Chapter 357.2: Shocking Change

Prodigal Alliance Head


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At this time, Tang Doudou had already woken back up. Someone was holding her by the back of her clothes and flitting rapidly through the forest. Small sharp branches scratched her, causing stinging fiery pain, but she didn't even have the strength to cry out in pain.

She didn't know where she was being brought, but she felt like there was no need for Ninth Uncle to personally kill her at all. Her chest felt heavy and she was severely dizzy. She felt like she was already near death.

So she wanted to tell him, save your strength and just kill her straight out.

However, she could only think these things. Based on how much Ninth Uncle seemed to hate her, he definitely wouldn't allow her an easy death. There was probably a lot more torment waiting for her.

She should've known that this wasn't a good place and that the people here couldn't possibly be good. It was clear from how they had treated Baili Yu back then, a small child, that they were selfish and cared nothing about other people.

It wasn't completely without basis that this Ninth Uncle hated her.

She had stolen away their long term financial backer. She had heard from Meng Yu that Baili Yu didn't go places that often in the past, most of the time he just stayed in Plum Garden and slept. It was only after she arrived that he started traveling so much.

Although these people lived in this sinkhole, they definitely had scouts in the outside world. They had probably started holding a grudge against her the moment they learned about her existence.

In addition, Baili Yu had met with a mishap. Those layers of trouble that originated from her caused them to hate her so much that they attacked her even with Baili Yiling present.

Her existence really did cause many unforeseen events. She had been in near death situations so many times, but she still somehow managed to survive. That was why they decided to act fast. They had probably already decided on a fool proof explanation to use on Baili Yiling.

Or perhaps they were planning to kill Baili Yiling in order to silence her completely.

It must be known that no one else knew about the fact that Baili Yiling had brought her here…

That wasn't right!

Mu Ye!

Hadn't he been following her this entire time? Why hadn't he done anything even though she was in danger? That didn't make sense. If he really didn't plan to interfere, then there was no need to follow her. In addition, he had a very strong sense of duty. He had already admitted that he was the guardian of the Xuanyuan Tribe, so there was no way that he would ignore her predicament.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached here, she quietly slipped her hand into her waist pocket. In there were pickled plums that Baili Yu had bought for her.

She quietly opened the bag and allowed those plums to fall towards the ground. Then she closed her eyes. She had already done her best, the rest she could only leave to fate!

Right after she thought this, she sensed that Ninth Uncle was slowing down and gradually moving towards the ground.

Tang Doudou immediately opened her eyes. They were at an enormous underground lake. The place where they landed was an enormous rock near the lake.

When Ninth Uncle landed, an enormous blue eye that was bigger than an adult human appeared in the lake.


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