Chapter 337.1: New News

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The guard waved dismissively. "Since Grandma Wang has spoken on your behalf, your wife can just stay on the carriage."

Baili Yu smile happily. "Many thanks!"

"En, so you should hurry up and come down. I still need to call for someone to search your carriage, so don't waste anymore time!"

"Alright!" It must be said that Baili Yu was extremely good at acting, even Tang Doudou was almost convinced. However, she was happy to avoid getting scorched by the sun, so she sat down at the side of the carriage.

After Baili Yu got off the carriage, he stayed next to Tang Doudou to guard her.

Three guards came to check the carriage. One got on and knocked on the carriage to check if there were any empty floorboards while looking through all the things in the carriage. The other two checked the outside of the carriage. Although these guards didn't really have good personalities, it must be acknowledged that they took their work very seriously. They didn't leave an inch of the carriage unchecked.

As they rummaged through the things, Tang Doudou felt pretty anxious. Her box was still inside, so it was pulled out, how was she supposed to explain?

When Baili Yu saw that she seemed nervous, he smiled to comfort her.

Since he looked like he had some sort of plan, Tang Doudou relaxed and just started looking around while fanning the two of them. Hopefully these people would hurry and finish checking, then leave.

The guards inspected the carriage very carefully, but it didn't take long for them to finish.

"Boss, there's nothing out of the ordinary."

"I thought so. After all, a crappy carriage like this wouldn't be able to hide a person even if they wanted to!" That guard from earlier nodded, then patted the horse's head. "You guys can go!"

"Many thanks, Sir." Baili Yu jumped back on the carriage with a smile, then started driving the carriage towards the city entrance.

Just as they reached the city entrance, a bunch of people on horses came out from the city. They were dressed entirely in black and their faces were covered. It was the exact attire of the Seven Great Saint Tribes.

These people now dared to appear in public?

Tang Doudou was stunned, but she quickly shifted her gaze away. The Seven Great Saint Tribes had very sharp senses. Any slight strangeness would attract their attention.

However, that one glance already attracted a black-robed person's attention.

"Stop right there!"

Baili Yu didn't stop the carriage and continued driving it forward.

The leading black-robed person turned his horse sideways to block the two. "I told you to stop, but you dared to ignore me?"

Baili Yu exposed a confused expression and pointed at the guards behind them. "It was that sir that told me to go!"

"Humph, then why didn't you stop when I told you to stop?"

Baili Yu stammered, "It's not like you're a government worker…"

"Audacious!" shouted that black-robed person. "Don't you know who I am?"

Baili Yu shook his head. "I don't."

His very honest manner dispelled the black-robed person's suspicions. He waved and said, "Scram!"

"Yes, yes…" Baili Yu hastily continued driving the carriage forward.

After entering the city, they didn't see any more black-robed people, so Tang Doudou loosened a breath in relief and said quietly while leaning towards Baili Yu, "The Seven Great Saint Tribes have always been very sneaky. They've never appeared in broad daylight before."

Baili Yu said, "Perhaps there was something that forced them to show up. In any case, we should just be careful."

Tang Doudou nodded. "Then where do we go now?"

"Let's find an inn to stay in for now." Baili Yu glanced around. "Let's stay in that inn."

Tang Doudou glanced over. "Yuelai Inn again?"

After they got to the inn, Tang Doudou washed up, then fell asleep on the bed.

Baili Yu didn't dare to leave, so he instructed a waiter to go to a pharmacy to help him buy medicine to stabilize the pregnancy. After the waiter brought it back, he double-checked it again and again to make sure there were no problems before boiling it up in the inn's kitchen.

When Tang Doudou woke up and saw that there was a medicinal bowl in front of her, she was taken aback.

"Bai- Husband, what is this?"

"Medicine for relieving heat. Didn't your stomach hurt earlier?" Baili Yu lifted the bowl with a slight smile and fed it to her spoon by spoon.

When she had been in Cloud City, she had drank Chinese medicine for nearly a month, so she had long gotten used to this taste. After obediently drinking all of it, she felt extremely sleepy again.

This time, Baili Yu didn't allow her to sleep and pulled her up from the bed. "Let's go eat something before sleeping."

Before he said this, she hadn't felt hungry, but as soon as he did, she felt like her stomach was pressed right up against her back from starvation.

She nodded with her eyes half-closed and followed Baili Yu downstairs.

"Why didn't you have them bring it to the room? I'm really sleepy, I want to sleep."

Baili Yu stroked her nose. "Once you eat, you can go back to sleep for as long as you want."

After they sat down at the table, she opened her eyes to look at the table, then her eyes immediately widened. "Why is it all vegetables? Where's the meat? You couldn't be banning me from meat, right?"

"Let's wait until you're slightly better before eating meat. For now, it's best to eat milder foods." Baili Yu ladled a bowl of clear soup for her, then blew on it until it cooled down before passing it to her. "Drink this first before eating."

Tang Doudou accepted it with a wry smile. She frowned immediately after the first sip. She hated drinking vegetable soup the most.

However, since Baili Yu was watching her with such an earnest expression, she obediently drank the soup, then ate quite a bit.


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