Chapter 361.1: He's Arrived

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Tang Doudou didn't try to deny it and actually admitted it openly. "That's right. I want you to let me go. I don't want to die yet.""You're sure honest." Ninth Uncle gave a cold humph.

Tang Doudou said with a laugh, "Why don't you reconsider my suggestion?"

"Humph! I only want you to die! Why go through all that trouble if your death could solve everything?"

Fudge! Seriously nothing gets through to this guy!

Tang Doudou silently cursed as she edged backwards. She continued persuading with a smile, "Ninth Uncle, we really can just sit down to discuss this properly. It's not like death is the only solution to this problem.""Give up on your flowery antics, I know you're just trying to buy yourself more time so that stinkin' girl, Baili Yiling, can come save you. You should just give up! She'll never be able to find this place!" Ninth Uncle laughed coldly. He had already cornered Tang Doudou and now, was slowly reaching out for her neck.

Tang Doudou's eyes whirled and used her inner strength to dodge nimbly to the side. She rapidly backed alway in the direction of the exit of the cave. "If I disappear here, Yiling will definitely keep trying to find me. Even if all that's left of me is my corpse, she'll still find me!"

"Then I'll make it so you don't have a corpse. I'll make you disappear entirely from this world!" Ninth Uncle crackled. "That one-eyed fish in the lake loves eating corpses!"

Tang Doudou recalled that creature's ice-like blue eye and shuddered. She couldn't even have an intact corpse when she died? Why were the Heavens so cruel to her?

When she saw the bloodthirsty playfulness in Ninth Uncle's eyes, she started mourning for herself. She wouldn't be able to buy much more time, but not a single sign of salvation has shown up. Could it be that this was really going to be her last day?

"Ah!" Just as this thought flashed through her mind, Ninth Uncle abruptly attacked. His nails were as sharp as steel nails. Tang Doudou hastily dodge and kicked a nearby stalactite to use it to block Ninth Uncle's next attack.

However, Ninth Uncle crushed the stalactite to pieces with one hand. As the stalactite shattered, Tang Doudou was also blown back by Ninth Uncle's profound inner strength and staggered back.

She couldn't win again him, she had to run!

When Tang Doudou came to this decision, her figure immediately turned into a blur as she flew out of the cave. Ninth Uncle hadn't been expecting for her qinggong to be this good. By the time he reacted, Tang Doudou had already reached the entrance of the cave. However, he didn't seem flustered and just chased after her calmly.

When Tang Doudou got out of the cave and didn't see Ninth Uncle chasing after her, she was puzzled. However, an instant later, she heard movement and her expression rapidly changed. She hastily picked a random direction and started running as if her life depended on it.

Once Ninth Uncle exited the cave, he stopped chasing and started making a strange call as if he was summoning something. The surrounding earth soon started rustling. Tang Doudou, who was in the forest, immediately noticed that something was wrong. When she looked carefully, she discovered that brightly colored snakes were all around her.

Her face paled and she hastily moved towards the ground.

Right before she landed, she saw that the ground was filled with snakes as well.

This was definitely Ninth Uncle's doing. Tang Doudou's face was deathly pale. If it had been something else, she'd be able to deal with it, but she was terrified of these soft and wiggly things. Just the sight of them made her legs go weak, there was no way she could bring herself to make contact with them.

Without anything to jump off of, she couldn't keep flying. Her expression filled with panic when she saw that she was about to land on top of those snakes. Suddenly, she recalled the torches in the chest. Snakes liked the cool and were afraid of fire.

She hastily took out a rolled torch and blew it until it lit up, then threw it towards the withered branches on the ground. The branches immediately burst into flames and the snakes hastily slithered away.

Tang Doudou used her inner strength and forcefully changed directions in midair to land in that direction.

It was only after she landed that she learned how truly terrifying her current situation was.

There were snakes as far as the eye could see. Although a bit of open space had been made by the fire, after a strange cry sounded, the snakes started moving towards the flames without fear again.

Tang Doudou started to panic. If things went on like this, these snakes would reach her in a few seconds.

Right after this thought occurred to her, she felt something cold on her leg, followed by a smooth and cool sensation. When she looked down, she saw that a small green snake was wrapped around her ankle. She screamed and hastily picked up a burning branch to push that snake off. She panicked too much, so although the snake had been pushed off, she also fell down and her clothes made contact with the flames and started burning.

Tang Doudou wanted to cry, but didn't have the tears. She quickly ripped off the corner that was burning up and threw it towards the snakes.

The snakes retreated to avoid the flames, but soon flooded forward again. The dense crowd of snakes soon crushed and extinguished the fire.

When Tang Doudou saw this, she was hit was severe dizziness and almost passed out. The Heavens wanted her to die, didn't they!?

But no, she couldn't die! She wanted to be with Baili Yu! She wanted to enjoy the passing of the seasons with him, start a restaurant with him… and have a bunch of fat brats with him.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she seemed to abruptly gain a lot more courage and her brain started working much faster. These snakes were clearly afraid of fire, it was that strange cry that was making them fearlessly approach.

So she quickly pulled down more branches from the nearby tree and made the fire even bigger in order to buy a little more time.

This was only a temporary measure since there were seriously too many snakes, the fire would be put out by them sooner or later.

Tang Doudou hid behind the fire. At the very least, she got a little more time to think.

There were many ways to deal with snakes, but they were all useless right now since she didn't have the necessary tools.

The only tool she had was this fire.

But how was she supposed to use it to escape?

Suddenly, a daring thought occurred to her. She was about to discard it when she changed her mind and gritted her teeth. For the sake of surviving, she'd risk it!

She then picked up a rather large burning stick from the fire and with a quick jump, leapt towards the top of a tree. As she was getting closer to the tree, she quickly swept the branch towards the dense cluster of snakes on the tree. Those snakes immediately shied away from the fire and fell from the tree, leaving a temporary open space.

Tang Doudou landed precisely in that space. Although there were still snakes hanging above her, she had no choice but to endure it as she used the branch to start a fire on the tree.

Most of the trees in this forest had a lot of dried and withered leaves since no one seemed to maintain this place, so the tree soon caught fire.

She used this method to light the trees one by one. At the start, some of the fires would be immediately put out by the snakes, but the snakes couldn't keep up with her speed and the fire in the forest soon got out of control.

The smoke could be seen from a distance away.

Ninth Uncle frowned when he saw and his eyes turned cold. She was seeking death!


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