Chapter 364.2: I Want to Take You Away

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When her face scrunched up, Baili Yu chuckled. "Silly girl, you don't even have a place that you want to go?"

Tang Doudou pouted. "I haven't had a chance to really go anywhere since coming here. I've been rushing around the entire time dealing with things, when did I have the free time to go anywhere fun to play?"

"Somewhere fun to play?" Cang Baicao suddenly pushed open the door and walked in, carrying a bowl of black medicinal soup. "You two are planning to go somewhere?"

"Old Cang, why do you never knock before entering a room!?" Tang Doudou hastily rolled off Baili Yu and ducked into the blankets, her face flushed. This old man was seriously way too disrespectful as a senior, to walk in without even knocking. What if she and Baili Yu were… Pei pei! She hastily shook those thoughts out of her head. "What medicine is that? It stinks.""Heh, you shouldn't show disdain for it just because it smells. It's a miracle medicine that I invested a lot of effort into gathering the ingredients for. I guarantee that once you drink it, you'll be able to jump around again by the next day!" Cang Baicao handed the bowl to Baili Yu. "Baili gongzi, I'll have to trouble you with making sure that this girl drinks it."

"Senior Cang is being too polite." As Baili Yu took the bowl, Cang Baicao sent him a look. Baili Yu immediately understood, then he said softly, "Doudou, come on."

Tang Doudou originally wanted to refuse, but she was tempted by what Cang Baicao said about being able to recover by the next day, so she pinched her nose and chugged the medicine.

A relieved expression appeared on Cang Baicao's face when he saw that she had drunk the medicine obediently. Then he took the empty bowl and left the room.

"Why do I feel sleepy again after just waking up?" Right after Cang Baicao left, Tang Doudou was hit with a wave of sleepiness.

"It's normal to feel sleepy when you're not well. Sleep for a little while longer, I'm going to go ask Senior Cang about curing the poison in your body." Baili Yu got up and tucked Tang Doudou back in before heading out.

For some reason, Tang Doudou had a feeling that he was keeping something secret from her, but she couldn't figure out what it could be.

Her eyelids were barely fending off the pull of gravity, but she didn't want to sleep so she got up, pulled on some clothes, then quietly left the room. The sunlight outside was mild and it was very comfortable on the skin.

Baili Yu and Cang Baicao were in the middle of discussing something when they heard the door open. They turned around and saw that Tang Doudou was standing under the hazy sunlight and seemed very woozy. Baili Yu's face filled with worry and he was about to rush over when Cang Baicao stopped him.

Cang Baicao pulled Baili Yu over to a room to hide. "Mu Ye will definitely look for her. Let's see what he'll say."

"Senior Cang, I want to take a trip out of the valley." Baili Yu abruptly said this after a moment of hesitation.

"Right now?" Cang Baicao was surprised. Hadn't he said that he wouldn't leave Tang Doudou behind? Why did he suddenly decide to leave again?

"I've thought about things. I feel like it would be better to send someone to look for Lan Jia rather than to just sit here without any results. I'm sure that Lan Jia definitely has a way!" This wasn't a sudden idea, he had been thinking about this the entire night. Even if Lan Jia didn't know of a way, the Saint Tribes definitely had related records. If it came to it, he'd just make another trip to Cerulean Mountain.

Cang Baicao considered things. "Although my medicinal expertise is pretty good, my martial arts aren't good at all. Can you really rest easy leaving Doudou by herself here?"

"I'll be back before dark."

"Aren't you heading back to Huai City?"

"There's no need to. However, don't let Mu Ye find out that I'm not here. I'm worried that he'll try to take Doudou away."


Tang Doudou didn't know that Baili Yu had left. After she adjusted to the sunlight and got chilled by the autumn wind, she felt much more alert and wasn't as dazed as before. She walked around the courtyard to look around. It turned out that Cang Baicao's place was actually pretty nice.

Li Xueyi definitely came to this place often, but this was her first time here so she was curious about everything.

There were a lot of blooming herbs in the courtyard with refreshing fragrances. The jade bamboo leaves around made soft rustling noises that were very soothing in combination with the distant birdsongs. Suddenly, Tang Doudou noticed that something pure black was on the roof.

Her eyes lit up and she jumped onto the roof. "Mu Ye, why are you here?"

Then she seemed to recall something and asked, "Have you been following me this entire time?"

Mu Ye glanced over coldly. "Yes."Tang Doudou noticed that his tone was a little off, so she rubbed her chin as she asked, "Did something happen? Are you really going to just leave the Demonic Sect like that and stop managing it?"


"Mu Ye, are you alright?" When she saw that his expression was becoming even more off, she reached out and patted his shoulder with a heartful sigh. "You don't really have any friends, so I'm one of the few you can really talk to. In addition, you've saved me several times before. You can talk to me about anything, it's not like I'll laugh at you."

Mu Ye turned to look seriously at her. "I want to take you away."


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