Chapter 337.2: New News

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"Hey, have you guys heard?"

"Heard what?"

The table next to them started conversing after they had finished eating. Before they even got to the topic, Tang Doudou had already pricked up her ears to listen.

The afternoon was the best time to hear news in the inn. It was no wonder Baili Yu had dragged her out to eat. This had probably been his plan.

However, this time, she had completely mistook Baili Yu's intentions. He had just wanted her to walk around a little.

But since she seemed excited about the conversation, he didn't rush her and just called for the waiter to bring some tea and desserts. Everything he ordered was slightly sour. Tang Doudou ate a few pieces and found it quite tasty. Although she had already eaten her fill earlier, as she was eavesdropping, she ended up eating a lot more.

She became puzzled. She seemed to be eating a lot lately.

However, before she could think much about it, the person at that table continued, "Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce is changing owners!"

"Aiy, didn't this news already go around?"

"Then do you know who the new owner is?"

"Isn't someone call Yi something? I heard she was Baili Yu's sister?"

"Tch, that's why I'm saying that you're falling behind, alright?"

"What? It's not her? That's not possible, she's his sister, who would be more suitable than her?"

Tang Doudou glanced at Baili Yu. That was true, if it came to inheritance, things would definitely fall to Baili Yiling, especially when Baili Yu's current condition was unknown and she had disappeared as well. Most importantly, hardly anyone knew about the fact that she and Baili Yu had gotten married, so most people would definitely find Yiling most suitable.

However, that person wasn't talking about Baili Yiling, so could it be Yun Hai?

Right after that thought emerged, Tang Doudou shook her head. Yun Hai had no way of convincing the masses to accept him.

Although he was one of the three main subordinates of Baili Yu, there was still Jun Xin and Feng Long. Those two were extremely reliable, nothing would happen with them around. Even if Yun Hai had the desire to take over the chamber of commerce, they would stop him.

However, what if something had happened to Jun Xin and Feng Long? After all, no one had gone to see Yun Hai since he came back, so no one knew why he ended up betraying Baili Yu.

The most worrying factor was, if Baili Yiling wasn't the successor, her current environment would be very dangerous.

These thoughts ran quickly through Tang Doudou's head and she listened even more carefully.

"Since Baili Yu is already dead, suitability can't be worried about anymore. That person is…"


"You want to know?"

"Hehe, Bro, stop teasing us. How about this, I'll pay for this meal?"

"I used a lot of effort to get this news you know. This dinner won't be a loss…"

Tang Doudou itched to just charge over to demand answers when he suddenly stopped at a cliffhanger. When she heard that the person often tricked people into giving him free meals, she couldn't help but wonder if he had purposefully made this up.

However, she decided to just listen for now.

When she pricked up her ears again though, she discovered that the two were now whispering to each other, so she couldn't hear them at all.

She was so anxious that she decided to just go ask them, but Baili Yu pressed down on her hand and shook his head towards her.

Tang Doudou calmed down and finished the pastry in her hand. "I'm full, let's head back to the room to rest."


As they headed upstairs, they passed right by the two, so Tang Doudou listened carefully in hopes of catching something.

However, it seemed that they had already finished discussing it. All she heard was laughter as Baili Yu led her upstairs.

After entering the room, Tang Doudou started jumping angrily. "I'll head out later. We definitely have to figure out what's going on!"

"There's no need." Baili Yu glanced at her. "I already know who it is."

"Who is it?"

"Jun Xin."

"Pffff!" Tang Doudou looked at him in astonishment. "H-h-how is that possible?"

Baili Yu said, "It's very possible for it to be him."

However, Tang Doudou still was skeptical because this wasn't possible. Jun Xin hated those annoying matters, why would he choose to bind himself?

"Don't misunderstand, he's definitely only doing this because he had no other choice. We can only find out the details once we head back or make contact with Jun Xin, so don't worry about it. You believe that Jun Xin isn't this type of person, and I believe so too." Baili Yu pressed Tang Doudou down by the bed. "For now, you should rest properly and recover, Then we can think of a way to escape from the Seven Great Saint Tribes' pursuit and return to Huai City."

Tang Doudou saw that he seemed unperturbed. She also understood that worrying now was no use. They were too far away, so the news that person had may have been spread a long time ago. Since they weren't clear on the situation, it was best not to make rash and pointless decisions.

Baili Yu had Tang Doudou rest first while he headed out to see if he could get any more news.

Tang Doudou nodded. Baili Yu reminded her not to sleep too deeply so that she would wake up if someone approached.

His nagging caused Tang Doudou to grumble about him being an old grannie, so finally, though he still didn't feel at ease, he headed out the door.

After Baili Yu left, Tang Doudou started pacing around in the room. After a while, she asked the waiter to bring her some paper and she started going over her recent thoughts. However, the more she went over them, the more confused she became. In the end, she crumpled the paper and threw it on the ground. "Ah! My brain feels like it's about to explode! Why are there so many things!?

"That won't do, I have to pull myself together! The world is still waiting for me to save it!

"Save a frick ah! If you go save the world, who will save you? Stupid Doudou ah, stupid Doudou."

After wailing for a while, Tang Doudou finally rolled onto the bed. Even though she had pretty much slept through the last few days, she still felt very sleepy. This was probably the so-called autumn blues...

As she was thinking this, she fell deep asleep again.

When Baili Yu got back and saw that she was sprawled all over the place, he reflexively shook his head. From the looks of it, it was best if he didn't head out while she was asleep. Otherwise it'd be too late for regret if something happened.

However, Tang Doudou had a lot on her mind, so even though she was very tired, her sleep was actually unusually shallow. The moment she heard footsteps, she opened her eyes in alarm. But when she saw that it was Baili Yu, she closed her eyes again. "You're back?"


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