Chapter 339.2: Nan Maner and Xiao Ziyu

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Tang Doudou and Baili Yu shared a glance. When they saw that both of them planned to continue watching, Tang Doudou stood up and started walking towards Nan Maner.

Nangong Yan immediately noticed and turned to glare at her.

Tang Doudou hastily hid behind Baili Yu's back. "Husband… This woman is so fierce, she's even fiercer than Aunt Hua. Is this the so-called female yaksha?"

Her voice sounded a little foolish.

Nangong Yan's brows furrowed as she shouted, "Stupid fool, get out of here already, or I'll kill you!"

Then she seemed to react to the rest of what was said and strode over with a bloodthirsty glare. "Who did you call a female yaksha? You actually dared to call me a female yaksha? This miss will kill you! I'll kill you!"

After she said this, she made to draw her sword. Tang Doudou shrank back even more and hid completely behind Baili Yu.

"H-husband… She's definitely a female yaksha. She's so fierce, and she won't even let me say it. The teacher told me that this is called, a cover-up only makes matters worse."

Where the hell did this old childish woman come from? Every sentence was so frank that it was hard for a person to refute.

Nangong Yan angrily drew her sword to attack.

Xiao Ziyu moved to shield the two of them, then drew his sword to force Nangong Yan back.

Nangong Yan had always been protected so she had never bothered to seriously study martial arts. Even though she had the most famous teacher of Wind Cloud Island teaching her, because she wasn't willing to endure hardship, though she learned beautiful martial arts, not a single move was skilled enough and she soon fell to a disadvantage. She turned around to shout, "Liu Zhiyuan, what are you still standing there for? Help me!"

Liu Zhiyuan just watched expressionlessly.

Nangong Yan's lips started trembling from anger and her originally beautiful face contorted into a sinister scowl. She looked around, only to see that everyone was holding back their laughter.

"Aaah! Xiao Ziyu, this miss will kill all of you today! All of you!"

She sounded like she was almost about to explode. This time, Liu Zhiyuan finally spoke, "Hurry up and stop! Xiao gongzi is right, if you don't want to be caught by the old man, then behave yourself. There's clearly so much here to eat, but it's still not enough to stop up your mouth? Could it be that you want to eat that thing again?"

That thing! Nangong Yan stiffened, then she deflated like a balloon. She dropped her sword and after a few clanks, the place fell silent.

It was unknown what Nangong Yan recalled, but she covered her face and started crying. The hurt, anger, and unwillingness made people feel uncomfortable.

Tang Doudou's eyes flickered brightly. No matter how hurt Nangong Yan sounded, she didn't feel the slightest pity. If she hadn't run off back then on the Saint Tree in Cerulean Mountain, she would've already returned to Wind Cloud Island safe and sound. Her current situation was brought on by herself.

She ignored Nangong Yan and pulled Nan Maner over behind Xiao Ziyu. "Don't be scared, we-we'll bandage you."

Nan Maner glanced at her. "You know how to treat injuries?"

"I don't, but y-you're bleeding a lot." Tang Doudou continued speaking in that foolish way. It was necessary to keep the act realistic since there were so many old acquaintances around.

Nan Maner reached out to wipe the blood, then smiled helplessly. "It's just a shallow wound, I'll be fine, but thank you!"

Xiao Ziyu turned around and rebuked her. "Maner, you're bleeding so much, how could it just be a shallow wound? You had better let this aunt help bandage you a little!"

After that, he turned to Tang Doudou and said, "Thank you. Could I trouble you to help Maner bandage her wound? Once I finish dealing with this, I'll immediately bring her to a doctor."

Tang Doudou didn't speak. After all, she was acting as a fool. If she reacted too nimbly, she'd be seen through, so she looked towards Baili Yu.

Baili Yu gave a simple and honest-looking smile. "My wife doesn't know about medicine, but I do a little. We're staying right in this inn, so why don't this lady come with us? I'll help her stop the bleeding, then bandage the wound."

"Uncle, you know medicine? That's great!" Xiao Ziyu saw that Baili Yu seemed like a simple and honest person, so he said, "Then I'll have to trouble you two."

Baili Yu nodded with a smile to pull Tang Doudou upstairs, but Tang Doudou went to grab Nan Maner's arm instead.

As for what would happen after, they weren't interested. After they got to the room, Baili Yu rummaged through the chest and took out a medicinal chest.

Tang Doudou was puzzled. When had Baili Yu gotten a medicinal chest? When had he learned medicine? Why was she still unable to see through him even after he had lost his memories…

When Baili Yu saw that she seemed puzzled, he smiled towards her and winked. The meaning was, try guessing.

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. She didn't have that peace of mind to tease herself over such a boring matter.

Baili Yu had tons of secrets. If she ended up guessing at them one by one, wouldn't she end up tired to death?

So she decided not to look at Baili Yu anymore so that she wouldn't get teased by him.

She walked to Nan Maner's side and looked at her curiously before asking, "Lady, why were you hiding behind those people earlier? That was dangerous."

Nan Maner also glanced at her curiously, then she smiled brightly. "Aunt, haven't I seen you around somewhere?"


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