a familiar voice that sounded slightly annoyed but very concerned came from behind her. Tang Doudou pressed her lips together tightly and threw herself over without even looking.

"Wuuwuu, what exactly is wrong with me? Why can't I use inner strength? Big evil spirit, am I about to die? But I don't want to die, I just found you. If I die, I won't be able to see you again... Wuuwuu..."

Baili Yu gently rested his chin on top of her soft hair as he hugged her. His low and charming voice slowly appeared. "Be good, don't think of silly things. How could you die so easily? If the king of hell wanted to take you away, he'd have to negotiate with me first. You can't die if I don't want you to, got it?"

Tang Doudou pouted unhappily, "Where did you go earlier? Why did you leave me by myself with that vulgar uncle? Aren't you worried about me being taken advantage of?

Baili Yu's mouth twitched. Vulgar uncle? Being taken advantage off?

His eyes were only a little small in that disguise, how did he become a vulgar uncle? This girl probably didn't see what he looked like, that's why she dared to badmouth him like this, right?

And when had he taken advantage of her?

She had kicked him out of the blue, then punched him, so he should be the one that had suffered!

This dumb girl. He had already made things so clear, yet she was still doubting the fact that he was Baili Yu.

He really didn't know whether he should praise her for having good cautiousness, or acknowledge that she was seriously dumb.


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