Chapter 362.1: Can't Keep That Child

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However, the strong guilt soon crushed the feeling of joy. Baili Yiling stopped and lowered her head as she said, "Big Brother, I'm sorry."Tang Doudou poked her head out of Baili Yu's arms. "Yiling, what's wrong?"

Baili Yiling was surprised and delighted to hear Tang Doudou's voice. "Sister-in-Law, h-how, why… are you alright?"

"I'm alright!" Tang Doudou didn't want Baili Yu to worry so she did her best to endure her abdominal pain, but the large beads of sweat on her forehead still gave her away.

"Yiling, bring this back to Huai City and wait for us to return." Baili Yu took off the chest Tang Doudou was carrying. This silly girl. Why did she insist on carrying such a heavy thing with her instead of just storing it somewhere safe? Didn't she realize that the reason she hadn't been able to move with her usual speed was because she was carrying this?

Tang Doudou wanted to say something, but was stopped by Baili Yu's gentle look. "Believe in Yiling, she'll take good care of it. There's still a lot of things that need to be dealt with so there's no time to cure the poison for the time being."

As Baili Yiling moved up to take the chest, she saw that Tang Doudou's pallor was off. She felt that it was her fault, so she immediately vowed, "Sister-in-Law, don't worry. As long as Yiling is still breathing, Yiling will definitely protect this chest and won't let even the slightest thing happen to it."

Tang Doudou was still worried, but she swallowed back her words and nodded. "Then let's hurry and leave this place!"

Baili Yu nodded. "Yiling, I'm going to borrow Little Bell, so head back to Huai City some other way."


Once the three of them got out of the sinkhole, Baili Yiling called for Little Bell. When Little Bell saw Baili Yu, he reacted with even more excitement than he did when he saw Baili Yiling, causing Baili Yiling to be a bit speechless. Tang Doudou was also surprised. Could it be that Little Bell knew Baili Yu?

Although time was pressing, Baili Yu still explained when he saw Tang Doudou's puzzled look. "I was the one that raised Little Bell. I had raised him with the intent of giving him to Yiling."

So it was like that.

Baili Yu lifted Tang Doudou and jumped onto Little Bell with her. He turned towards Baili Yiling and said with a serious expression, "It won't be easy to get back this time, so be careful.""Don't worry, Big Brother. Yiling will definitely be careful." Baili Yiling put the chest on her back, then looked towards the bottom of the sinkhole. "Big Brother, Sister-in-Law, you guys should be careful too. Yiling will leave first then!"

Then she started running in the direction of Huai City.

Baili Yu was puzzled when Baili Yiling glanced down before leaving, so he looked as well and saw Mu Ye below in the sinkhole. His expression changed slightly, then he smiled and wrapped his arms around Tang Doudou tightly. "Wife, hold on tight."

Tang Doudou was still struggling with the pain so she didn't notice his slight change. When she heard this, she hastily reached out and wrapped her arms around Baili Yu's neck and pressed her face into his chest.

Little Bell flew forward like the wind. Tang Doudou had a lot of questions to ask Baili Yu, but as she listened to his strong heartbeat, she was soon lulled off to sleep by the rhythmic and comforting sound.

Baili Yu glanced down at her worriedly, then urged Little Bell to go even faster. They soon disappeared in the forest.

Mu Ye got out of the sinkhole and looked coldly at the two traces left on the ground. After a few moments, he started following the trail of hooves.

Not long after he left, Ninth Uncle also arrived at the site. He stood there with an unreadable expression on his face and half a flower petal pinched between his fingers.

Ah Jie was behind him. He didn't see the flower petal in Ninth Uncle's hand and panted as he reported, "Ninth Uncle, that woman's pregnant."

Ninth Uncle's expression changed greatly and he staggered backwards. "How's that possible?"

"I only heard just now from Baili Yiling. It's Baili Yu's child," said Ah Jie while observing Ninth Uncle's expression.

Ninth Uncle's expression turned serious. "How could they possibly have a child? Even if that child is born, it'll just be a monster! This won't do. I can't allow that child to be born!"

Ah Jie was stunned. Why would Ninth Uncle say this?

Could it be that Baili Yu having a child wasn't something to celebrate?

Everyone knew that Baili Yu didn't have long to live, but he had the purest Saint Tribe blood flowing through his veins. If he had a child, that child would definitely also have the purest Saint Blood and would live longer than Baili Yu. As long as they instruct the child the way they had instructed Baili Yu, their tribe would definitely be able to resurrect and become as glorious as before!

So why was Ninth Uncle saying this?

Could it be that there was some other secret? But he had never heard anything regarding this.

Although Ah Jie was very confused, Ninth Uncle had no intention of explaining and just said coldly, "Have the clansmen put out the fire in the forest, then take advance of the chaos to capture some people and throw them in the Demonic Corpse Hole. I'm going to head out. Don't let outsiders into the sinkhole, understood?"

Why wasn't Ninth Uncle explaining things? Ah Jie knew that Ninth Uncle was definitely going to chase after Tang Doudou. When it occurred to him that Ninth Uncle would likely kill Tang Doudou and the child in her belly, he became uncomfortable. Could it be that Ninth Uncle was going to drag the entire clan down with him just because of that grudge?

When Ah Jie didn't respond, Ninth Uncle glanced towards him coldly. "I'll explain things to you once I get back. For now, go mobilize the clansmen. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Ah Jie stiffened when he heard the murderous intent in Ninth Uncle's voice. He didn't dare to stay any longer and hastily entered the sinkhole again.

However, right before he left, he glanced one last time at Ninth Uncle's back, then turned and disappeared into the forest inside the sinkhole.

When Ninth Uncle saw that Ah Jie had left, he finally lifted the petal to look at it. It was definitely Baili Yu's Three Thousand Overlooking Blossoms. If it weren't for the fact that the black snake stopped one piece, he never would've guessed that Baili Yu was the one that rescued Tang Doudou.

He had taken a look at the black snake's condition. It seemed that Baili Yu's martial arts had improved by quite a bound again. In addition, it was likely that he hadn't struck the snake away with all his strength, so in reality, his martial arts was already at a level that no one could truly comprehend.

Ninth Uncle didn't immediately chase after Baili Yu and reconsidered his next course of action multiple times before leaving in a different direction. He had to find help.


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