Chapter 366.2: The Word ‘Emotion’ Can Hurt

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"Is it really alright for you to expose my gender just like this?" Feng Long's hypnotic voice came from the direction of the window the moment Jun Xin entered the room.

"There's really a good wind blowing today. You guys were blown back here one after another." Although Jun Xin said this, he didn't seem surprised to see Feng Long and sat down at the table to have a cup of tea. After calming down a little, he said, "Baili Yu has probably taken Tang Doudou to Azure Water Valley. He had mentioned when he got back that Cang Baicao was the one who restored his memories."

Feng Long stayed outside the window. "Is this Master really Master?"

"There's no mistake." Jun Xin drank another cup of tea. Suddenly, he felt that it was really tasteless. How long had it been since he had drunk alcohol? He could barely remember the taste of it now. "Do you have wine?"

Feng Long smiled. She untied the wine pouch from her waist and tossed it to him. "You only drink alcohol when you're in a good mood, or in a bad mood. Let me guess whether you're in a good mood today or a bad mood…"

"There's no need to guess. I'm in a bad mood." Jun Xin pulled out the stopper and took a swig, then rested his head on the table. "Feng Long, say, what is it about me that's not good?"

"You're very good." Feng Long gave a very definite reply.

Jun Xin sighed. "Haha, you're right. I'm very good, but why doesn't she like me?"

"Like, probably isn't something that can be forced." Feng Long's strange eyes turned in his direction. She moved slightly, but didn't enter the room. Instead, she untied the other jug of wine from her waist and took a sip. "Don't you miss how it used to be back then?"

Jun Xin stiffened, then sighed. "What's the use in missing it? What's over is over."

"Yun Hai, he…"

"It's probably because he feels hatred! Baili Yu keeps delaying things and refusing to make a move, so he had no choice but to look for someone else. In the end, Yun Hai isn't the same as us." When Yun Hai was mentioned, Jun Xin's eyes filled with irritation. "But how could he be so heartless! It took me so much resolve back then to go to God Firmament Hall, but in the end, I still hadn't been able to bring myself to betraying our years of friendship."

"As you've said, he's different from us."

"Could it be that you've never thought about…"

"Jun Xin, I'm different from you guys as well." Feng Long interrupted Jun Xin's words. As she gazed up at the moon, her gaze softened. "You're Master's junior brother. Yun Hai had chosen of his own accord to support Master, but I was someone Master picked up and brought back.

"I'm grateful to Master, so I decided a long time ago that my life belonged to him. No matter what you guys do, I won't betray Master. No matter what decision Master makes, I'll still obey him."

"So actually, you're the one who's the most loyal." Jun Xin laughed. Now that he thought about it, he had come back so that Baili Yu could protect Tang Doudou. Everything he did after had been for this purpose as well. Sometimes he would question himself. Had he forgotten about revenge? Had he forgotten what he needed to do?

"It's just that I believe Master won't let us down. I can wait." Feng Long's mild voice was like the gentle autumn wind.

That sentence made Jun Xin's heart move slightly. He looked over towards Feng Long, only to find that she had actually been looking at him this entire time. A strange thought started to form, but he immediately pushed it aside. "I want to pay a visit to Azure Water Valley."

"En, I'll help you."

They had known each other for many years, so there was no need for much words for them to understand what each other was thinking. Feng Long concealed the faint light in her eyes and put her jug of wine away. "Since you've decided to go take a look, you should rest up for the trip. Yun Hai's probably too busy dealing with the Alliance Head Residence to pay attention to us right now. Other than hatred, he also has ambition. He really is quite different from us."

Jun Xin nodded. "Alright. You should go rest early as well."

Feng Long was about to leave when Jun Xin stopped her and said, "Baili Yiling is a good lady."

Feng Long burst out laughing as she glanced over. "Jun Xin, when did you learn to play matchmaker? You shouldn't forget that I'm a lady as well!"

Jun Xin was annoyed. This wasn't what he meant, alright?

He threw the jug of wine towards Feng Long, then walked to the window. "I know that you're both ladies, that's why I'm reminding you not to tease her. The word 'emotion' can hurt."

"The word 'emotion' can hurt?" Feng Long sighed. "Who would've thought that the great Young Master Jun would now know that the word 'emotion' can hurt?"

After she said that, she disappeared into the night like a phantom. However, that sentence seemed to wound itself around Jun Xin's heart and would not disperse.


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