Chapter 363.2: Returned Once Again to Azure Water Valley

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The carriage leisurely proceeded for about half a month. During this entire time, Tang Doudou was mostly sleeping. She seemed to have regressed back to that earlier state and it seemed even worse than before too, so the worry on Baili Yu's face became even deeper.

Even when they reached Azure Water Valley, he didn't wake Tang Doudou up and just carried her straight into the valley.

Last time he came, those two doormen had stopped him, but this time, they respectfully invited him in saying that Senior Cang had been waiting for him.

Baili Yu nodded, then walked into the Flying Eaves Pavilion that was built by the side of a cliff.

Tang Doudou woke up. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, then looked around and stretched. "What is this place?"

"Heh. Girl, you've forgotten my place?" Senior Cang's familiar voice appeared. Tang Doudou looked over with pleasant surprise and saw that Senior Cang was standing in the corridor and looking towards her with an affectionate smile.

Then he looked towards Baili Yu and nodded towards him politely. "Baili gongzi, please come this way!"

Baili Yu nodded and followed after him while carrying Tang Doudou.

"Old Cang, this is where you went after you ran off from Cloud City?" Tang Doudou noticed that Cang Baicao's way of walking was a little strange.

Cang Baicao looked back and the strands of silver hair over his forehead bounced as he laughed. "Haha, actually, no. I just happened to encounter Baili gongzi a few days ago, and then I came back to Azure Water Valley."

Tang Doudou found those strands of silver hair painful to see. Although Cang Baicao was over sixty, he had always been very spirited and his hair had been completely black without any strands of white. However, after just half a year, he seemed to have aged significantly, and as he walked, his back seemed much more stooped.

What exactly had he been doing this past half a year?

Seeming to sense her puzzled gaze, Cang Baicao glanced back again and stroked his beard, which was now also white, with a laugh. "Girl, are you curious about what I've been doing this past half a year?"

Tang Doudou glanced at Baili Yu. "Senior Cang, when I was leaving Cloud City, Bai Feiyun said that you left without saying goodbye. At that time, he had given me a book and the book had recorded how to cure the Hoarfrost Poison. Did you leave to investigate that?"

"Girl, you should call me Old Cang after all. I'm more used to that." Cang Baicao laughed merrily, but then, he stopped smiling and replied melancholically, "That's right. I left Cloud City to investigate the Hoarfrost Poison.

"But unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any results." When Senior Cang said this, his hair seemed to become even whiter.

Tang Doudou was thinking that they had already gotten the way to cure the poison, so she switched to asking, "Then what about the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance? Before, you had said that my Disseminating Tassel Fragrance had been neutralized on its own, but when I went to Cerulean Mountain, I heard from the person who poisoned me that Disseminating Tassel Fragrance and Hoarfrost Poison were both incurable. In addition, he said that the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance is still present in my body. Is this true?"

"It's true. I made an error in my diagnosis. After I left, I realized it and sent a message to let you know, but you had already left Cloud City. I had no choice but to leave Feiyun with the news. Could it be that Feiyun didn't tell you?"

When Tang Doudou saw Senior Cang's expression, she asked, "Senior Cang, could it be that you're not aware of what's happened on the Jianghu recently?"

Senior Cang's expression turned serious. "What has happened now? After I left Cloud City, I paid visits to several old friends, but I hadn't heard about anything big happening? What exactly happened?"

It seemed that he really didn't know, so Tang Doudou started filling him in on the recent events. After listening to all of it, Senior Cang remarked, "No wonder Baili gongzi's memories had been sealed when I encountered him. So much had actually happened. However, girl, you said that you saw the city lord in Cerulean Mountain, is that true?"

"If it weren't for him, there was no way that Yiling and I would've been able to escape from Cerulean Mountain. There's no way I'd mistake him. I just don't know what exactly he took from Cerulean Mountain. Lately, the Jianghu has been in an uproar, but Cloud City had been deathly still. It's not just Su Yi, the Murong family is abnormally silent as well.

"In addition, Bai Feiyun has been giving me a really strange feeling. He doesn't seem to be his usual self."

"Something has happened to Feiyun as well?" Cang Baicao had been pushing open the door for them. His tone was filled with surprise when he heard this. "Girl, once you get better, I'll head back to Huai City with you. I've pretty much watched over Feiyun from the time he was a child. He's not bad at heart. If he's changed, that means something big has definitely happened."

Cang Baicao led the two into the room. He had Baili Yu settled Tang Doudou down, then he sat down next to the bed to check Tang Doudou's pulse. When he found out about Tang Doudou's pregnancy, he glanced in shock towards Baili Yu, then quickly hid his surprise. As he observed her pulse, he discovered something else that was off.

"Girl, why is there a new poison in your body? This poison is no less severe that the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. What exactly is going on?" He had to get a clear answer to this, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to make an accurate diagnosis.

Tang Doudou was stunned. She had been poisoned with something else? Why hadn't she sensed anything?

Cang Baicao could tell from her expression that she hadn't been aware of this.

Just as Cang Baicao was about to continue pressing her for answers, sounds of people fighting came from outside. Baili Yu indicated for Senior Cang to continue checking Tang Doudou's condition, then got up to head out.

He soon came back again.

However, his facial color seemed much worse. He looked at Tang Doudou with a serious expression, then glanced at Cang Baicao. He sat down next to Tang Doudou and gently stroked her forehead as he said, "You must be worn out from the journey, so rest for now. Someone outside is looking for Senior Cang, but he doesn't seem to be friendly, so I'll be accompanying Senior Cang out to see him. No matter what, stay in here, alright? I'm worried that if we fight, you'll get injured."

So that person was here to see Senior Cang.

Tang Doudou nodded. Although she had been sleeping on the carriage this entire time, sleeping on the carriage was nowhere as comfortable as sleeping on this bed.

In any case, with Baili Yu here, she didn't need to worry about anything, so she should take this chance to catch up on sleep and recover. Once she got better, they had to head back to Huai City to deal with all the unresolved issues.

After she closed her eyes, Baili Yu sent Senior Cang a pointed look. Senior Cang got the message and headed out, only to find that a person with a very cold aura was here. It was Mu Ye.

"Why are you here?" Cang Baicao was shocked to see Mu Ye. When he was undoing the memory seal on Baili Yu, he had realized that the seal was likely Mu Ye's handiwork. He couldn't figure out why Mu Ye had done that, and why he had come here this time.

Tang Doudou's breathing gradually became even and steady, so Baili Yu tucked the tails of her blanket in and quietly headed out.

His eyes, which had always contained traces of a smile was currently very cold, even colder than Mu Ye’s eyes. He slowly said, "Sect Leader Mu, what exactly are you trying to do?"

"I was the one that poisoned her." Mu Ye has always been straightforward. He glanced at the door that Baili Yu had just closed, then said, "If you want to know why, come with me."

Neither Baili Yu or Cang Baicao moved. It was clear that they had no plans of leaving with him. After all, who knew if he was doing this to lure them out of their territory. In addition, Baili Yu had already swore not to let Tang Doudou's out of his sight again. Meanwhile, Cang Baicao couldn't understand Mu Ye's strange actions so he had no intention of leaving with him.

Mu Ye lifted his brows as he looked at Baili Yu. "What? You don't dare?"

"I've made a vow that I would never let Doudou out of my sight again. Sect Leader Mu, if you have something to say, say it here. If you don't, then please see yourself out," replied Baili Yu mildly. He didn't seem surprised at all that Mu Ye had poisoned Tang Doudou.

This was because Nan Maner had already told him about this. If it weren't for that, he wouldn't have rushed with Tang Doudou here to find Cang Baicao.

Nan Maner said that this poison was very unique and also very vicious. It would completely inhibit the unborn child's growth and delay the development of the fetus. However, it was also capable of protecting the child from the blood poisoned with Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.

It was a poison that had very unique characteristics.


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