Chapter 338.1: Nangong Yan's Change

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"En," replied Baili Yu softly as he sat down by the bed. "Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. Why had he been asking this so much lately?

Was there something wrong with her body?

That wasn't possible. She was eating and sleeping very well. She felt completely comfortable, how could there be anything wrong with her body?

However, when she thought about it closely, she realized that she hadn't been able to use inner strength lately. Every time she tried, she would feel like something was pressing down hard in her stomach and causing stabs of pain.

However, she hadn't told Baili Yu about this, so how had he found out?

Baili Yu reached out to take her hand. He had been touching her hand a lot recently, so Tang Doudou was already used to it and allowed him to squeeze her hand. Although he seemed to just be rubbing it affectionately, in reality, he was checking her pulse. "Do you still want to sleep?"

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. She thought that she would be alert after sleeping for so long, but she was still extremely sleepy. However, she had already slept for nearly half the day, if she kept sleeping, she would become a pig. She squinted and tried to muster up her energy. "No, let's go out and walk around."

This was precisely what Baili Yu wanted, so he immediately stood up to help Tang Doudou off the bed.

However, then he had Tang Doudou wait as he went to the kitchen to get a bowl of medicine. After making sure Tang Doudou finished all of it, they slowly headed out of the inn.

This town was called Clear Creek Garrison, due to the fact that it was located near a creek.

It was very normal and wasn't even as large as Hibiscus Valley. However, it was the only town between Hibiscus Valley and Huai City, so the streets were filled with arrest orders for Tang Doudou. From time to time, they would hear people discuss the rumors that she was colluding with an enemy country and selling information...

Tang Doudou was speechless. She didn't even know who the enemy country was, but they were accusing her of selling information to them? Wasn't this too far-fetched of a claim?

Baili Yu quietly told her not to get stirred up because of these made up rumors.

Tang Doudou shrugged, unconcerned. They weren't real anyways, so why would take it seriously?

However, the black-robed people that were appearing from time to time made her curious. She couldn't figure out what the hall master of God Firmament Hall was trying to do. Could it be that he also wanted to catch her in order to use her blood to make that so-called immortality pill?

Even though Jun Xin had guaranteed that the hall master wasn't a bad person, from what she could see, he seemed quite evil.

She strolled around on the street for a while, but couldn't get any useful information, so they could only head back.

Right after they got back to the inn, Tang Doudou heard a familiar voice.

It was unbridled as always and also a little malicious. It didn't even take her a moment to realize that she had encountered old enemies again. Nangong Yan, Liu Zhiyuan, and some other black-robed person was going to be staying in the same inn as her again.

Tang Doudou really felt the urge to tell Baili Yu to switch inns, but then she recalled that they were wearing human skin masks. They'd probably attract even more attention if they switched inns, so she just walked past expressionlessly Nangong Yan even as her heart pounded nervously.

"Stop right there!" However, right as she passed by in the corridor, Nangong Yan shouted at her in a displeased tone.

Tang Doudou tilted her head and asked Baili Yu, "Is she calling me?"

"Do you know them?"

Even if she did, there was no way she would admit it. She coughed and said, "I don't think so."

"If that's the case, it must not be you." Baili Yu didn't have any memories of Nangong Yan, so he thought Tang Doudou was telling the truth and pulled her forward without giving it another thought.

When had Nangong Yan ever been ignored by a man like this?

Those two ugly old farts actually dared to ignore her!

Nangong Yan's expression contorted. "Liu Zhiyuan, kill them!"

Nangong Yan was even more malicious than before, but Liu Zhiyuan seemed to have become much more cool-headed. He didn't react to her words and just called for her and that other person to head up to the rooms he had just bought.

Tang Doudou was stunned to see that Nangong Yan actually listened to him.

In the past, it had always been Liu Zhiyuan obeying every one of Nangong Yan's commands, but the current situation seemed to have flipped.

In addition, that black-robed person's figure looked extremely familiar.

"Wife, why are you spacing out? Come in so we can rest." Baili Yu had already pushed open the door, but Tang Doudou didn't follow him in, so he poked his head out to call for her. Tang Doudou snapped back to her senses and headed inside the room.

After closing the door, Baili Yu asked, "You must have been frightened earlier? Who exactly is that woman? She sounds so malicious."

Tang Doudou shook her head to express that she was fine, then looked towards Baili Yu with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "If I told you that woman was your old flame, would you believe me?"

Baili Yu didn't even bother to consider it. "I wouldn't. There's no way I'd like that sort of woman."

Hehe. Tang Doudou was delighted with that response. "Then what kind of woman do you like?"

"Of course someone like Wife." Baili Yu was relieved to see that she was in a good enough mood to joke around. "I'll tell the waiter to bring some food up. After we eat, let's rest early to continue traveling tomorrow."

When he checked her pulse earlier, he found that her condition had improved a lot, perhaps due to the medicine or the fact that she slept well.

In any case, she was only going to be riding in a carriage so there probably wouldn't be a big problem.

The next morning arrived in the blink of an eye.

After sleeping practically the entire day yesterday, there was no way Tang Doudou could sleep for another night. She woke up before the sun even rose.


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