Chapter 366.1: The Word ‘Emotion’ Can Hurt

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Tang Doudou was sad, but she still nodded and agreed. "Alright!"

Baili Yu forced a smile. In that moment, he had resolved himself to tell Tang Doudou everything. They shouldn't have secrets between them.

Even if there was no physical barrier, secrets would still create an emotional barrier and keep them apart.

He had made all sorts of plans to keep her safe and happy, but the things he concealed from her had ended up hurting her even more. Baili Yu was afraid that if things continued to go on like this, he would lose control of the situation and lose her.

So, it was time to tell her everything.

Now that he thought about it, there was nothing bad about telling her the truth.

He lifted Tang Doudou and wrapped the blanket nearby tightly around her before carrying her out of the room. His flames-like figure flew through the night, out of this small courtyard, and soon, out of Azure Water Valley.

Mu Ye, who had been standing guard on the roof, immediately opened his eyes and made to chase after them.

"Sect Leader Mu, you should just let them go." Cang Baicao's voice appeared from behind him. "In the end, it's still their personal business. They will have to solve it themselves."

Mu Ye still wanted to go.

So Cang Baicao said, "I also have something very important to discuss with you."

Mu Ye didn't seem to hear and left with large strides. No matter what it was, it couldn't be more important than Tang Doudou. If Baili Yu still couldn't bring himself to tell her the truth, then he'll take it upon himself to be the bad person!

Cang Baicao saw his stubborn expression and chuckled. He then sighed and said, "Could it be that you're not interested in where the city lord took Jun Yuner?"The moment he said this, Mu Ye froze as if his feet were nailed to the ground. After a moment, Mu Ye turned around. "You're going to tell me?"

"That's right." Cang Baicao sighed again. "City Lord's actions, from the start, went against the natural order of the world. Back then, I tried to dissuade him several times, but this matter was like taboo to him, he wouldn't let anyone mention it. After suffering losses several times, I didn't dare to mention it again and could only turn a blind eye to his actions."

"However, how much must it cost to revive someone that has died over twenty years ago? It's unimaginable. I've seen him on the brink of giving up several times, but for some reason, he still ended up presevering. Perhaps, it's because this is his only remaining reason for living. You probably also know that he's really lived for too long…" Cang Baicao slowly continued, "You know about these matters, but you probably don't know much about them, right?"Mu Ye answered with silence.

Cang Baicao started walking, so he had no choice but to follow.

"Originally, I should've abide by my promise and taken these things with me to my grave. However, I really can't bear to see you youngsters suffer so much due to the previous generation's hatred and grudges."Doctors should care for their patients as if their patients were their children. Although Cang Baicao had a very quirky personality, he truly had the heart of a doctor. If not for that, he wouldn't have the title of Godly Doctor.

Mu Ye knew what Cang Baicao was talking about and wanted to reply to him, but he wasn't good with words so he could only listen quietly.

He also understood why Cang Baicao chose to tell him about these things. It was because he was good at keeping secrets.

As expected, Cang Baicao then said, "However, I hope that, Sect Leader Mu, you will vow to never tell anyone else about these events."

Mu Ye vowed without hesitation.

Cang Baicao chuckled as he stroked his beard. "You're a good child ah. Do you perhaps remember? Actually, back then, in the Imperial City, we had already met."

Mu Ye frowned slightly. The only people he had impressions of back then was Master and Jun Yuner. He didn't remember anyone else.

Cang Baicao didn't mind that Mu Ye didn't respond. "It's fine, it's fine. After you listen to all of this, you'll understand what exactly happened back then and will know what choice to make."

Mu Ye nodded. "Yes."

The night had already darkened and the chilly autumn wind seemed to carry the scent of loneliness. Jun Xin stood, alone, in the large Plum Garden and gazed up at the bright, pure moon. He seemed to see the person he missed in the moonlight, as his lips curved up slightly.

His thoughts were interrupted by a sudden thud.

He turned around with a frown. When he saw Baili Yiling getting up from the ground and noticed the chest on her back, he asked, "Why are you here?"

Following that, he quickly checked the surroundings and only loosened a breath in relief after ascertaining that there were no abnormalities. He hadn't been idle during this past period of time. He had already managed to get rid of most of the spies Yun Hai had planted here. As of now, everything short of a fly would be inspected carefully before being allowed in.

The tense atmosphere these past couple of months was about to drive him crazy. If it weren't for the fact that he had already invested years of effort into the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce, if it weren't for the fact that this was the place where he had first met that stinkin' woman and that this was the last refuge for her, he would've already washed his hands of this mess and left.Baili Yiling had just gotten a mouthful of dirt, so she spent a few moments patting the places that hurt before getting up and saying, "I came back. If I don't come here, where would I go?"

Jun Xin caught the meanings in what she didn't say and immediately furrowed his brows. "Didn't I send you to get here? You hadn't been able to?"

"When this miss heads out, how could there be anything that this miss can't do?" In reality, she had gotten back quite a while ago. She had been on the wall watching Jun Xin space out. His star-like eyes had been filled with longing. Although that longing was for her sister-in-law, she didn't feel disgusted. Instead, some other strange emotion had emerged in her heart. The entire moment was so strange that she ended up falling off the wall when an annoying wild cat suddenly jumped on her.

From her words, she had probably managed to meet up with Tang Doudou, Baili Yu had also returned after recovering his memories a couple days ago... Jun Xin immediately understood what happened. "Baili Yu took her away?"

"Of course!" Baili Yiling spread her hands helplessly. When she recalled how Jun Xin was spacing out earlier, she asked, "Jun Xin, you really like my sister-in-law, don't you?"

This was the first time someone asked Jun Xin about this point-blank. He became flustered, so he furrowed his brows and shouted, "If you're back, then head back and rest already! What are you climbing walls for? People who don't know the situation would've mistaken you to be a thief, you know! And mind your own business!"

After bursting that out, he flung his sleeves back and made to leave. However, after a few steps, he stopped again.

Baili Yiling was stunned by this sudden onslaught of scolding. However, even more strange was the fact that she didn't get angry and just stared dazedly as Jun Xin stormed away, paused, and turned back.

"And, Feng Long is also a woman. You shouldn't…" Jun Xin didn't finish the rest of these words and just stormed off.

Baili Yiling's jaw dropped. During this time, she had interacted with Feng Long a lot and had started to like Feng Long!

Baili Yiling expressed that she needed someone to save her. This news was seriously too much of a shock!


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