Chapter 361.2: He's Arrived?

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That strange cry suddenly changed and those snakes withdrew like the tide, disappearing in barely a blink. If it weren't for the fact that there were still some burnt corpses of snakes on the ground, she would've thought that she had hallucinated the entire thing.

Although the snakes were gone, Tang Doudou didn't relax at all. She was certain that Ninth Uncle wouldn't let her off so easily.

Then she felt a burning sensation from her hand. She looked over, then hastily threw what was left of the burning branch away.

She glanced behind her at the burning forest. That smoke was dense enough to attract attention, hopefully Yiling would see.

Just as she was thinking this, she suddenly heard the sharp whistling of wind. Following that, an intense bloody smell hit her. Before she had a chance to react, she had already been sent flying by that enormous force.

She coughed out a mouthful of blood as she crashed into the ground. The acute pain from her abdomen almost caused her to faint.

Her vision was blurred, but she could faintly make out the thing that had sent her flying. It was an enormous black snake. It had cold eyes that were in the shape of upside-down triangles and it was currently towering above her and looking at her like she was a corpse.

Tang Doudou vomited out several more mouthfuls of blood. Her head was so dizzy that she couldn't even feel fear.

So, this was the end? She lifted her head in despair. The enormous snake flicked its tongue and it swept past her ear. Following that, the snake opened its mouth wide and a disgustingly bloody stench hit Tang Doudou in the face as two sharp fangs extended.

The snakes that had disappeared now reappeared. There were layer upon layers of them and they seemed about to drown Tang Doudou.

With this, even if Yiling came, she wouldn't be able to find her.

Tang Doudou accepted her fate and closed her eyes as those cold snakes climbed onto her legs, arms, shoulders, face… As those fangs gradually approached her neck, she shifted the chest from her back to her arms and silently said:

Baili Yu, goodbye!

Hopefully there's a next life. If there's a next life…

Suddenly, she frowned and sniffed, then she abruptly opened her eyes. Her pupils dilated and she blurted out, "Baili Yu!"

The most unexpected figure had actually appeared in front of her.

Could this be a hallucination?

Old people often said that people would see the ones they wanted to see the most right before they died. Was that what was happening? But why did it feel so real?

The Baili Yu in front of her was wearing a crimson flame-like garment as always and his eyes were unspeakably beautiful. However, those eyes were currently cold as ice. The sharp fangs were about to pierce the back of his head and the bloody wind caused strands of his hair to fly. He was facing her. His lips parted softly and he said gently, "I'm sorry, Doudou. I came late."

Right after he said this, petals filled the skies in a cruel yet beautiful sight. Baili Yu flipped his palm and sent a strike backwards, and the black snake was sent flying into the forest.

He helped up Tang Doudou, who was still in a complete daze. Baili Yu's expression was complicated. "Doudou?"

Tang Doudou came back to her senses. She had realized by now that she wasn't hallucinating, but she still couldn't figure out why he was here. And how he had managed to make it with such good timing?

"You, didn't you…" She suddenly seemed to recall something and cried out delightedly, "Big evil spirit, you've recovered your memories?"

Baili Yu wiped away the blood at the corner of her lips as he replied with a slight smile, "En."

"That's great!" Tang Doudou smiled in relief. Who cared why he had managed to make it or why he was here as long as he was here by her side! As long as he was here, there was nothing to be afraid of!

She threw herself into his arms and rubbed her face against his chest happily. Suddenly, she recalled the current situation and lifted her head to say, "That Ninth Uncle wants to kill me!"

"I know." Baili Yu's smile didn't fade in the least, but it turned from gentle to murderous. "This isn't the right time to deal with them. Let's go find Yiling and leave this place first."

She was quite severely injured and her face was completely pale. From the looks of it, it has affected the child. If they didn't hurry and find someone to treat her…

Baili Yu didn't dare to continue thinking along these lines. He lifted Tang Doudou and disappeared into the forest amid the flower petals.

The black snake howled in pain. As the flower petals gradually disappeared, countless snake corpses were left on the ground. When Ninth Uncle arrived and saw this, his expression turned dark. Who!? Who was it that saved that damned wretch!?

Baili Yiling was following after Ah Jie when suddenly, countless flower petals flew past her from the back. She hastily covered her face to block the petals. When she got a clear look at the the person behind her, joy immediately appeared on her face and she started running towards the petals.

She couldn't suppress her relief and joy at seeing that crimson red figure standing at the entrance of the sinkhole. "Big Brother!"


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