Chapter 335.2: Watch the Stars With You Every Night

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The two continued gazing at the stars as they sat side by side. In this tranquil moment, Tang Doudou gradually fell asleep. Since the air outside was moist, Baili Yu carried her into the carriage and sat by her until she was deep asleep before exiting the carriage again. He spaced out while gazing at the stars. Although he never voiced it, his desire to recover his memories was becoming more and more intense.

From the start, he was the type of person that liked to have everything within his control. His sudden loss of his memories left him without past ties or future goals, so he was very much at a loss. Whenever he thought about the fact that those memories may contain information very important to the two of them, that he might have something very important that he needed to do, he would feel panicked and flustered.

Every time they talked about his past, he would find those matters familiar, but also unfamiliar. It frightened him. He was afraid that everything he heard about wasn't real. He was afraid that everything was just a dream someone lent. He was afraid that once he woke up, everything would be gone, that he'd still be the Escort Xue in that little brothel.

Whenever he thought about these things, his desire to recover his memories would become extremely intense.

However, Tang Doudou didn't seem to want him to recover his memories. She had never brought it up and whenever he seemed to remember something, there wouldn't be any joy in her tone. Instead, there would be a little bit of panic.

What exactly was she apprehensive off?

He gave a long sigh. Perhaps he was overthinking things. At the very least, he now knew who it was that he loved and who it was that loved him.

As the starlight spilled down, it cast a very defined silhouette on the carriage.

Early the next morning, Tang Doudou woke up and saw that Baili Yu was still sleeping, so she quietly got out of the carriage. After taking a deep breath of the fresh air, her stomach gave a gurgling rumble that sounded like thunder. It was particularly loud in the quiet morning.

She covered her stomach in embarrassment. It felt like even the birds on the trees were laughing at her, so she jumped off the carriage and threw stones towards the tree.

"How dare you little things laugh at this lady? Could it be that you don't feel hunger?" She put her hands on her hips as she scolded the birds, causing all the birds nearby to fly away.

Only then did she angrily climb back onto the carriage. She spaced out while staring at the whip on the horse's back.

She had never tried driving a carriage before but it seemed pretty simple when Baili Yu did it.

Rather than wait in hunger for Baili Yu to get up, then head towards the city, she should just take the initiative to drive the carriage herself. Maybe by the time Baili Yu woke up, they'd already be at the city!

Tang Doudou has always been a go-getter, so as soon as her thoughts got here, she grabbed the whip and gently swung it at the horse's butt.

However, the horse just flicked its tail and stomped its hoof without doing anything.

"Heh, this stinkin' horse is ignoring my instructions?" Tang Doudou swung the whip again. "Hurry up and go, if you don't go, I'll be hitting harder!"

However, the horse continued to ignore her. Tang Doudou got annoyed when she saw this.

"Da fudge, are you also trying to bully me!?" She angrily pushed up her sleeves, then stood up and swung the whip on the planks a couple time to make sharp striking sounds. "This is the last time I'm warning you. If you don't go, then I really am going to hit hard! At that time, you shouldn't blame me for being cruel."

"Humph, humph…" The horse snorted as if in disdain.

Tang Doudou was furious. A horse was actually looking down on her!

"Y-you're the one that made me do this!" She then swung the whip again, using seventy percent of her strength. The horse cried out in pain, then started running forward madly.

The carriage creaked loudly in response. Tang Doudou hugged the curtains nervously. Did she go a little too hard!?

"Hey, hey! Calm down a little! I told you that you were the one that made me do that. I really didn't want to hit you that hard! S-slow down. Let's stop and discuss this a little, alright?"

"Aiyah, you, if horses could understand human speech, why would we still use whips?" Baili Yu naturally woke up from this disturbance. He glanced at the running horse, then took the whip from Tang Doudou's hand before carrying her inside the carriage. Then he lifted the whip and swung it with a controlled force towards the horse's back and pulled back hard on the reins. The horse gradually slowed down.

Tang Doudou timidly poked her head out after he finished calming the horse down. "Earlier, I really was just trying to scare it a little."

Baili Yu smiled helplessly. "How could an animal endure a scare? It's fortunate that this isn't a violent horse. Look over there. If we had been driving this carriage with the horses the Xiao family was using, we would've already fallen off."

Tang Doudou looked where he was pointing to and her legs immediately turned limp. That side had been a cliff!


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