Chapter 354.2: Phoenix Store

Prodigal Alliance Head


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She glanced around and saw that there were still a lot of people lined up waiting for the guards to inspect them. From the looks of it, the only reason that she had been able to get out so easily was because it didn't occur that anyone that she would hide in the patrol group. It probably hadn't occurred to them either that after all that effort she put into getting into the city, in the blink of an eye she'd leave the city again.

She walked to a concealed location, then took off all her armor. After making sure that no one was around, she shoved the armor into the underbrush, dusted off her hands, and started dashing towards Phoenix Store.

That message would definitely reach the higher ups really quickly. Layer by layer, the news would be passed up, so Phoenix Store would soon be guarded so tightly that not even a drop of water could get through. She had to get there as soon as possible and find Baili Yiling so that they could find another location to talk.

Phoenix Store wasn't very far away, so when she utilized her qinggong to the fullest, it only took a few moments for her to get there.

"Yiling? Yiling! Yiling? Are you her…"

Before she even finished her question, her mouth was covered and a familiar voice appeared behind her. "Sister-in-Law, I'm not trying to be mean, but in the future, could you be a little more clean with the way you handle things? If you keep doing things like this, you'll definitely be caught. It's enough that you're impersonating someone else, so at the very least, couldn't you disguise your features?"

Tang Doudou peeled off Baili Yiling's hand, then turned around and said quickly, "We can't stay here. Let's head somewhere else first, then I'll tell you everything in detail!"

Baili Yiling had been waiting here for so long that she was starting to get hungry and her scout still hadn't come back yet, so she had no idea what had happened and could only rely on Tang Doudou to explain.

"Heavens! Sister-in-Law, how could you give that message to someone else!?" Baili Yiling expressed that her heart was dripping blood. She had spent so much effort to deliver that message without a trace, but the receiver of that message had actually passed it to the people she had been trying to keep it from!

So then, Tang Doudou filled Baili Yiling in on everything that happened earlier.

Baili Yiling became even more speechless. "Of all the ideas out there, you insisted on choosing the stupidest one!"

Tang Doudou just smiled. She patted her stomach that was hurting slightly and said, "We'd better leave!"After walking for a little while, they reached the old temple she had been staying at earlier. From the lack of fire, it was obvious that no one was there.

Baili Yiling still checked the surroundings after walking in. When she confirmed that there was no one around, she hastily walked up and grabbed Tang Doudou's wrist. She observed her pulse for a while, then looked towards Tang Doudou and asked, "Sister-in-Law, did you find my brother?"

Tang Doudou was confused as to why Baili Yiling suddenly took her pulse. "What are you doing? I'm feeling fine?"

"That's good. If you feel off anywhere, you have to tell me! If you don't tell me, I can't give the right prescription."

"En, I will."

After a moment, Tang Doudou said, "I found your brother, but he's lost his memories.""Huh?" Baili Yiling cried out in surprise, "Big Brother lost his memories? Are you sure? How could he lose his memories?"Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. "I'm a dog if I'd lie to you. We had managed to get to Green Maple City together, but he seemed to recall something and said that he had to leave for a couple days. Later, I thought that our identities had become exposed so I rushed here. You already know about the events that happened after that. Actually, I'm really curious. How had you been able to guess that I was in the patrol group?"

"It's simple ah!" Baili Yiling smirked, "Based on how simple that brain of yours is, you'd definitely think that the most dangerous place is the safest. However, it's also fortunately that you think in such a silly way. Those people were so busy looking for you that they didn't even stop to think hard yet. If they actually stepped back and considered your style, you'd be out of luck!"Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou rapped her forehead. "Pei! Brat, you'd be the one out of luck. How could you talk about your sister-in-law this way?"

Her luck was already bad enough lately, if she completely ran out of it she'd probably be done for!

"Oww! Fine, my good sister-in-law, what do you plan to do now?" Baili Yiling rubbed her forehead with a pout. She had come here to help her out of good intentions, this rap was completely unfair.

"Did you come to find me yourself or?"

"Me? Jun Xin was the one that sent me."

"Him?" Tang Doudou looked at her with surprise. "You have to tell me in detail what exactly is going on. What exactly happened with Jun Xin? Why didn't he come himself?"

"I'll tell you everything in detail once we get to a safe place."

"A safe place? Where do you plan to bring me?" It definitely wasn't Huai City. If there was a safe place in Huai City, Baili Yiling wouldn't have met up with her outside of the city.

Baili Yiling smiled mysteriously. "You'll know once you get there!"

And she was still trying to make it mysterious?

Tang Doudou got up. "Then wait for a little bit. I'm going to go grab something. We can leave once I get it."

There was no way Baili Yiling would let her go off alone in such a dangerous time. She hastily got up and followed after Tang Doudou. "I'll go with you."

The two left the temple. Tang Doudou estimated the distance with her strides, then pushed apart some fallen leaves and lifted the stone slab beneath.

She had hidden the black chest outside the first time she came to this old temple.

Now that she was leaving, of course she had to retrieve it.

Once she got it out, Baili Yiling put her fingers into her mouth and gave a sharp whistle. Immediately following that, a white horse started galloping over. It was a very strong and handsome horse and it reached Baili Yiling in the blink of an eye. It lowered its head and snorted, then intimately rubbed the side of its head against Baili Yiling's hair.

"Sister-in-Law, this is Little Bell." Baili Yiling was very happy to see this horse and immediately introduce the horse to Tang Doudou.


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