Chapter 353.1: Leave the City Again

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"Take a day off?"

"Aiyah, Brother, look, with me like this, even if I go to roll call, the supervisor will still get annoyed. If the supervisor becomes unhappy and takes it out on all of us, I'll feel really bad for dragging you guys down."

"Alright, alright. Brother Hu! In a little bit, help this guy ask for a day off. Look at how he is. His brain's completely muddled and he keeps spouting strange nonsense."

There came a deep 'en' from the side.

"Liu Da, Brother Hu has agreed, so don't worry and just rest well. When it comes time to patrol at night, stop with your antics, alright?"

"Don't worry, I promise I won't screw up."

"Alright, everyone, get ready to head out!"

The people of the military were very efficient. It only took a few moments for them to all head out the doors.

Tang Doudou loosened a breath in relief when they were finally gone. She felt for the soot on her face, then decided to go rest for now. During the night patrol, she'll try to scout out Plum Garden.

However, scouting Plum Garden was nowhere as easy as infiltrating the patrol guards. She'd need to prepare some additional things.

As she was thinking about these things, she gradually drifted off to sleep.

She woke up just in time to see that the sun was setting. Rubbing her growling stomach, she stood up and prepared to go look for food.

It turned out that she had great timing, because the people on the day patrol had just gotten back. When they saw that she was awake, they called for her to go eat with them.

However, inwardly Tang Doudou remarked that these people looked like incarnations of starved ghosts. If she ate with them, she probably wouldn't even be able to get the remains of the soup stock. Although her current situation was dangerous, she still couldn't allow her stomach to suffer.

"Ahem, you guys should go first. I just got up so I'm still really drowsy. I'm going to wash my face first."

"That's probably a good idea. There's so much soot on your face that you look like a monkey. You should hurry up and go wash, then go eat. The night patrol will be starting soon! And it's weird, we searched the entire city today, but there was no trace of that Li Xueyi."

Someone else commented, "She's probably hiding somewhere, but she'll definitely show up at night again to cause trouble. We have to pay attention tonight!"

"Aiy, I have such bad luck. I thought it would be a good idea to become a soldier since we're currently in a peaceful and prosperous time, and it was quite nice for a while, there was stable income and meals, but now this happened. I heard that if we don't find Li Xueyi within half a month, we'll all be severely punished!"

"Stop talking about it! If the supervisor hears, there's no need to wait for half a month, we'll be punished immediately!"

They were walking as they spoke, so now they were already quite far away. Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. It seemed that after tonight, she couldn't afford to stay in the patrol group anymore. If they couldn't find her in other places, they'll probably start searching amongst their own.

However, since they've already searched those other places, they probably wouldn't search them again anytime soon. Still, she'd have to wait til tonight and see the situation first.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she started walking towards a small alley at the side.

She had scouted out this place last night. In this direction, there was a small concealed door that led to outside.

It was already pretty dark right now, so her features couldn't be made out clearly. With this outfit added on, she blended in very well on the streets.

However, she didn't dare to head towards a well-lit restaurant and just ordered a bowl of plain noodles in broth from a street vendor. Then she sat down on one of the short tables and started eating while listening in on what the neighboring tables were talking about.

They were discussing last night's event, but it was all very irrelevant. After she finished the bowl of noodles, she prepared to head back and rest while she waited for the night patrol.

Just as she stepped back onto the street, someone crashed into her from behind and almost caused her to fall over. She was just about to curse when she felt that something was stuffed into her hand.

Her back instantly became covered with cold sweat. Her eyes whirled, then she cursed, "Damned bastard, do you even have eyes?"

That person quickly ran off. She continued cursing angrily for a while as she slipped the thing into her sleeve.

When she got to a place without anyone around, she quickly pulled out the item to look at it. It was a small bamboo tube containing a message—10pm, west of the city, Phoenix Store!

After reading it, she hastily put it away again and walked to a well to drop it into the water.

Who sent her this?

It was written in the writing of the Saint Tribes, so the people from the Alliance Head Residence could be eliminated.

What was left was Mu Ye, Jun Xin, and Nan Maner. However, if those three wanted to find her, they wouldn't use such a troublesome method.

That left Yiling!

Baili Yiling was very clever and filled with tricks. Having someone deliver her a letter by bumping into her really was her style, but how did Yiling know that she had infiltrated the patrol troops? And how had she been able to find her so accurately?

Forget it. If she could actually guess what Baili Yiling was thinking, that'd really be strange.

She should just go check out Phoenix Store when the time came.

She was actually quite familiar with that place because back when she was staying at the Alliance Head Residence, Xiao Bai loved to take her to Phoenix Store. Of course, this wasn't the name of a store but the name of a location.

It was located west of Huai City. A lot of people from wealthy families liked playing there.

The troublesome part was, how was she supposed to leave the city?

All four of the city gates closed at night. If it wasn't a very special circumstance, no one was allowed in or out.

In addition, the group she was in was in charge of patrolling within the city…


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