Chapter 338.2: Nangong Yan's Change

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Her thoughts occupied by that third black-robed person. She was certain that she knew him, but no matter how she thought about it, she couldn't recall when she had seen him. When Baili Yu called her over to wash up and took off his human skin mask, revealing his enchanting true features, Tang Doudou froze as if she had been struck by lightning.

Baili Yu looked towards her in puzzlement. "What is it? Is there something on my face? Or is it that Wife doesn't like this face anymore?"

Tang Doudou pushed her jaw back up and shook her head. "No, I was just thinking about that person dressed in black from yesterday."

"Shh." Baili Yu quickly made a shush motion towards her, then pulled her to the table. Getting out paper and a brush, he quickly wrote with elegant strokes: Be careful, the walls have ears.

Tang Doudou hastily covered her mouth and glanced around. She recalled that the room Nangong Yan had entered seemed to have been the one to their left. Although this inn had pretty good soundproofing, those people were martial arts experts and their hearing was better than that of most people. If they listened purposefully and actually overheard them, her actions would really be that of hanging the god of longevity in order to court death!

Tang Doudou took the brush and chewed it for a while as she thought, then she wrote with crooked letters: The person from yesterday is Lan Jia.

Baili Yu frowned in response to Tang Doudou's ugly writing and the name Lan Jia. He wrote: Who's Lan Jia? Who taught you to write?

Tang Doudou: Are you saying that my writing is ugly?

Baili Yu: No.

Tang Doudou: Lan Jia is your father.

Baili Yu: My father? Wife, please stop joking.

Tang Doudou: I'm not joking.

Tang Doudou didn't know what to do for a moment, then she plopped herself on a chair and wrote a whole bunch about Baili Yu's past. After finishing, she pushed it over for Baili Yu to read.

However, her writing was seriously hard to read. It took Baili Yu quite a long time to puzzle out her words. He picked up another piece of paper and wrote: So those three are also after us?

Tang Doudou wrote in reply: En, so we have to hurry and leave.

Baili Yu then collected all the papers and walked to the candle. He noticed the crumpled piece of paper Tang Doudou had thrown yesterday, so he picked it up and burned it as well.

"Since Wife is feeling better, let's pack up and go home after we eat!" said Baili Yu.

Tang Doudou knew that this was said for their neighbors to hear, so she replied, "Yes, let's do that."

In reality, there wasn't much to pack. After hiding the box inside a cloth bundle and placing it in a hidden location, they walked downstairs together to have breakfast.

However, they had bad luck. Although they had been so careful earlier in worry that their neighbors would overhear them, it turned out that their neighbors were already downstairs and silently eating.

When Tang Doudou saw that Nangong Yan was being completely quiet, she couldn't help but wonder what method Liu Zhiyuan had used to make Nangong Yan behave.

But Lan Jia was Nangong Yan's father. Would he really allow Liu Zhiyuan to bully his daughter?

She was pretty sure he wouldn't, unless he wasn't rational and had gone completely crazy.

They sat down far away. Baili Yu called over the waiter and said, "Bring us two bowls of clear porridge and a few steamed buns. Bring two plates of yesterday's pastries as well. I want to take them with us."

Although the two guests looked old and ugly, they were actually quite generous with money so the waiter liked them. He immediately went to prepare the order.

When Nangong Yan, who was originally eating calmly, ended up noticing them, she threw her chopsticks on the table and said with disgust, "Why are those rotting old farts still here? It's seriously disgusting to eat in the same room as them."

Liu Zhiyuan glanced at her, then glanced over at Tang Doudou's table. His sharp gaze gave Tang Doudou goosebumps, so she feigned fear and shuddered.

Liu Zhiyuan retrieved his gaze and turned back to Nangong Yan. In a commanding way, he said, "Eat."

Nangong Yan mouthed a silent complaint, then glare angrily at Tang Doudou. "I'm done, I'm full!"

"Stop raising a fuss. Right now, you need to take care of two. If you don't eat more and something happens to the child, I'll make you pay!"

"Liu Zhiyuan!" When this was brought up, Nangong Yan immediately reacted like a provoked lion and swept all the food off the table. Lan Jia didn't react and just lowered his bowl and chopsticks without a word.

Liu Zhiyuan slapped his chopsticks down and glared coldly at Nangong Yan. "Sit down!"

"I won't! If you have the ability to, kill me!" Nangong Yan's eyes were resolute. Tang Doudou couldn't help but furrow her brows when she saw this.

However, if they continued acting unperturbed, they'd be noticed, so Tang Doudou threw herself towards Baili Yu.

"Husband, I'm so scared. Let's go eat somewhere else, alright?"

Baili Yu looked down at her crafty little face and said, "Alright."

The waiter had rushed out when he heard this disturbance. When he saw that the place was a mess, he became anxious, but he didn't dare to rush up and could only go around dispersing the other diners.

"I apologize, everyone. How's this? I'll deliver your food to your rooms in a little bit? There won't be any extra fees!" Usually, there was a little additional fee for delivery to the room.

A lot of people immediately agreed to this suggestion since no one wanted to get involved.

However, someone showed up who insisted on heading straight towards the mountain with tigers.

A young man that looked obviously wealthy walked right in. When he saw the situation, he laughed. "It seems quite lively!

"Waiter, hurry up and bring this young master good wine and food!"

The waiter greeted him awkwardly. "This guest, would you like a private room upstairs?"This suggestion was so that this seemingly defenseless young man wouldn't get hurt. In addition, his clothes were of high quality, and most people that were dressed like this usually asked for a private room.


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