Chapter 363.1: Returned Once Again to Azure Water Valley

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Baili Yu saw her confusion and he squeezed her hand as he explained, "Originally, I was planning to go back to Wind Cloud Island to figure out the memories that kept surfacing in my mind, but on the way there, I encountered someone. It was that person who helped me recover my memories. Right after that, I started rushing back. When I heard from Jun Xin that Yiling was the one that went to get you, I knew that she had probably brought you to the tribe, that's why I rushed after you two.

"Don't blame Yiling, she didn't know that the tribesmen would treat you that way. In this current situation, the places where the Seven Great Saint Tribes have hidden themselves are the most secluded. She thought it would be the safest place for you."

Tang Doudou laughed. "Why would I blame her? Of course I know that she had done it for my sake. And even I never would've thought that your tribespeople hated me so much."

When she recalled how Ninth Uncle had looked at her, she couldn't help but shudder. It was fortunate that Baili Yu had made it in time, otherwise she'd probably be ripped apart by that torrent of snakes.

Baili Yu sensed her fear and his heart ached. He pulled her into his arms and said, "Don't be scared, you're fine now. Nothing will ever happen to you again."

Tang Doudou nodded as she leaned into his arms. "Was it Senior Cang that helped restore your memories?"

"I didn't lose my memories. Someone had sealed them with needles," continued Baili Yu, his tone slightly cold.

"Who did it?" asked Tang Doudou. "Nangong Yan?"

"She doesn't have that ability." Based on what Senior Cang had said, that style seemed to be very similar to Mu Ye's. However, Baili Yu didn't tell Tang Doudou this out of consideration for her relationship with Mu Ye. "However, for the time being, we still don't know who did it. We still need to look into it more."

"If it wasn't Nangong Yan, who would it be?" Suddenly, she recalled that Lan Jia had been with Nangong Yan, so she told Baili Yu about it.

However, Baili Yu didn't seem surprised at all. "It's normal that Lan Jia would be with her. After all, Nangong Yan is his only biological child aside from me.

"But from the sounds of it, Lan Jia seemed to have lost his memories as well. If not, he would've recognized you even if you had the human skin mask on. There's no way he would've let you go."Tang Doudou was aware of this as well. She gazed into the distance quietly for a while, then asked, "Big evil spirit, what do you plan to do after this?"

"You want to know?" Baili Yu held onto the reins with one hand as he wrapped his other arm around Tang Doudou's waist. "I plan to dissolve the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce and divide it among my subordinates. Afterwards, I'll bring you to an remote little town and live with you there in seclusion, then we'll have a bunch of chubby little kids."

Wind quietly blew past. Tang Doudou was stunned and blinked disbelievingly as she looked towards Baili Yu. "Really? This is really what you plan to do?"

"Doudou, when have I ever lied to you?" Baili Yu pressed his forehead against hers. "Alright, it's windy out so you should head in to rest."

Tang Doudou lowered her head and replied with a soft 'en' before heading back inside the carriage.

The curtain of the carriage lowered, once again parting their lines of sight.

Out of Baili Yu's view, Tang Doudou sighed softly. She so wished that those words from earlier could come true, but she was also aware that Baili Yu had way too many burdens. Words had no way of conveying all the responsibilities he had to shoulder.

Although Baili Yu had smiled during the entire time he faced her, in his smiling and doting gaze, she could see deep worry.


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