Chapter 341.2: Reached Green Maple City Safely

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Baili Yu acted like a middle-aged peasant and focused on driving the carriage forward. Green Maple City had a lot more visitors than Clear Creek Garrison. There were several carriages in lines and a whole crowd of people. Fortunately, the heat wave had already passed so the weather was quite cool.

Tang Doudou quickly calmed down and lowered the curtain. Then she glanced towards Nan Maner. Nan Maner immediately said with a ingratiating smile, "Madam, are you feeling unwell anywhere?"

Nan Maner had already caught an opportunity while Tang Doudou was sound asleep to exchange information with Baili Yu. She told him about the problems that Tang Doudou's pregnancy would cause and Baili Yu had also warned her not to tell Tang Doudou about it. Since they were both concerned about Tang Doudou, they agreed to wait until they arrived at Huai City to tell Tang Doudou the truth so that she could decide for herself.

However, Nan Maner was still very concerned. Tang Doudou was already five months pregnant. When they got to Huai City, it'll be about six months. At that time, what choice was there left except to give birth to it?

But no one knew how that would turn out. All she learned from the ancient records was that people that were poison sources shouldn't get pregnant.

Although there were no precedents, the reason was easy to infer. Since the mother and child were connected, that poison blood would likely enter the child's body from the mother. And since the child would be born with poison blood, no one would know how they would develop.

In any case, this was a very complicated matter…

"Maner? Maner! What are you thinking about? It's like your soul's gone? Hurry up and get down, the sirs need to check the carriage!" Tang Doudou looked towards Nan Maner speechlessly. After Nan Maner had asked that earlier question, she started spacing out and wouldn't respond to any calls.

In the end, she had to slap the carriage hard several times to jolt Nan Maner out of it.

"Madam, I, I…"

Tang Doudou and Baili Yu weren't the only ones next to the carriage, there was a circle of troops too. The troops had come due to the fact that she hadn't gotten off.

"Aiyah, my little devil, please just come down!" Tang Doudou winked, hoping that the girl would understand.

Luckily, Nan Maner didn't mess up in the crucial moment and jumped down almost instantly. She scratched her head embarrassedly as she said, "Sorry, Madam, I spaced out."

"You ah! You must be thinking about Ah Niu again, aren't you? Stop daydreaming so much. We'll head right into the city once these sirs finish checking to look for your Big Brother Ah Niu!"

"Sirs, the person has come down, so please go ahead and inspect the carriage." They had already gone through several checkpoints, so they were all used to it.

The result was nothing out of the ordinary. After Nan Maner joined, she hid their things even better. Ordinary people wouldn't have the skill to find their things.

Those soldiers inspected the carriage multiple times, found nothing out of the ordinary, and waved to let them head into the city.

Right after they entered, Nan Maner told Tang Doudou that she had something to do, so they should stroll around first and find a place called Aunt Orchid's Inn to wait for her.

The three split into two groups to do their own things.

The past events had already changed after the fermenting of time. During the past half a month, not only did the situation involving the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce change, the alliance head position also become a point of contention. The reason they dared to be so bold was because Su Yi had also disappeared. This news was spread not long after she left Hibiscus Garrison.

Since all the powers were busy contending for power, they didn't have the time to look for her and Baili Yu. That was why they had been able to reach Green Maple City without any trouble.

However, the strange thing was, the Seven Great Saint Tribes were involved in both matters.

The Wind Spirit Imperial Court's emperor, Xiqiu Lin and the Seven Great Saint Tribes seemed to have reached some sort of collaboration agreement. The entire nation was filled with kill orders for Tang Doudou and Baili Yu.

That arrest order had practically included all the worst crimes that was possible to commit. Every time Tang Doudou saw it, she would get the misperception that she really was that evil.

"Should we find an inn to rest?" Just as Tang Doudou was spacing out while looking at the street, Baili Yu suddenly suggested this.

Upon hearing that, Tang Doudou lifted the curtain and poked out her head. "You haven't said much this entire month. Was it because you were worried about Maner being here?"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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C: About Bai Ma and Gu Ye. I lost the baidu article, but the story is pretty much about deities. Bai Ma (white horse) was a female general that was in love with (I forgot who, so let's just call him) Guy A, and went off to fight vicious beasts to help him in the campaign. While fighting, she defeated a green dragon and cut open its stomach, to find that Gu Ye (withering leaf) was inside. They soon fell in love. It turned out that Bai Ma was the last person Gu Ye had seen three hundred years ago when he was swallowed by the dragon and he had fallen in love at first sight, of course, since she didn't seem to recognize him, he didn't tell her either. Then Guy A comes along and kills Gu Ye, and Bai Ma grieves, I think, forever.


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