Chapter 339.1: Nan Maner and Xiao Ziyu

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Unexpectedly, that young master waved dismissively. "Who wants a private room? This place is nice and spacious, why go through that trouble? Quit wasting time and prepare the food!"

The waiter saw that he was determined, so he just shook his head and withdrew.

That young master dusted off his clothes, then smiled towards the lingering guests. "What are you all standing for? Sit down and eat. It's fine, it's just a young couple fighting. Fighting at the head of the bed and making up at the end of it is nothing out of the ordinary!"

After saying that, he sat down.

The rest of the guests that were about to head up saw that the group had stopped arguing, so after thinking a little, several people sat back down. This naturally included Baili Yu and Tang Doudou.

Right after they sat down, Nangong Yan abruptly started throwing things again and some things flew towards Liu Zhiyuan.


It actually ended up hitting a woman that was behind Liu Zhiyuan.

Everyone looked over and saw that a woman was slowly getting up from the ground while holding her forehead. They were stunned since they hadn't noticed a woman being there earlier.

Tang Doudou also looked over. She found that face familiar at first glance. Wasn't that Nan Maner?Why was she here as well?

Before she could think about it, the young man got up, pointed at Nangong Yan, then started shouting, "Nangong Yan, you shouldn't think that you can do whatever you want just because you're the Eldest Miss of Wind Cloud Island! Hurry up and apologize to that lady, otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite!"

Tang Doudou burst out laughing. These two actually knew each other?

Nangong Yan had always been unbridled. She turned around and just started jeering at him, "I was wondering who it was, so it was Xiao gongzi! What? Could it be that you know her? That's nothing strange, the entire world knows of Xiao gongzi's flirtatious habits. You probably know more ladies then there are people in the Jianghu. Your desire to protect flowers is understandable."

Nan Maner's head was bleeding heavily from that hit so her round black eyes were filled with grievances. When she heard something about a Xiao gongzi, she glanced over and instantly flushed. Why would it be him?

Xiao Ziyu curved his lips slightly to give her a flirtatious smile, causing Nan Maner's face to flush even more.

When Nangong Yan saw the two throwing each other looks, she became even angrier. Why was it that others could be together with the person they liked but she had ended up with a damned slave…

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became and every sentence contained mockery as she spoke, "Oh! So you do know each other? Should it be said that Xiao gongzi truly is good at socializing? Any casual person this miss throws something at ends up being an old friend of yours. Ha… Manor Master Xiao, I think you should take a better look. This is someone of the Seven Great Saint Tribes. If you want to be with her, your grandfather will probably break your legs!"

Xiao Ziyu was stunned for a moment and looked towards Nan Maner in surprise. He didn't seem to have been aware of her identity. However, his gaze soon became resolved again. "Heaven and Earth stand witness to my feelings for Maner, so Grandfather will probably also understand and allow us to be together!"

Nangong Yan laughed coldly. "You say it easily, but there's no need for me to bring up the turbulent relationship between the Xiao family and the Seven Great Saint Tribes. Nan Maner isn't just someone of the Seven Great Saint Tribes, she's the Saint Maiden! Do you really think your grandfather would allow you to be together with the Saint Maiden of the Saint Tribes? Keep dreaming!"

Upon hearing this, Xiao Ziyu and Nan Maner's faces turned pale. Every single word had hit their sore spot.

Tang Doudou who was just watching the show chewed on her chopsticks as she inwardly laughed. After a while of not seeing her, Nangong Yan's ability to talk had really improved. If it weren't for the fact that she had to keep her identity a secret, she definitely would've taught Nangong Yan a good lesson on Nan Maner's behalf.

However, she could only watch right now. She sighed and stuffed a steamed bun into her mouth. That Xiao Ziyu was a complete idiot. All he was doing was bickering with Nangong Yan. Didn't he see that Nan Maner's head was bleeding? Her entire face was about to be dyed red.

If this continued on, that girl would probably die from blood loss.

Back in Tree Valley, if it hadn't been this girl's help, she would've still been trapped in Tree Valley as a blood bank.

But didn't this girl's feelings change way too fast?

Back when they were in Tree Valley, she had been constantly talking about Mu Ye, but now it looks like she had already given her heart to this Xiao Ziyu.

A young girl's heart truly was a needle in the ocean.

So should she help or not?

Xiao Ziyu also felt his heart ache to see Nan Maner bleeding. He glowered at Nangong Yan, then said with a cold laugh, "Nangong Yan! If you have the time to get involved in my business, why don't you use that time to worry about yourself? Every famous household already knows about what happened to you. No matter how much your father dotes on you, he's not the only one that makes decisions on Wind Cloud Island. Your master has long already given the Wind Cloud Command. He's bound to catch you sooner or later. I'm not inclined to do such a petty thing as tattle on your whereabouts, but I hope you'll also stop sticking your nose into other people's affairs and hurry up and leave with those servants of yours!"

Wind Cloud Island had actually used the Wind Cloud Command on Nangong Yan?

Most of the people in the inn weren't people of the Jianghu, but they were still stunned by this news. The Wind Cloud Command hadn't been used for several years. The last time had been over a dozen years ago and had been used when someone infiltrated Wind Cloud Island to steal the valuable Clear Water Glass.

Who would've imagined that the next time they heard of the Wind Cloud Command, it would be used on Nangong Yan, who had always been extremely doted on?

This outrageous news really made people wonder what exactly Nangong Yan did to make the masters of Wind Cloud Island so angry?

They glanced towards Liu Zhiyuan who had said that she was pregnant and started wondering, could it be that she had…

Several people considered leaving. It was best to get out of here after learning such important news.


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