Chapter 358.1: Meteorite

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Even though Tang Doudou barely had any energy to pay attention to her surroundings, this sight was still frightening enough to make her break out in cold sweat.


It couldn't be that something like the sea dragon lived in this lake?

Tree Valley had an enormous snake in the pond, Cerulean Mountain had a sea dragon, and now this lake… The Seven Great Saint Tribes were truly abnormal. Most people would avoid these things, yet they seemed to love them!

Ninth Uncle landed near the lake and casually threw Tang Doudou to the side before crouching down and putting his hand in the lake. Silent ripples of water appeared on the surface of the lake as the one-eyed creature slowly moved towards the shore. It couldn't be seen clearly, but the large dark shape was very apparent.

Tang Doudou roughly gauged it and found that it seemed even larger than the sea dragon.

Based on its shape, it seemed like a large fish.

Fudge! Ninth Uncle couldn't have brought her here to use her as fish food, right?

Ninth Uncle stroked that creature's eye with a gentle expression on his face, then he patted its head. "Go play over there. I'll feed you something tasty in a bit."

That one-eyed creature looked over at Tang Doudou, then made a joyful noise and thrashed around in the water excitedly.

Ninth Uncle also seemed happy to see the creature excited. However, when he turned towards Tang Doudou, his eyes immediately filled with hatred again. He abruptly lifted Tang Doudou, then slapped her.

The pain caused her to open her eyes and she immediately saw his vicious glare. "W-what are you planning to do!?"

Ninth Uncle clutched her neck again. "What am I going to do? Of course I'm going to kill you!"

"If you want to kill me, then just do it! However, if I die here, Baili Yu will definitely come back and get revenge for me! I'd like to see what you guys would do then!"

"You actually dare to use him to threaten me!?" He slapped her again. His entire face was contorted beyond recognition. "Don't you know? If it you hadn't appeared, our revenge plan would've already succeeded! It's all because of you! You're the one that made our entire tribe stay in this dark, dayless place! We don't even know how much longer we'd have to stay! Don't you think you deserve to die?"

"Pei! What does that have to do with me? Aren't you guys really amazing? Aren't you oh so capable? If you want revenge, go get it yourselves! Does Baili Yu owe you something? What right do you guys have to push your revenge onto him?" Whenever Tang Doudou thought about this, she would feel disgusted. This Ninth Uncle's martial arts was pretty strong, and they definitely had quite a few tribe members, so why didn't they take revenge for themselves instead of forcing the responsibility on a child?

Even now, when something had happened to Baili Yu, none of these people went to help him and instead, attacked her. It couldn't be that they thought Baili Yu would obediently help them get revenge as long as they killed her?

If Baili Yu wanted to do something, even if the Heavens were against it, he wouldn't be stopped.

If he didn't want to do something and someone wanted to force him, he'd just reject it even more. These people were seriously too naive.

Baili Yu had long grown out of being that child they manipulated like a puppet.

"Humph! I'd like to see if you can still be so mouthy in a few moments!" Perhaps Tang Doudou's words had managed to hit a sore spot, because Ninth Uncle flung her away without trying to argue back.

Tang Doudou rubbed her poor neck without saying anything else. This Ninth Uncle's mental state seemed strange. It was definitely related to this sinkhole. Had Ninth Uncle not done this to her, she would have warned them out of good intentions that this place couldn't be stayed in for long, but now, it had nothing to do with her! It'd be best if these people died out!

Even as she silently cursed them, her abdomen started hurting. Seeing as Ninth Uncle was sitting there in a daze, she started revolving her inner energy in the way that Nan Maner had taught her to reduce the pain.

She hadn't thought about it much earlier, but now it occurred to her again. Could she really be pregnant?

But it had already been about six months. The only signs were that her period hadn't come and her abdomen would hurt from time to time. Her stomach was still flat as always. This wasn't logical!

Hopefully this wasn't the case. Hopefully it was the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance that was responsible for her period stopping. It wasn't unusual to have abdomen pain due to abnormal periods.

It seemed like she really should go to a doctor for a check up. If her period really had stopped completely, she might not be able to have a child anymore.

Aiy, but what was she thinking about so much for?

She was currently in a life or death situation, she should use her brain power on figuring out a way to buy herself more time until someone came to save her, or a way to escape from this Ninth Uncle.

"Why aren't you saying anything now? Are you finally scared? Haha!" After that guy snapped out of his daze, he lifted Tang Doudou up again and started dragging her towards the forest next to the lake.

Tang Doudou didn't know what he was planning and she had no strength in her limbs, so all she could do was talk. "This lady has yet to learn how the word 'scared' is written! I'm not scared! It's just death after all! Even if I die, I'll definitely became a ghost and come find you for revenge! At that time, you'll be the one that should be fearful!"

Ninth Uncle laughed coldly. "Become a ghost? Should I call you naive or stupid? If there exists ghosts, the country would've long fallen into chaos already!"

"Are you sure that ghosts don't exist?" asked Tang Doudou darkly. "When I was in Cerulean Mountain…"

Before she could finish her sentence, Ninth Uncle abruptly turned around and roared, "Shut up! Don't bring up that place in front of me!"

It was so sudden that Tang Doudou was stunned, but she shut up and allowed Ninth Uncle to drag her into the forest. She could tell that this wasn't the direction of the entrance to this sinkhole, but beyond that, she had no idea where he was taking her. In any case, it was fine as long as he wasn't going to feed her to that strange creature in the water.

After walking for about ten minutes, Ninth Uncle released her and had her stand up, then he started walking while hauling her.

Tang Doudou's entire body felt weak, so she kept staggering as she walked. In order to get her to walk faster, Ninth Uncle ripped off a branch and hit her whenever she was too slow. Every single strike left a streak of blood. Tang Doudou inwardly cursed, but she didn't dare to provoke him and could only endure it while walking forward.

From the looks of it, he was leading her to an underground karst cave.

Tang Doudou didn't find it very surprising. It felt like the people of the Saint Tribes were abnormally attracted to caves and always liked to make holes at the places they lived.

The karst cave wasn't very wide. It was much narrower compared to all the other caves that she had been to before. There were light-emitting bugs inside, so it was actually possible to see the path and the size of the cave.

However, Ninth Uncle didn't give her a chance to take this in much and kept urging her to continue walking.


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