Chapter 341.1: Reached Green Maple City Safely

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Tang Doudou also looked at Baili Yu strangely. She hadn't expected for Baili Yu to say that this was true. Wasn't it clearly fake? How could it be real?

When Baili Yu sensed her gaze, he coughed and said, "Yes, it's probably fake!"

"What do you mean it's probably fake? It was fake from the start!" Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him, then looked towards Nan Maner. "Ignore him, it's really fake."Nan Maner didn't believe her. "Then let me see your hand so I can take a look-yo."

Tang Doudou now felt that something was off. "Why is it important for you to know whether I'm pregnant or not?"

Nan Maner smacked her lips as she considered whether to tell Tang Doudou about it. Her eyes flickered. She had better say it after all, otherwise, if Tang Doudou really ended up pregnant later, it'd be troublesome.

"You have something very important to tell me, don't you? And it's related to my pregnancy? Is it that something will happen if I get pregnant? Or that I won't be able to get pregnant?" Although they said that a woman goes dumb for three years after pregnancy, but pregnant people were also unusually sensitive, especially to things involving pregnancy. Pretty much every single one of her guesses were right on the dot.

Nan Maner wasn't a person that was good at hiding her thoughts. When she saw that Tang Doudou had pretty much guessed all of it right, she answered straightforwardly, "En, it's pretty much as you've guessed-yo."Right after she said that, the carriage abruptly braked and they almost fell out. Nan Maner hastily reached out to stop Tang Doudou from falling over.

"Thanks, I'm fine." After Tang Doudou regained her balance, she glanced over at Baili Yu again. Why had he become so stirred up after hearing what Nan Maner said?

"What are you being so polite for?" Nan Maner laughed, but her eyes were filled with worry. When she caught Tang Doudou earlier, she had found out that Tang Doudou really was pregnant, and she was already four months into the pregnancy.

What should she do now?

Her eyes whirled as she thought. It was no wonder Baili Yu had become so stirred up when she said what she had.

"Ahem, Uncle, don't be so stirred up! I was just joking earlier as well. I didn't expect you guys to take it so seriously!" It was clear that Baili Yu knew about Tang Doudou's pregnancy, and the reason he didn't tell Tang Doudou about it was also obvious. He said earlier that they were in the city to grab pregnancy stabilizing medicine. This made it clear that Tang Doudou's pregnancy wasn't stable, otherwise, there was no way there would be no signs of it even though she was already four months pregnant. In addition, she didn't seem to be aware of her own pregnancy.

"Aiyah, Maner, you're horrible! You could scare someone to death with that!" Tang Doudou patted her chest in relief, then narrowed her eyes. "But what am I worrying about? It's not like I'm pregnant, right?"

Nan Maner stared at the ceiling without saying anything.

Baili Yu focused on driving the carriage as if the horse was all that he could see.

After this situation continued for a while, Baili Yu finally broke the silence. "Wife, let's not worry about something so far away. Do you guys have a map? Where are we heading to next?"

Baili Yu truly was skilled at changing the topic. He had been able to divert Tang Doudou's attention without even a hint of unnaturalness. She felt around in her clothes. "Jun Xin gave me a map before, but it was in the outfit from earlier. Where did you put it?"

"That outfit? After leaving the forest, I threw it in the nearby creek." Baili Yu's eyes narrowed slightly as he continued, "It seems we can only continue traveling along the road. Once we get to another stopping place, let's go see if we can get a map."

"Why aren't you guys asking me?" Nan Maner became more certain of what Baili Yu was planning when she saw him change the topic. He really didn't want to let Tang Doudou find out about her pregnancy. It seemed that she'd have to look for a time to have a good talk with him.

It was best not to have this child, otherwise, it'd definitely be troublesome in the future.

Tang Doudou glanced at her in surprise. "You have a map?"

"I don't, but I know the way!" Nan Maner's large black eyes sparkled with light. She stretched, then went to sit outside. She glanced at Baili Yu meaningfully. When he shot her a warning look, she smiled craftily. "However, if you guys want to know the way back, you guys will have to make a trade for it-yo!"

"A trade? But if we go the wrong way, you're the one that'll be held up. In addition, you don't even have a map. How are we supposed to believe you?" Tang Doudou wasn't stupid. She wouldn't believe in something without any proof.

However, Nan Maner wasn't very concerned. "If you don't agree, then let's forget it."

"Alright, say it, what's your condition?" However, right at this time, Baili Yu who had been mostly silent this entire time spoke.

Nan Maner giggled, then shot a provoking glance at Tang Doudou. She was delighted and smug with the victory. "The condition won't be too excessive, but I haven't come up with one yet."

"After offering something unreliable, you also want a blank check?" Tang Doudou simply reacted with disdain towards Nan Maner's provoking look. This girl seriously didn't understand what was meant by victory was already within grasp. Although Baili Yu was agreeing with Nan Maner, in truth, he was doing it for her sake.

A trace of confusion flashed through Nan Maner's eyes. "What's a blank check?"

Tang Doudou choked up. Whenever she got stirred up, she would accidently use modern terms without realizing it. She didn't explain to Nan Maner what a blank check was though, because she couldn't help but feel a little annoyed. In the end, she just closed her eyes and ignored her.

Nan Maner didn't mind and continued persuading Baili Yu to agree to her deal.

It must be said, Nan Maner really did know her way. She even knew a lot of shortcuts, so it only took half a month for them to reach Green Maple City. This was the city where Shen Moru had tried to kill Tang Doudou before, where he had killed Mu Ye. They weren't far from Huai City.

When Tang Doudou saw the words Green Maple City, she became extremely stirred up. "Bai, B-bai…"

Nan Maner hastily squeezed her hand to snap her out of it.

"Bai Ma harbored feelings for Gu Ye, but too soon, the autumn leaves withered!" Fudge, she had almost cried out Baili Yu's name! She glanced at the strict inspectors around and sighed in relief. Then she shot Nan Maner a grateful look.

Nan Maner gave a large wide grin. "Madam, don't be so stirred up, lest you disturb the child."

Tang Doudou silently criticized, why was everyone using this excuse? If she had really been pregnant, it was already nearly five months, she should have a big belly by now, but her stomach was still completely flat.

However, it was a little strange. It had been almost five months since her period last came. Based on normal logic, this was an indicator of pregnancy…

But she really didn't feel anything though? Could it be that she caught some disease?


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