Chapter 355.2: There's a Lot of Big Brothers and Sister-in-Laws

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Tang Doudou felt helpless. She was very clear on whether he was Baili Yu or not. After all, other than Baili Yu, who else would have those peerless looks and aura?

Even if they disguised themselves...

A light bulb suddenly lit up in her brain and she abruptly turned around to stare at Baili Yiling. She stammered, "C-could it be… you're saying that someone is pretending to be Baili Yu!"

Baili Yiling sighed before saying in a helpless tone, "Sister-in-Law, you've finally realized it."

When Tang Doudou heard that definite answer, her hair rose up on end and her scalp felt numb. She had actually flirted with a fake Baili Yu for near two months?

No! That wasn't right!

She quickly pushed this thought away, then grabbed Baili Yiling's shoulders and faced her seriously. "Yiling, you have to trust me. He's definitely your brother!"

Baili Yiling's eyes flickered when she saw that Tang Doudou seemed so confident. "Sister-in-Law."

"You have to believe me! Even if the eyes can be mistaken, this wouldn't lie!" Tang Doudou pressed a hand against her chest. "I'm certain that he's the real big evil spirit. This feeling wouldn't lie. If that person was a fake, I'd be able to tell!"

Since Tang Doudou was speaking of it by feeling, Baili Yiling didn't dare to blindly agree. After all, she was a very rational person and tended to believe in logical analysis and evidence over feelings.

The reason Tang Doudou might feel that the person she found was Big Brother might've been because the first impression was the strongest and so she didn't feel like it was possible for there to be a second, much less a third and a fourth 'Big Brother'...

In addition, that person's acting was probably so good that not even the closest people to him would be able to tell the difference. Like that, based on feeling, he would seem to be the right person.

However, there was no point arguing over this with Tang Doudou. It might even make her depressed again and that wasn't good for the pregnancy.

When Baili Yiling's thoughts got to here, she said with a smile, "Sister-in-Law, if that's how you feel, then alright. I just wanted to tell you that, a lot of Big Brothers and you appeared in places other than Hibiscus Garrison…"

Tang Doudou was confused. "What do you mean by other Big Brothers and me? Aren't there only one of each of us?"

"It's probably surgical transformation! I've investigated before. Those people don't have anything on their faces, and they're not using human skin masks either." Baili Yiling propped up her chin with both hands, vexed. "Those people seemed like clones of you and Big Brother. If it weren't for the fact that Mu Ye wasn't following them, I really would've mistakened them for you."

After she said that, she turned and looked towards Tang Doudou with a crafty smile, "Sister-in-Law, do you understand?"

Tang Doudou shook her head honestly. But then, she felt that she couldn't let Baili Yiling laugh at her, so she nodded.

"So you're saying you kind of understand?"

"That's right, there's some I understand and some that I don't."

"Sister-in-Law, it's really simple. Basically, some people that look pretty much like you guys appeared on the Jianghu and are going around committing all sorts of crimes. That's why the imperial court sent out an arrest order for you. People on the Jianghu itch to kill you too!" Baili Yiling sighed. "If it was just you, Sister-in-Law, I would've understood, but why would people disguise themselves as Big Brother to commit crimes? It's rather easy to disguise like you, but it's not easy to mimic Big Brother at all… The person behind all of this is definitely very scary, don't you agree? Sister-in-Law?"

Tang Doudou's lips twitched. This stinkin' brat. If she wanted to praise the big evil spirit, she should just praise the big evil spirit, why stomp on her to do it?


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