Chapter 340.1: Like Them Both

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Tang Doudou was startled and glanced at Nan Maner in surprise. Immediately after, she said with a foolish grin, "My husband told me that I was the most beautiful flower in my town back in the day. A lot and a lot of people have seen me before!"

When Nan Maner saw that she was still insisting on pretending, she smiled without exposing her.

Tang Doudou knew that she had been seen through when she saw Nan Maner's confident smile. She was very curious as to how Nan Maner had figured it out, but now wasn't the time to ask.

Since Nan Maner didn't expose her identity, it meant that this girl was the same as before, or perhaps she had other plans.

Although Nan Maner had once saved her, it had only been for Mu Ye. Back when she was staying on the Sacred Tree, this girl had picked plenty of fights with her and sometimes would deduct her meals and starve her for days.

However, that was the past. This girl had said back then that she had never been out of Tree Valley. She must have gone through quite a lot since leaving because she looked much more mature and not as rash as before.

As Tang Doudou mulled over this, Baili Yu silently cleaned Nan Maner's wounds. Nan Maner asked quietly, "I won't tell, but can you tell me where the man went-yo?"

See, she knew this girl was up to something.

Tang Doudou smiled. "What man?"

Nan Maner stomped her feet and pouted. "It's, it's just that man! Stop pretending! I've already seen through you. If you keep pretending, I'll… ah!"

Baili Yu had pressed on the wound slightly. The injury already hurt, so Baili Yu's tiny amount of additional pressure was enough to made Nan Maner's eyes fill with tears. She looked up at Baili Yu. "You, you did it on purpose."

Baili Yu glanced at her expressionlessly without replying.

Nan Maner wanted to say something else, but Tang Doudou grabbed her hand. "Maner ah, it's not that I don't want to tell you, but this place really isn't a good place to talk."

Her words seemed to remind Nan Maner of something and she nodded. "I got it-yo!"

"Got what?" Just as Tang Doudou wanted to remind her not to tell anyone else about her, the door to the room was pushed open and Xiao Ziyu walked in. When he saw that Baili Yu was pretty much finished treating Nan Maner, he sighed in relief and cupped his fist towards Baili Yu. "Many thanks for your kind aid."

Tang Doudou continued staring at Nan Maner in a foolish manner. Baili Yu picked up the bandage and started wrapping Nan Maner's wound. "It's only a slight effort. It's also because my wife took a liking to this lady, so she wanted to help treat her wound. It counts as fate."

"However, to be able to remain unperturbed in that disturbance either, this junior truly admires your courage and insight," said Xiao Ziyu.When Tang Doudou heard this, she silently called him heartless. They were helping him treat Nan Maner's wound, but he was still trying to probe them!

Nan Maner asked, "Xiao gongzi, has Nangong Yan left-yo?"

Since she had changed the topic, Xiao Ziyu tactfully followed her lead. "She was brought away by the person called Liu Zhiyuan. I think they were probably unaware of the Wind Cloud Command. Now that they know, they'll probably be running as far away as they can."

Baili Yu cut the gauze and tied it, then started putting his things away. "It's done."

"Many thanks, Uncle." Nan Maner lightly touched the wound on her head, then sighed. "Nangong Yan is also pretty pitiful-yo."

She shrank back. "I've been following them this entire time and Liu Zhiyuan doesn't treat Nangong Yan like a person at all. She's often beaten. Whenever she disobeys him, she's beaten, but when she obeys, she's still beaten."

Tang Doudou really wanted to ask why she didn't run away?

Nangong Yan definitely wasn't the type to just submit.

However, she couldn't ask directly with Xiao Ziyu here. Luckily, Nan Maner was preceptive and continued, "Nangong Yan tried to escape several times, but was caught and beaten. In the end, Liu Zhiyun fed her something black. Ever since then, Nangong Yan hasn't tried to run again-yo."

So it was like that.

Tang Doudou glanced towards Baili Yu.

Baili Yu caught her look and gathered up the medicine and luggage. "I've already finish treating this lady's wound. When you want to change the medicine, just go to a pharmacy. Make sure to avoid water while the wound is healing. Since the lady is young, the wound will heal quickly, there's no need to worry."

Nan Maner hastily thanked him.

Baili Yu just said 'no need' and prepared to leave with Tang Doudou.

Nan Maner stood up to stop them, but Xiao Ziyu seamlessly blocked her. "Uncle, are you guys heading back?"

"En, I brought my wife here this time to get pregnancy stabilizing medicine. We've got it, so we're heading back now. There's still a pile of farm work waiting for us back home."

"What? You're saying she's pregnant-yo!?" blurted Nan Maner.

Xiao Ziyu furrowed his brows. It was very normal for peasant wives to be pregnant, why was Nan Maner so surprised?

Nan Maner's thoughts whirled and she said, "At her age, it's dangerous to be pregnant-yo."

So that was what she meant.

Xiao Ziyu said, "Uncle has already gotten some pregnancy stabilizing medicine, so don't worry."

Nan Maner smiled awkwardly. Xiao Ziyu could say this because he didn't know the situation, but after she had left Tree Valley and was brought to Cerulean Mountain by Grandma, she had found out about quite a bit of the tribes' secrets.

From what she had learned, there was no way Tang Doudou could be pregnant right now.

It was possible that Baili Yu was just using this as an excuse to stop Xiao Ziyu from asking, but her intuition has always been very sharp and it was telling her that this was likely for real.


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