Chapter 336.1: I Must Have You, Grandma Wang

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If this horse had gone just a little faster, they really would've fallen off the cliff.

Tang Doudou felt guilty and couldn't bring herself to look at Baili Yu. "This horse really is blind, to rush here even though this way is a cliff."

Baili Yu dotingly rubbed her head. "Silly. Why don't I teach you how to drive the carriage?"

"No thanks!" The earlier incident gave her quite a trauma. She didn't want to do something so dangerous.

Since she seemed determined, Baili Yu didn't insist. "You must be hungry? There's food inside the carriage, so eat some first. Let's hurry and enter the city, then gather some news before making further plans."

Although they had discussed a wonderful future yesterday, Tang Doudou understood that the only way they could go into seclusion would be after they dealt with all the current troublesome matters. Even if no one was aiming for their poison blood as of now, there'd still be people going after their influence and wealth. While they were alive, those people would not give up or let them off easily.

Thus, they had to rush back to Huai City. The first thing they need to do was help Baili Yu recover his memories. Only after would they be able to start dealing with the other matters.

In addition, time was tight, so they had to get back as soon as possible.

This was what she was thinking, and also what Baili Yu was thinking. Although they ended up on the same wavelength, neither of them talked about it and they just continued traveling quietly.

When they caught sight of the city, it was already afternoon. Although autumn was usually cool, occasionally there'd be a hot spell. This particular afternoon was unbearably hot, especially inside the stuffy carriage. Tang Doudou was so hot that she felt dizzy.

Baili Yu wasn't doing much better. He had taken off several layers of clothing and only had the thin outermost layer on, but sweat was still dripping down his back.

Tang Doudou lifted the window curtains to allow the wind caused by the movement blow in so she could cool down, but the wind was also boiling hot. She hastily put the curtains down again. Then she recalled that Baili Yu was outside. Since she was inside, she at least had shade, but he had to take the direct burn of the sun. "Big evil spirit, why don't we stop rushing and find a cool place for now? We can continue once the sun sets."

Baili Yu wiped the sweat off his forehead, then said, his voice slightly hoarse, "We don't know if anything unexpected will happen if we wait until night. In addition, we're already almost there. It's not as safe around here as before, so we can't stay here too long. Endure a little longer. Once we get to the city, we can have a proper rest.

"But if you don't feel well, you have to tell me immediately, got it?"

After he said that, he snapped a section off a banana tree and handed it to Tang Doudou. "Fan yourself a little."

Tang Doudou gratefully accepted it and sat down near the side of the carriage. She hung the curtain out of the way and started waving the leaf. The refreshing wind generated instantly made the two of them feel a lot better.

Tang Doudou asked, "Why weren't there any banana trees earlier?"

"They were probably planted by the villagers outside the city. How is it? Feel a little better? How is your stomach feeling?" Although Baili Yu felt hot, he felt like he had experienced a time even hotter than this, so he was able to endure it. However, he was worried about Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou rubbed her stomach in confusion. "I feel fine, except for the fact that it's hot. But what does that have to do with the stomach?"

Baili Yu didn't plan to tell her that she was pregnant yet because if she ended up worrying, it'd be bad for both her and the baby. "It's easy to get heat stroke when it's hot, so it might cause dizziness and nausea. I was asking just in case. If you don't feel anything, you probably haven't gotten heat stroke. That's good, I'm relieved."

Tang Doudou accepted this explanation without a hint of suspicion.

After all, she had only heard about heat stroke in the news and had never experienced it in real life. Who asked for her to lived in a place where it was warm in the winter and cool in the summer?

So Tang Doudou continued fanning for them and Baili Yu gradually drove the carriage towards the city entrance.

When they got close, they saw that there was a line of people that were being inspected one by one.

Although it was scorching hot and there was an extremely long line, no one complained.

Baili Yu steered the carriage towards the end of the line.

Tang Doudou moved closer to his ear and asked, "Why is it so strict? They're even inspecting that uncle's chicken eggs. Do you think they're looking for us?"

Baili Yu's expression didn't change as he replied, "Regardless of whether they are or not, just be calm and don't panic."


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