Chapter 367.1: Lullaby

Prodigal Alliance Head


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It was a similarly dark night. The stars filled the sky like a waterfall as the round moon's cool light spilled onto the cliff facing Azure Water Valley.jj

Tang Doudou had a thick blanket wrapped around her and only her bright, water-like eyes were visible as she gazed up at the sparkling stars. Hugging her from behind was Baili Yu, dressed in a flame-like crimson robe, his figure half-hidden by the darkness.

"Is it pretty?" He gently leaned Tang Doudou's head on his chest, then stroked her soft hair.

How could it be not pretty?

The cliff was extremely high. From high elevation, looking up, the sight of the starry sky seemed to fill the world.

"It is pretty, but it's just a little cold." Tang Doudou stated her opinion honestly as she pulled the blanket and wrapped it around Baili Yu as well. Then she snuggled into his broad warm chest and remarked contently, "Now it's much warmer."

Baili Yu glanced down and his long eyelashes seemed to block the light of the stars, casting a shadow on his jade-like skin. The night breeze swept up his black hair, so he pulled her deeper into his arms and called softly, "Doudou."

"Big evil spirit, you have something to tell me, don't you?"


Tang Doudou laughed. "What exactly is it that required you to bring me to such a high place?"

"Let me think about how to start." Baili Yu's voice was mellow and intoxicating. Tang Doudou's heart tickled and she reached out to hug Baili Yu's arm.

"En, I'll wait."

She had already noticed that Baili Yu seemed a little off these past couple of days, but since Baili Yu didn't talk about it, she didn't bring it up either and just waited for the time when he was ready to tell her.

Baili Yu rubbed Tang Doudou's hands. After quite a while, when Tang Doudou's hands were all warm from the rubbing, he finally said, "Doudou, I'm sorry."

"Huh?" Tang Doudou hadn't expected for this to be the first thing out of his mouth. She rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "Baili Yu, actually, you don't have to keep apologizing to me. No matter what you do, I wouldn't blame you."

"Silly girl, could you let me finish first?" Baili Yu turned her head to face him so that their eyes met. Baili Yu then sighed and hugged her again.

"Silly girl, you're pregnant." This sentence seemed to drift out like a breeze and flew almost indiscernibly past Tang Doudou's head.

She was stunned and doubted her ears for a moment. "Hah?"

"It's for real. It's just that both you and the child aren't in a very good state, so I hadn't dared to tell you…"

Tang Doudou who had originally been too stunned to react now jumped up after hearing this. The blanket fell down with her motion. "It's for real? I really, I really… I have a child?"

When Baili Yu saw how stirred up she was, a trace of guilt flashed through his eyes. "Doudou, I really didn't want to keep it from you."

"Aiyah! Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Tang Doudou started pacing back and forth while muttering, "I was wondering why I felt off so lately. I kept telling myself it was nothing, but it turns out that I really am pregnant!"

"I'm about to become a mother?" Since the possibility that she had rejected several times had now been confirmed, the excitement and joy in her heart immediately suppress all other feelings.

"Big evil spirit! I'm not dreaming, am I?"

Baili Yu was a little bewildered by her reaction. She didn't seem to be worrying and didn't seem to blame him for not telling her. She seemed rather… happy?

"Silly girl, you're not dreaming. You are pregnant. It was from that time at Cerulean Mountain, I…"

"S-stop there!" Tang Doudou stomped embarrassedly, then snuggled into Baili Yu's chest again. After getting comfortable, she started gazing into the distance.

"But… that's not right! It's already been five months, why is it still completely flat? Big evil spirit, are you teasing me for fun?"

Baili Yu chuckled and reached out to stroke her cheek. "Silly wife, give me a chance to finish, alright?"

Tang Doudou stuck out her tongue. When she saw Baili Yu's serious expression though, her heart suddenly sank. She seemed to recall something and asked worriedly, "Is there something wrong with the child?"

This slow girl. She had probably tossed everything he said earlier to the back of her head.

Even as he thought this, he started slowly explaining the condition of the child to Tang Doudou.

However, Tang Doudou didn't seem worried after hearing about it and just pushed the problem off to Baili Yu. "Big evil spirit, I believe in you. You'll definitely be able to protect both me and the child!"

She actually trusted him this much? She didn't hesitate in the least!

Tang Doudou's response stunned Baili Yu, but following that, a strong conviction filled his heart. He grasped Tang Doudou's hand tightly. HIs tone was light as the clouds, but the conviction within it was firm as steel. "En. As long as I'm here, both of you will be fine!"

Tang Doudou laughed. "You know, I had been so worried because of that grim look on your face!"

Actually, Tang Doudou had realized that things were very serious from when Baili Yu started talking. When it occurred to her that he had been enduring all of this on his own the entire time, her heart ached. Why was he so dumb?

It wasn't his fault, but he had taken all the burden by himself.

So to lessen his worry, Tang Doudou decided to act as if she was unconcerned.

"Hehe, we have Senior Cang too. He's a godly doctor, so he'll definitely have a way."

Baili Yu replied with 'en.' There were still some things he wanted to say, but could not word.

However, he was relieved to see that Tang Doudou wasn't that upset. He lowered his eyes to take in her sweet smile, then pinched her nose gently and said, "It's getting cold so let's head back."

"Let's go play tomorrow! The valley's so boring." Tang Doudou's eyes flashed with a crafty scheme as she wrapped her arms around Baili Yu's neck.

Baili Yu paused and asked, "Where do you want to go?"

"Any small town is fine as long as it's lively!" Tang Doudou giggled.

"Alright. Let's go rest as soon as we get back and we'll leave early tomorrow morning."


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