Chapter 332.2: Annoyed With You

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In the slightly dim carriage, even though Baili Yu's beautiful eyes now looked small due to the disguise, Tang Doudou still felt flustered from his gaze. Her eyes darted around everywhere but towards Baili Yu's emotion-filled eyes.

Mysteriously, although her abdomen had hurt like crazy earlier, as he hugged and spoke to her, the pain faded as if it had been numbed by his words.


His soft call carried intense emotions. Tang Doudou's heart pounded like a drum and she felt like her heart was about to jump out of her chest.


When he called again, so gently that her heart trembled, she quietly replied, "En."

A teasing chuckle spilled out from Baili Yu's lips. "What are you afraid of?"

Tang Doudou hastily shook her head and stammared, "W-wh-what c-could I be afraid of? D-don't make things up!"

"Is that so?" His tone lifted at the end. Then he closed his eyes and slowly approached Tang Doudou's dewy lips.

Tang Doudou gulped. She couldn't help but feel some resistance towards the unfamiliar face in front of her, but when she recalled that it was Baili Yu, she closed her eyes.

Just as the two were about to make contact, an angry shout came from outside. "Do the people ahead plan to go or not!? If you want to flirt, go into the forest! What are you blocking the damned road for!?"

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou immediately opened her eyes. When she saw a trace of unhappiness flash through Baili Yu's eyes, she quickly leaned forward and pecked his lips before pushing him away while blushing. "Stop messing around and go drive the carriage."

"Understood, Wife da ren!" Baili Yu only left happily to drive the carriage after he got that kiss.

The person outside was still shouting at them. He was basically complaining that if the delay they caused ended up ruining a certain important matter, then he'd make them pay.

It was enough that he had a bad attitude, but he was also constantly cursing. Tang Doudou was annoyed. They were already moving out of the way, so what was with this person!?

She poked her head out to take a look.

When Baili Yu saw that she had come out, he said softly, "Be careful, don't fall off the carriage again."

"It's fine. I just want to see which family's dog is it that's barking so much."

"From the sounds of it, it's probably the dog of a person called Xiao gongzi," replied Baili Yu in a serious manner.

Tang Doudou burst out laughing. "Big evil spirit, if the person behind you heard this, he'll definitely beat you to death."

Baili Yu smiled gently. "We're now a married couple from the countryside that's heading into the city to visit relatives. Are you trying to get us caught by calling me big evil spirit? Silly girl, you should call me husband now."

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him. If he wanted to take advantage of her, he should just straightforwardly say it instead of looking for such an excuse. He was clearly showing disdain for her intelligence.

Of course, she could only criticize for fun. She understood that Baili Yu was right. In addition, they had already gotten officially married and consummated their marriage, so it was perfectly proper for her to call him husband.

When her thoughts got to this point, she quietly prepared herself by thinking the term husband several times before embarrassedly calling, "Husband."

This call overjoyed Baili Yu. His eyes practically curved into seams and his grin stretched past his ears as he responded, "Wife."

For a moment, Tang Doudou thought he had recovered his memories and was stunned for a moment.

"Wife, make sure to sit well. Those dogs behind us keep barking, so we should hurry and move out of the way, lest we get bit," said Baili Yu coldly in a normal volume when the people behind them continued to curse.

Tang Doudou glanced at him in surprise. It was important for them to be as low-key as possible right now, but Baili Yu seemed to be deliberately provoking trouble.

As she expected, after he said this, the people behind them exploded.

"You should be grateful that we didn't hold it against you for blocking our road, but you actually dared to curse at us? You must have eaten leopard's guts! Second, help me hold this for now. I'd like to see who exactly is in that carriage, that actually dared to call us brothers dogs!" The person shouting earlier immediately threw something to the person next to him before riding on horseback through the narrow road up to the carriage.

He was riding a large horse, the size of it wasn't something horses meant for pulling carriages could compare to. If it weren't for the fact that the carriage was pretty wide, their horse probably would've been forced off the road into the river.

It was also precisely because this road was narrow and by a river that the people behind them hadn't dared to force their way through.

It could also be seen by their behavior that they weren't truly bad people. Perhaps they really did have an urgent place to get to.

However, no matter what, there was nothing they could do since the conflict has already been provoked.

Tang Doudou looked worriedly towards Baili Yu. Soon, she saw the young man that had been cursing earlier. He was wearing a dark purple garment that facilitated movement and his high ponytail was held in place by a headband that was the same color as his garments and studded with scarlet gemstones. It was hard to imagine that such a handsome looking young man was actually the one that was spewing the dirtiest curses.

At this moment, he was smiling disdainfully as he guided his horse to stop right in the middle of the road. It was clear he was provoking a fight.

Since the road had been blocked, Baili Yu could only pull on the reins and stop the carriage as well. He turned and said to Tang Doudou, "Head back in first. A little wife shouldn't always be showing her face, got it?"Tang Doudou naturally didn't take this to be gender discrimination. She knew that Baili Yu was saying this because he wanted to protect her.

So she agreeably went back into the carriage, but remained behind the curtains to peek on the situation outside.

After the carriage stopped, that person slowly rode over on horseback and only stopped when he was right in front of the carriage. His large horse stopped in front of their little one and seemed to emphasize its master's haughtiness.

"So it was a fearless pair of old farts." After that person saw Baili Yu, who was disguised as a middle-aged man, he felt like he had ended up getting himself into trouble when he had come to cause trouble. He curled his lips in angry annoyance as he said, "Old man, for the sake of prevent others from saying that I'm bullying the elderly, just apologize and I'll let this go!"

Baili Yu looked at the man in front of him, or more precisely, at the gemstone on the man's headband. Then he exclaimed in surprise, "You're from Indigo Mountain's Xiao family?"

Who around here didn't know of his famous Xiao family? That person didn't show any surprise when his identity was pointed out and just said, "Since you know I'm from the Xiao family, hurry and apologize! If it weren't for the fact that you're so old, I definitely would've made you suffer by now."

His words started out quite loud and imposing, but his voice started faltering near the end.

Tang Doudou didn't understand why, but Baili Yu faintly remember that this was the Indigo Mountain's Xiao family's teachings. They weren't allowed to oppress the elderly, injured, or pregnant.

That was why Baili Yu had provoked them earlier.

Tang Doudou asked through the curtain, "This person came so angrily, how could his demand possibly be so simple? Bai... Husband, is something bad about to happen?"

Baili Yu quietly explained to her the teachings of the Indigo Mountain's Xiao family. Tang Doudou first took a moment to admire this Xiao family's modern style of thinking, then exclaimed, "How did you know? Could it be that your memories..."

Baili Yu shushed her. The people around them had very sharp ears, and since they were nearby, it was easy to be overheard.

Tang Doudou immediately stopped speaking and continued peeking at that person. He seemed furious about the fact that Baili Yu had ignored him. However, due to his family teachings, he couldn't do anything to them, so his eyes were filled with a frightening amount of stifled anger.

"This young man from the Xiao family, although we were wrong to block the road, it was only because my wife's condition caused her to feel ill, so she needed a little break. We were also unaware that others had arrived on this road. However, when we heard your urges for us to hurry, my wife and I decided to set aside her condition for now and hurry to move the carriage to a wider place so that you guys can pass, but..." Baili Yu hesitated with the rest of his words, but everyone present knew what he meant.

His words were clearly saying that these people were being unreasonable for starting the entire conflict, then insisting that they apologize.


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