Chapter 353.2: Leave the City Again

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"Liu Da! What are you still doing here? You didn't go eat or wash your face, it couldn't be that you really got infected by something unclean?" When the other guards saw that Tang Doudou was ambling back and forth in the courtyard, someone came up and clapped her shoulder. "What exactly is with you?"

Infected with something unclean?

A lightbulb lit up in Tang Doudou's mind. She made her gaze vacant as she looked towards that person. "Huh? What?"

"I'm asking, why are you here?" said that person.

Tang Doudou's eyes immediately cleared up. She looked at him for a few moments, then looked around. Suddenly, she cried, "That's not right! I was clearly heading over to go eat! Why am I still here?"

That person was so alarmed by her antics that his mouth twitched nervously. "Y-you're saying that you were walking towards the dining hall this entire time? But you're still here?"

"That's right! It's already this late, of course I'd head to the dining hall to eat!"

That person was so frightened that his back became covered with cold sweat. He had a feeling that this guy was a little off since last night, but he never thought that this guy would encounter a ghost wall again today.

Tang Doudou inwardly was amused by how nervous he was, but on the surface, she made a troubled expression. "It couldn't be that I encountered a ghost wall?"

Upon hearing this, that person immediately said, "I-I-I still have things to deal with, so I'll leave first!"

After saying that, he ran off as if hell was on his heels.

Tang Doudou found it funny at first, but then she smiled wryly. In reality, relying on something like being possessed as an excuse for her actions wasn't very reliable. If she wanted to leave the city without anyone knowing, she'd have to come up with some other idea.

But really, why couldn't Baili Yiling have chosen a place within the city? Wasn't this clearly messing with her?

What Tang Doudou didn't know at that time was that the rumor of Liu Da being possessed had already spread through the entire patrol group. Once the supervisor found out, he first berated the people for spreading nonsense, then secretly came to the living quarters to find Tang Doudou.

"Liu Da, what exactly are you doing? Why are they all saying that you got touched by something unclean?" The supervisor got straight to the point.

Had he not spoken, Tang Doudou wouldn't have known that he was the supervisor. However, she immediately realized his status by his tone and she hastily replied, "Supervisor, what do you mean? I don't know what you're talking about?"

"The entire patrol group is talking about this, but you're saying that you don't know?"

Tang Doudou replied helplessly, "Supervisor, I really don't know. I haven't spoken to anyone since I got back! If you don't believe me, you can go ask them!"

"The fuck would I ask?" replied the supervisor angrily. "I think you should sit out on patrol tonight as well and reflect properly! Stop spreading rumors. If the higher ups found out about this, you can just wait to be dismissed!"

"Supervisor!" Tang Doudou hastily grabbed the supervisor to stop him from leaving. "I-I really didn't do it!"

"What use is there in telling me? Just stay here and don't cause anymore trouble!" The supervisor rapped Tang Doudou's head in a vexed and troubled manner. "You ah, seriously! Back them, what had you promised me when your mother brought you here? But you've already been here three years and you haven't made a single good achievement! You're always doing dumb things!"

Tang Doudou was surprised. Fudge, this Liu Da had actually gotten in through connections!

That wasn't right, if they really did know each other, then wouldn't the supervisor be blind to not be able to spot the differences between her and the real Liu Da?

Tang Doudou's mind whirled rapidly and came to the conclusion that there were probably other reasons.

Connections had different levels. The fact that the supervisor didn't see through her disguise probably meant that this connection wasn't that strong. After Liu Da was sent here, although the supervisor promised his mother to help look after him, he didn't actually do it and left Liu Da to fend for himself.

The fact that he brought up this old incident was probably because he wanted to dismiss Liu Da and was trying to come up with an excuse to!

Once Tang Doudou reached this conjecture, she came up with an idea and put on an apologetic expression. "Supervisor, I've been pulling late nights every day this past period of time, so I haven't been very focused. I'm sorry, I've caused trouble for you."

"Everyone has been working very hard this past period of time."

"My health has been weak since childhood. My mother sent me here so that I could become stronger and earn a bit for the family while at it… But I've been here three years already and still haven't made any contributions. It's seriously letting down my mother's hopes and your considerate care!"

"You know yourself rather well.""But, Supervisor, I'm begging you. I know what you mean, but my mother has so much hope in me. If I, I… If I lose this job, she'll definitely be very disappointed!" cried Tang Doudou beseechingly. Inwardly, she was considering her options. This supervisor meant to take this opportunity to fire her, so should she give him the chance?

It wouldn't affect her much. Moreover, if Liu Da's family lived outside the city, she could take advantage of this chance to leave the city.

However, it'd be rough on the real Liu Da.

As she was thinking about all of this, that supervisor said, "Liu Da, about this, you know, I'm not the one that makes the decisions. It's really up to the higher ups… you understand, right?"

"I understand!" Tang Doudou quickly came up with an idea. She clenched her shirt, then asked, "Supervisor, how about this? I'll use my savings from these past years as an apology. I hope you'll help speak a little on my behalf in front of the higher ups."

The supervisor's expression turned stern. "Nonsense, what kind of person do you think of me as!?"

Weren't you precisely this type of person? Who were you kidding? Tang Doudou inwardly rolled her eyes. If he wasn't here because of money, why didn't he go straight off to dismiss her and came all the way here to waste time chatting with her?

"Supervisor, t-that's not what I mean!" Tang Doudou rubbed her hands nervously. "In my heart, you're an upright and plainspoken gentleman that's extremely fair! You're like a lofty tall mountain that can only be seen and not reached! These savings are my apology and my thanks for your care all these years. If you don't accept them, I wouldn't be able to rest easy my entire life!"

"When you put it this way, it really, it really…"

Fits what you want too perfectly, right?

Tang Doudou curled her lips slightly in disdain, then continued, "Sir, actually, I have one additional presumptuous request!"

"Since you're being so sincere, I'll listen. Say it!" The supervisor was already calculating how much Liu Da could've possibly saved in these past three years.

Tang Doudou said, "I just hope that you can keep this matter from the higher ups."

The higher ups were so busy recently that they didn't even have time for breathers, why would they waste their time meddling in the matters of these small workers? The supervisor's expression was happy since his mental calculations showed that there should be quite a sum in Liu Da's savings. However, to put on a front, he sighed and said, "The only way to keep people from finding out matters is to not do them in the first place."

"Then supervisor, how about this? I'll take a trip home and wait until events calm down before coming back. At that time, they'll probably have forgotten about this."

"You want to go home?" The supervisor looked at her weirdly. "Your family lives outside the city. You haven't gone back to visit them even once in this past three years. If you leave right after this happens, I'm afraid… it'll arouse suspicion."


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