Chapter 358.2: Meteorite

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After walking for a while, Tang Doudou saw that there was an enormous room in front of them. In the center of that room was an enormous glowing black rock that was full of tiny potholes. She almost instantly identified it. Wasn't that a meteorite?

Why would there be a meteorite below a sinkhole? And it was even in a karst cave. This was extremely unusual. Based on how large this meteorite was, it wasn't possible for it to have been carried here by people. It had probably fallen in here somehow.

"Do you know what this is?" Ninth Uncle instructed for her to stop walking, then questioned her coldly.

Originally, Tang Doudou didn't want to answer, but on a whim she answered, "It's a meteorite ah!""A meteorite?" Ninth Uncle seemed to be puzzled by this term. "What meteorite?"

Tang Doudou was speechless. Could it be that he seriously didn't know what this and was serious in asking her? How unbelievable.

"You want to know? Humph, I won't tell you!"

Unexpectedly, Ninth Uncle didn't get angry this time and just walked forward to stroke the meteorite with an infatuated expression. "I had discovered this by chance. I call it Saint Stone, you know why?"

Tang Doudou didn't want to answer him. Since he didn't seem to be planning to leave, she found a place to sit down in order to rest.

Ninth Uncle's temperament seemed to completely change. When Tang Doudou didn't pay attention to him, he didn't seem annoyed and just continued on his own, "Because I discovered that it had a very mysterious ability, it's a discovery that will change the era! I've been studying it these past years in order to use it to create the thing I want."

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. What mysterious ability could a meteorite have? It just contained a lot of metal, how could it possibly change the era? She really couldn't understand the world of a psycho!

Ninth Uncle was still there mumbling something, but Tang Doudou's head felt very heavy and she couldn't hear him clearly. She moved her hands behind her in preparation to shift towards a more comfortable sleeping position, but she suddenly felt something smooth and cold. It felt like a dead person's hand! Her drowsiness was immediately shocked away.

Tang Doudou's fearfully shifted her gaze towards her hand. It was truly that it'd be fine if you didn't look, but that you'd be scared to death the moment you looked.

She immediately jumped backward like a frightened rabbit.

She stared in alarm at the place she was sitting. It turned out that it wasn't flat ground but a pile of rotting corpses.

She could faintly see that the conditions of the corpses weren't the same. Some had rotted so much that there was pretty much only bone left while others were just in livor mortis…

Tang Doudou only had a quick look, but her stomach churned and she started vomiting.

Frick! No wonder she felt like there was a strange smell, so it was due to these corpses!

Could it be that she was going to end up like this too?

Tang Doudou didn't dare to think any further along these lines. She threw up everything in her stomach. Once there was finally nothing left to throw up, she lifted her head and leaned against the meteorite behind her and gasped to catch her breath. There was no way she'd let herself die in this sort of place and rot!

The meteorite was not that large. Ninth Uncle walked around it several times before finally stopping in front of Tang Doudou again. "You're probably honored to become my experimental subject. You should thank me. This will wash away your crimes and you'll become a stepping stone on my tribe's path to glory!"

Pei! Who would feel honored to become a stepping stone! You can have this honor, she had no interest in it, replied Tang Doudou silently.

"I was originally going to just kill you in order to prevent any unexpected occurrences, but I've changed my mind. Killing you outright is such a bore, it'd be much better to torment you until you wished to die. If I didn't do that, I'd be wasting the wonderful chance that the Heavens gave me!"

"The Heavens will punish you sooner or later for your sins!""Humph! Even so, you won't live to see that day!" Ninth Uncle laughed coldly, then walked up to drag Tang Doudou again.

Although Tang Doudou had recovered some strength, it was still far from enough to escape, so she couldn't do anything as Ninth Uncle dragged her towards the top of the meteorite.

The meteorite was round, but due to its size, the top still seemed like flat ground. There was a large hole in the meteorite that was pitch black and gave off a cold air.

It didn't seem very similar to the small holes at the side. It seemed to have been chiseled out by someone, there were dig marks near the side.

However, meteorites had high metallic content. There was no way it could be dug into that easily. This Ninth Uncle sure was strong, to have been able to dug out such a large hole. However, the main question was, what did he make such a large hole for?

It seemed that she would find out soon!

Ninth Uncle laughed strangely. "You must be wondering what this hole is for?"

"Nope!" Even if she was, there was no way she'd tell him! Tang Doudou rolled her eyes, but before she even finished the motion, she felt the tug of gravity. She looked down in surprise and her soul got scared flying.


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