Chapter 367.2: Lullaby

Prodigal Alliance Head


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"Big evil spirit, you're not going back to deal with the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce? What exactly is going on with Yun Hai? And that Flowing Clouds Palace, Gu Xun… The more I think about these things, the more confused I get." She looked up at the moon as she told Baili Yu about encountering the Xiao family brothers. "Was that Xiao Siyuan telling the truth? Is the Xiao family trustworthy?"

Baili Yu understood that she was purposefully coming up with topics to talk about, so he followed along and answered, "Jun Xin's at the Chamber of Commerce so it'll be fine."

"But the last time I went back, Jun Xin seemed to be in a tight spot. Can he really handle it?""Yun Hai won't actually try to destroy the Chamber of Commerce for real. He just wants to borrow some things."

When Tang Doudou heard this, she realized that the situation was even more complicated than she had thought. She had heard that Blood Fiend Jun Xin, Godspeed Yun Hai, and Demon Blade Feng Long were Baili Yu's subordinates. However, from the looks of it now, it was more than that, Jun Xin was Baili Yu's junior brother. Feng Long was the most mysterious. Tang Doudou didn't have a good impression of those strange eyes. As for Yun Hai, she had seen him a couple times and he definitely didn't seem to be simple.

"Yun Hai had come to look for me seven years ago of his own initiative. Back then, my Disseminating Tassel Fragrance had flared up, but I needed Phoenix Blood Herb to treat it."

"He brought you Phoenix Blood Herb?"

"En. He only had one request, which was to join the Chamber of Commerce."

"Phoenix Blood Herb is really hard to get, right?" The Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce had already become famous seven years ago and had amassed quite a lot of influence and wealth. The fact that Yun Hai had been able to get something that even the Chamber of Commerce hadn't been able to get, and that he only wanted to join the Chamber of Commerce in exchange was definitely strange.

"Although the Phoenix Blood Herb isn't that precious of an ingredient, it's very hard to obtain because the place where it grows is very precarious. Normal people have no way of getting to such places. However, Yun Hai just happened to know the Art of Clouds Stride, so it wasn't difficult for him to get Phoenix Blood Herb."

So it was like this. Tang Doudou nodded. "Then why did he insist on joining the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce? Could it have been for this? He had planned this from the start seven years ago? Wow, isn't he a little too good at scheming?"

"Yun Hai is different from Jun Xin and Feng Long, he’s very shrewd. However, he had helped me a lot after joining the Chamber of Commerce. In the past, Jun Xin would never deal with the matters and Feng Long was in charge of things unrelated to the Chamber of Commerce, so these past seven years, it was Yun Hai that had helped me manage the Chamber of Commerce. About five months ago, last year, he said that he wanted to investigate the Saint Tribes. In the end, once he set off, there was no more news from him."

"I still don't really get it." Tang Doudou scratched her head. From what Baili Yu said, it sounded like Yun Hai had been planning something from the start. However, Baili Yu wasn't the type that couldn't read a person, so there was no way that he hadn't noticed this?

Baili Yu smiled. "That's normal. After all, I'm still confused as well."

"Huh?" It's normal that she didn't get it, but how come Baili Yu also didn't get it?

"Yun Hai isn't simple. Although I've always been slightly suspicious of him, I was never able to figure out what exactly he wanted to do. Later on, some small problems surfaced, so if it weren't for the fact that Feng Long told me he went missing, I wouldn't have known that he had disappeared for so long."

"He went missing?"

"I thought that he had been kidnapped by the people of the Saint Tribes. Unexpectedly, he suddenly returned again like this." Baili Yu's tone changed slightly. "It's only now that I finally understand what he wants."

"What does he want?" asked Tang Doudou reflexively.

Baili Yu glanced towards her. "The world."

Yun Hai actually had that big of an ambition?

Tang Doudou licked her lips. "He, on his own, wants to obtain the world?"

"He's very skilled with schemes. Not only did he secretly instigate internal strife among the Seven Great Saint Tribes, he had polarized the opinions between Cloud City and the Martial Arts Alliance. He had managed to do all of this right behind my back." Baili Yu laughed. "Just based on this, it's enough to say that he's much more amazing than me."

Tang Doudou refused to accept it and puffed up her cheeks. "That's because you had weak health!"

She had heard from Ye Chuan that because Baili Yu's health wasn't good, he spent most of his time sleeping and didn't have much time to deal with work matters. Most of the time, it was his subordinates that carried out the necessary tasks. Baili Yu was only responsible for making the correct decisions.

Baili Yu smiled as he rubbed her head. "I was a step short. There's no need to find excuses on my behalf."

He had been able to hide his true intentions while being in the Chamber of Commerce for seven years. Just this patience was something that no ordinary person would be able to match. Yun Hai was truly the strongest opponent he had ever encountered.

"Alright, let's stop talking about these unhappy topics!" No woman liked it when their man lost to another man, and Tang Doudou was the same. In addition, she found Yun Hai disgusting since he hadn't even shown himself and was stirring up so much strife from the shadows. He actually wanted to take over the world by manipulating things from the shadows? Tang Doudou hated people who schemed like rats.

She preferred people like Baili Yu who were unbridled and domineering more. At the very least, they didn't try to shadily hide their actions.

Baili Yu pushed open the door to the room and set Tang Doudou down before lying down next to her. As he patted her head, he said, "Go to sleep, we're heading out to play tomorrow, so you'll need to rest well. Don't end up falling asleep while walking."

Tang Doudou was very sleepy. She had already started nodded off outside, but she forced herself to stay alert and blinked her eyes with a crafty smile. "What if I can't fall asleep?"

"You can't fall asleep?" Baili Yu received the message and smiled as he leaned over her and gently kissed her cheek. "Wife…"

Pei pei! This wasn't what she meant, alright?

Tang Doudou reached out to stop Baili Yu with an awkward expression. She licked her lips, then explained, "I-I want to hear a lullaby."


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