Chapter 362.2: Can't Keep That Child

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Baili Yu knew that Mu Ye was following after them and would soon catch up, but since he was worried about Tang Doudou's body, he slowed down the horse.

He was heading towards Azure Valley. The road was long, and he was worried that Tang Doudou's health wouldn't be able to hold up the entire way. Hence, when they got near a city, he had Little Bell turn back and jumped over the city walls with Tang Doudou. After getting to an inn, he went and got the medicine Nan Maner prescribed and simmered it. He woke Tang Doudou up and had her drink it, then bought meat porridge and fed it to her spoon by spoon.

Baili Yu was struck with guilt as he took in Tang Doudou's pale face. He was to blame for not taking care of her.

She was pregnant, but because of him, she had to rush around so much and ended up so fatigued. Whenever Baili Yu thought of this, he would find it hard to breathe. He wanted to tell Tang Doudou the truth, but he didn't know how to start. Who would've ever thought that he, who has always done everything he wanted to, would find it difficult to say something?

However, she would find out about this sooner or later. It would be best to wait until they settled down somewhere safe, then slowly tell her.

So for the sake of her health, it was still best not to say it yet.

"Doudou, we'll be heading to Azure Water Valley now. Can you hold up?" He had recalled a lot of things after recovering his memories and came to realize how truly terrible Tang Doudou's current situation was. It was so bad that he couldn't even pause to deal with any other matters and had rushed back to Huai City to look for Tang Doudou. When he found out from Jun Xin that Yiling had taken Tang Doudou somewhere, he rushed here to the sinkhole. It was fortunate that he hadn't wasted any time, if he had been just a step late…

Tang Doudou smiled wryly. "I can hold up, but why are we going to Azure Water Valley?"

"Cang Baicao is there." Baili Yu gently stroked her cheeks that had become sallow since the last time he saw her. The first time he had seen her, her cheeks were full and had a healthy flush, but now, because of him, she had gotten so much skinnier.

He felt overwhelmed by guilt again and his eyes filled with regret and tenderness. " Doudou, I'll never let anyone hurt you again."

Tang Doudou replied with a laugh, "Why are you saying things like this all of a sudden?"

"It's been a long time since I've seen Senior Cang, so we might as well go to Azure Water Valley. Then I'd be able to ask where Su Yi went too. So many things have happened to the martial arts alliance, but he didn't show up at all. It seriously strange." Tang Doudou furrowed his brows. "And that Yun Hai. He's seriously impossible to understand."

"Perhaps Yun Hai is no longer Yun Hai." Baili Yu sighed. "You should rest up. I'll go look for a carriage. I'll tell you about everything once you get a little better. The most urgent issue right now is your health."

After saying that, Baili Yu got up and made to head out, but Tang Doudou hastily grabbed his sleeve. He looked at her, puzzled. Tang Doudou asked hesitantly, "Baili Yu, what exactly is wrong with my body? Did I catch some sort of illness? Or is it that the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance flaring up again? Am I…"

"Don't overthink, you're just exhausted from traveling too much. In addition, you received so many scares and got such a severe internal injury, so you need careful care to recover. Azure Water Valley is still pretty safe right now, that’s why I want to bring you to Azure Water Valley." Baili Yu said this with almost no hesitation, but in his heart, he apologized as he leaned over to kiss Tang Doudou before leaving.

He didn't see Tang Doudou's brows furrow after he turned around. Why would Baili Yu lie to her?

She had her hand pressed lightly against her abdomen. Earlier, she had clearly felt something move in her stomach.

It was like, it was like a tiny hand.

Tang Doudou was alarmed by this thought and immediately shook her head. What kind of joke was that? Even if her current condition wasn't as Baili Yu had said, there was still no way she was pregnant. Although she didn't know much about the details of pregnancy, she still knew that there was no way her stomach could be so flat five months into pregnancy.

Unless her pregnancy was abnormal…

But she and Baili Yu were normal, so why would the pregnancy be abnormal?

These thoughts all flashed through Tang Doudou's head rapidly. After drinking the medicine, the pain from her abdomen had already decreased a lot, so she leaned against the head of the bed and soon fell deep asleep.

There was one thing that Baili Yu had told the truth about. The attack from that snake had caused her a severe internal injury. Even now, she could feel pain stabs of pain from her chest whenever she inhaled.

When she woke up again, she found that she was in a carriage.

Tang Doudou lifted the curtain and Baili Yu immediately turned around. "When I got back to the inn, you were fast asleep, so I didn't wake you up. How do you feel now?"

Tang Doudou rubbed her aching chest. "I'm still alright, my chest just hurts a little."

Baili Yu reached out with a smile and lifted her wrist. After a moment, he said, "While you were sleeping earlier, I transferred some of my inner strength into your body to adjust your blood flow. Once you rest a little more, your chest will stop hurting."

"Baili Yu, where did you go after you left Green Maple City? How exactly did you recover your memories?" After getting enough sleep, Tang Doudou couldn't suppress her questions anymore.

Baili Yu smiled affectionately as he gently helped her out of the carriage and settled her down next to him. They seemed to return to the time when they were rushing back to Huai City from Hibiscus Garrison. As the carriage proceeded while creaking slightly, Baili Yu said with a smile, "I went to Wind Cloud Island."

"Hah?" Tang Doudou was stunned. "Why did you go somewhere so far away?"

It was no wonder why he ended up being gone for so long. But how had he managed to rush back from Wind Cloud Island so fast?


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