Chapter 332.1: Annoyed With You

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Baili Yu lifted Tang Doudou up from the ground, then smiled devilishly. "Lift your head first?"

"Huh?" Tang Doudou had wrapped herself around Baili Yu's neck. Upon hearing this, she reflexively lifted her head. When she saw that it was still that vulgar uncle in front of her, her expression turned baffled.


"Silly girl, I already told you earlier." Baili Yu pinched Tang Doudou's nose. "How could I be at ease leaving you by yourself when you're so dumb?"

Tang Doudou came back to her senses and hugged Baili Yu tightly. "If you can't be at ease, then never leave me alone!"

"Alright.""How did you become like this?" Oh my god, she really was dumb! Pei! No, it was definitely because she wasn't feeling well and that was what caused her brain to be slow. There was no way she would admit that she was dumb.

Baili Yu carried her towards the carriage. "After we left the forest, I put on the human skin mask, then bought two simple outfits in the village at the foot of the mountain. Following that, I rushed through the night to the nearby Clear Creek Garrison and rented a carriage."

"No one discovered you?" Although he had put it lightly, Tang Doudou knew that Hibiscus Valley was filled with spies so there was no way that it had been easy to escape.

When her thoughts reached this point, she began to blame herself again. If she had been awake, she would've been able to help Baili Yu with her qinggong. However, not only had she not been able to help him, she ended up being a burden for him since she had fallen unconscious.

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

Baili Yu chuckled. "Why would I wake you up? The fact that you were unconscious spared me a lot of trouble."

He was clearly showing annoyance towards her for being a burden!

Although she had just been annoyed with herself for being a burden, when she heard this, she immediately glowered at him. "You're annoyed with me!?"

Baili Yu hiccuped. He really didn't mean that, but he couldn't help but smile when he saw how puffed up Tang Doudou was. "That's right, I'm annoyed with you."

Tang Doudou's eyes widened even more. He, he actually admitted it!

"I'm annoyed with the fact that you can't turn tiny so that I can keep you in my pocket and bring you with me everywhere. That way you wouldn't be able to run around randomly and get lost.

"I'm annoyed with you for not always staying by my side, annoyed with you for making me feel as if I can never love you enough, annoyed with you... I really am very annoyed with you."

His voice was like a delicately brewed wine, just the sound of it was enough to intoxicate.

But the deep emotion contained within his voice truly made it so that Tang Doudou was completely captivated. As she listened to the words 'annoyed with you,' it felt as if she was hearing 'I love you.' In her dazed enchantment, she didn't even notice it when they got back to the carriage.


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