Chapter 364.1: I Want to Take You Away

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He was sure that Mu Ye had a way to undo this poison. Mu Ye was the guardian of the Xuanyuan Tribe, so there was no way he would hurt the descendants of the Xuanyuan Tribe. In addition, he had feelings for Tang Doudou, so he had probably done this to protect Tang Doudou's child.

However, preventing a six month old child from developing was a inhumane method, it wasn't a good method at all. He really wondered where Mu Ye found out about such a method.

After Mu Ye heard what Baili Yu said, he was silent for a few moments, then he said coldly, "Since you refuse to come, then things can just continue dragging on."

"You don't want to hurt her, so why did you do this?" Baili Yu couldn't help but become worried when he saw that Mu Ye was about to leave. He hadn't expected for Mu Ye to be so decisive. Could it be that there was something wrong with talking about things here?

With Tang Doudou's current situation, something could go wrong if they weren't here to keep an eye on her for even just a few moments.

However, Mu Ye didn't seem to care. He made no efforts to explain and just turned to leave. The doormen who had stopped him from coming in earlier didn't know whether to stop him from leaving or not.

Cang Baicao said, "You two can withdraw."

The two doormen exhaled in relief and cupped their fists while withdrawing.

At the same time, Mu Ye's figure disappeared into the distant forest.

Cang Baicao said, "He won't go too far."

"Senior Cang, I'll have to trouble you with this matter." Baili Yu didn't follow Mu Ye. He had to keep his word. He would stay in Tang Doudou's line of sight and never leave her again.

Cang Baicao stoked his white beard and muttered to himself for a while. Then he said with a sigh, "It's not hard to cure this poison and during this outing, I just happened to obtain the items needed to cure this poison. However, Baili gongzi, have you thought things through? From what I saw of that poison, although it suppressed the development of the fetus, it's actually good for the fetus. At the very least, it hasn't allowed the poison blood in the mother's body to penetrate the fetus in the slightest…"

"Senior Cang, the child's already almost six months old." Baili Yu's tone was heavy. The entire world believed that there was nothing he couldn't do, but now, he couldn't even protect his own flesh and blood. Over half of the ten month pregnancy period was over, but the child in Tang Doudou's body hasn't even developed into a child's shape, what would it be like when it was born? Even if Tang Doudou was able to accept this outcome, what about his responsibility to the child?

It would hurt to lose the child, but it would also hurt to keep the child.

What exactly was he supposed to do?

Cang Baicao noticed the hidden pain in his eyes and sighed. "Baili gongzi, then why don't we cure the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance in her body first…""Senior Cang, the risks in curing the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance are no less than the risks in curing this poison. Give me some time to think about things." This was the first time that Baili Yu had felt so helpless, but he wasn't used to revealing weakness in front of others, so he walked back into the room and just leaned his back against the door. He gazed at Tang Doudou, who was now sleeping peacefully, then clenched his fists hard. Doudou, no matter what, I'll protect both you and the child!

Outside, Cang Baicao gazed at the closed door for a while, then something flickered in his eyes. He prepared to head back to his room to research for a method that could protect both the mother and the child, but when he turned around, he saw that Mu Ye was sitting on a nearby roof.

When he looked over, Mu Ye coldly made a 'this way' gesture, then landed in a nearby courtyard.

Cang Baicao considered things for a moment, then slowly walked over and pushed open the sealed courtyard door. "Sect Leader Mu."Then he exclaimed in surprise, "Swayflower! Why do you have the Swayflower?"

Mu Ye was currently feeding the Swayflower a snake. He didn't look at Cang Baicao, but he knew that the old man was currently very stirred up.

"If you want to use this Swayflower to save Tang Doudou, use Jun Yuner's corpse to exchange for it." Mu Ye's words were concise and straight to the point as always, but it felt like a splash of cold water to Cang Baicao.

He laughed. "Sect Leader Mu, since you already know that the grave is empty, you probably also know who has her corpse. Forgive me for my straightforward words, but based on my city lord's personality, he probably wouldn't hand over Jun Yuner's corpse even if Tang Doudou died in front of him."

Cang Baicao then persuaded, "And why are you going through such lengths? Jun Yuner being resurrected is something that is only beneficial to the world. The city lord doesn't have bad intentions either. He just wants to make up for his mistake.

"In addition, if something really happens to Tang Doudou, would you really be alright with that?"

Mu Ye's expression was pained as he recalled that forever cheerful face and he pressed his lips together tightly. "Nothing will happen to her."

"Whether that's true or not, you're well aware." Cang Baicao sighed and his hair seemed to turn even paler. "If you manage to think things through, come look for me with the Swayflower and the antidote. I… no longer have much time left."

Then he turned around to head back to his room.

Mu Ye watched the stooped figure leave silently. No one knew what had happened to Cang Baicao to make him age so quickly in such a short period of time.

He clenched the antidote that Lan Jia had given him while staring at the Swayflower. The Heavens knew how much he wanted to save Tang Doudou, but… If only things could be that simple.

The Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, the Swayflower, blood of a relative, and Dreamer's Gauze—not a single one of these elements could be missing.

All that was left of Li Shaqing were his bones, so Jun Yuner's carefully maintained corpse was the only one that could provide relative's blood. It wasn't just Su Yi, he too, was conflicted.

He too, wished so much for Jun Yuner to be resurrected. She was the only woman who he had ever admired, and she was Tang Doudou's mother.

In Azure Water Valley, several people silently faced their conflicted thoughts in the quiet night.

The next day, when Tang Doudou woke up, the first thing she did was glanced towards the window. As she took in the scene of the falling autumn leaves, she stretched her neck. It was already getting cold. She then glanced towards the inside of the bed at Baili Yu, who seemed to be sleeping, but he seemed to sense her gaze as he opened his eyes and met her gaze.

Tang Doudou was the first to smile. "You're awake?"

He had been awake a long time ago, because he hadn't been able to sleep.

Baili Yu propped himself half-up, then lowered his eyes slightly as he pulled Tang Doudou into his arms. "Doudou, where would you like to go the most?"

"Me?" Although she didn't know why Baili Yu would suddenly ask this, she started considering it seriously.

The place she originally wanted to go the most was back home.

However, now that she thought about it, she didn't seem to want to go back as much now, probably because there was a reason for her to stay here. She didn't know how she could face a future without Baili Yu.

But someplace here...

There really wasn't any place in particular that she wanted to go.


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