Chapter 355.1: There's a Lot of Big Brothers and Sister-in-Laws

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"Little Bell?" Tang Doudou reached out to stroke the horse, but before she could, Little Bell snorted at her.

Tang Doudou's smile turned rigid and she embarrassedly moved her hand away.

"Pfff!" Baili Yiling giggled. "Little Bell really likes you!"

"If it likes me, why'd it snort at me?" Tang Doudou rubbed her chin contemplatively. "Are we going to leave on Little Bell?"

"Feng Long was the one who gave Little Bell to me. Little Bell is really fast, I was only able to shake off those annoying guys due to him!" Baili Yiling patted Little Bell's neck. "Little Bell, this is my sister-in-law, got it? You can't throw a tantrum!"

After saying that, she jumped onto the horse before turning to offer a hand to Tang Doudou. "Sister-in-Law, let's go."

The two rushed through the night on horseback as countless figures followed behind them. The whistling of the wind was so loud even Tang Doudou noticed the presence of the people behind them.

"Can we shake them off?" Tang Doudou glanced behind them worriedly as she hugged the black chest tightly. "Oh, that's right. Yiling, do you know Feng Long very well?"

"Don't worry! Sister-in-Law, it's just a few pieces of trash, Little Bell can shake them off easily!" Baili Yiling laughed, then patted Little Bell's head as she said, "Little Bell, help Big Sister shake off those bad people, alright? If you do, Big Sister will give you tanghulu!"

Tang Doudou gazed at the sky. Could this horse even understand what they were saying?

And what the heck was with tanghulu? Why did this horse have the same tastes as Jun Xin?

What was a horse eating tanghulu for…

However, the moment Little Bell heard 'tanghulu,' he reacted like he was hit up with chicken blood and lifted his hooves high before shooting forward like an arrow. If it weren't for Baili Yiling's quick reaction in grabbing Tang Doudou who was behind her, Tang Doudou definitely would've fallen off the horse.

"Little Bell, don't mess around. I'll spank you!" Baili Yiling's expression turned stern and she slapped Little Bell's ear firmly.

Little Bell snorted sulkily. He didn't slow down, but the ride became a lot more stable.

"Little Bell is really smart!"

"Sister-in-Law, don't praise him, he'll get smug." Baili Yiling glanced behind them. "It'll only take a little while longer to shake those people off, but there's one person that I can't shake off."

"There are still people?" Tang Doudou looked backwards as well. Suddenly, a figure crossed her mind. "Is it Mu Ye?"

"My dear sister-in-law ah, that Demonic Sect Leader has been following you this entire time. Could it be that you didn't know?"

"Fudge! No way, right?" Baili Yiling's words stunned her. If Mu Ye had been following her this entire time, why hadn't he shown himself when she was at Dream Mountain?

Baili Yiling asked slowly, "Sister-in-Law, it couldn't be that you don't even know how many people are following you?"

Tang Doudou didn't reply. Baili Yiling burst out laughing. "Sister-in-law, you're so cute."

"Alright, alright, stop laughing at me." Tang Doudou glanced behind them and saw that there was no longer anyone following them. "Since they're gone, let's slow down. I want to call for Mu Ye."

"He won't show himself."


"If he was going to show himself, he would've done so already. Something is probably stopping him from showing himself. Since he doesn't want to show himself, you shouldn't try to get him to come out." Baili Yiling giggled, then said, "If you look for him, my brother will get jealous."

Tang Doudou blushed and stopped speaking.

She understood as well that if Mu Ye had been planning to appear, he would've already done so the last couple of times that she was in danger. He wouldn't wait until she went to look for him. However, she couldn't quite understand what he was trying to do.

And where did Nan Maner go?

The skies had been very clear during the day, so at night, the stars were particularly bright. She recalled what Baili Yu said about going stargazing with her every night. However, since he left, it had been raining non stop, so she couldn't go stargazing even if she wanted to.

There were finally stars tonight, but he wasn't here.

With the stars as a location reference, Tang Doudou was able to figure out that they were heading towards the south side of Huai City. That was the direction she had headed in the first time she left Huai City. That time, she had been heading towards Azure Water Valley, where were they heading this time?

A night passed, and the morning caused drops of dew to condense on the surface of the leaves and flowers. As the horse galloped past, those droplets of water flew up and gradually soaked its fur.

"Sister-in-Law, Little Bell needs a rest, so let's take a break!" Baili Yiling pulled on the reins, then leapt off the horse before turning back to help Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou hastily said, "I can get down by myself."

"That won't do, what if my nephew gets hurt?" Baili Yiling glanced towards Tang Doudou's abdomen. It was probably about five months old now, why was it completely not visible? It couldn't be that something was wrong with her nephew?

Tang Doudou asked, "What nephew?"

Baili Yiling came back to her senses and said with a laugh, "What I mean is, Sister-in-Law will be giving birth to my nephew in the future, it'd be terrible if you get injured!"

There was nothing Tang Doudou could say in response to Baili Yiling's weird way of thinking. Even when she tried to present reason, in front of Yiling, she felt like a child that was completely being played around with.

However, she really was sore from riding the horse all night, so she took Baili Yiling's offer of help and jumped down while pressing on her hand. Then, she sat down on a nearby rock to catch her breath.

"Little Bell, you can go. I'll call you when we're about to leave!" Baili Yiling allowed Little Bell to roam off so that he could graze, then she sat down next to Tang Doudou. "There's no one here so, Sister-in-Law, tell me what happened these past couple of months. What exactly did you run into?"

"There's actually nothing much… Ever since I set off from Huai City, I was just rushing to travel…"

Since Jun Xin had sent Baili Yiling, this meant that this matter didn't have much to do with Baili Yiling. The question was, why was Yun Hai restricting Jun Xin's movements and not Baili Yiling's? However, she couldn't very well ask Baili Yiling this.

She was hoping that after she finished talking about what she went though, Baili Yiling would also talk about what happened in Huai City. However, unexpectedly, after Baili Yiling finished listening to her narrative, she nodded and said, "Based on what you're saying, it's not certain that Big Brother is Big Brother?"

This sentence stunned Tang Doudou. "What do you mean? I'm certain that he's your brother!"

A strange expression flashed across Baili Yiling's face. She didn't continue speaking about it and called Little Bell over so that they could continue traveling.

During all their breaks, they chatted happily. The only thing was, whenever something related to Baili Yu was brought up, Baili Yiling would either change the topic, or make an excuse to go do something.

This made Tang Doudou even more certain that something was up. In the end, she decided to just stop cooperating until Baili Yiling told her what was going on.

When Baili Yiling saw that Tang Doudou wasn't going to budge, she sighed, then finally said, "Sister-in-Law, do you know why Jun Xin took over the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce?"

If she knew, would she be asking right now? Although this was what Tang Doudou was thinking, she just shook her head and said, "I don't know."

Baili Yiling pulled her to the side of the road and had her sit down. She still hesitated a little. "Sister-in-Law, don't get too stirred up from what I'm about to say!"

"Just say it, I'll be fine!" Though she said this, her heart was already starting to pound uneasily.

"Actually, a couple days after you and Jun Xin left, the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce ran into trouble..." Baili Yiling only started talking about it after confirming that Tang Doudou seemed pretty calm.

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. If something had happened just a few days after they left, could it be that someone knew of their plan to leave?

This timing would be way too much of a coincidence otherwise.

The following words Baili Yiling said truly stunned her.

"You saw the arrest posters sent out for you and Big Brother in the cities, right? Actually, those crimes weren't randomly pinned on."

Tang Doudou laughed. "How's that possible? Even if I know how to make a doppelganger of myself, I still wouldn't be able to do so many terrible things in such a short period of time! Moreover, I spent that entire time rushing to Hibiscus Garrison. Once I got there, I was with your big brother the entire time."

"Sister-in-Law, are you really sure that he's Big Brother?" Baili Yiling leaned closer and asked this question while peering at her seriously.


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