Chapter 368.1: Palace Head Fu

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Baili Yu's smile stiffened. A lullaby?

"Cough. So do you know any?" Tang Doudou couldn't help but laugh when she saw the expression on his face. Just imaging the scene of him earnestly trying to sing a lullaby to her was funny.

"I do." Although he didn't know what a lullaby was, it wouldn't be difficult to sing something to coax her to sleep.

Now it was Tang Doudou's turn to be stunned. Was Baili Yu really not a transmigrator? He even knows lullabies?

However, she soon found out that she was overthinking, because he started humming a tune that she didn't know. The soft melody combined with the languid sound of his low voice was hypnotic. She soon felt another strong wave of sleepiness and her eyes, against her will, closed.

Outside the window, Cang Baicao and Mu Ye stopped watching at this point.

Cang Baicao glanced over at Mu Ye's expressionless face, then said with a laugh, "You underestimate that girl too much."

"This is the antidote to the poison." Mu Ye has never been the type to speak superfluously. He tossed the antidote to Cang Baicao, then turned to leave.

"You're going to look for relative's blood?"


"Would you listen to this old man for a moment?" Cang Baicao stroked his bread.

After hearing what Cang Baicao said earlier, Mu Ye had decided that he was a kindhearted elder worthy of respect, so when Cang Baicao said this, he stopped walking and said, "Senior, please speak."

"I already mentioned earlier that it isn't easy to talk reason with the city lord. If you head there rashly like this, you probably won't be able to obtain the relative's blood you need and would just end up severely injured or killed." When Cang Baicao saw that Mu Ye was about to speak, he interrupted with a smile, "I know you want to say that you don't mind. You might not care about death, but if you die, there'll be no one to help Tang Doudou get relative's blood. So, are you certain about this?"

Mu Ye was silent for a moment, then he asked, "Senior, you have a method?"

"The only method is to bring Tang Doudou to the city lord. Doudou is Jun Yuner's daughter. Back then, when that old man Tang knelt outside Cloud City with the girl, if it weren't for the fact that the city lord saw the birthmark on Tang Doudou's shoulder in his despairing state, why would he have done so much for this girl?"

Cang Baicao walked towards Mu Ye. "His heart is currently deceived by the hope of reviving Jun Yuner, but there's no way he would let Doudou die right in front of him."

Mu Ye nodded, then the main problem occurred to him. "Baili Yu won't allow me to take her."

"Isn't that simple? Just go together!"

Mu Ye's cold eyes lit up, then he actually smiled slightly. "Many thanks, Senior."

"Young man, you should head back to rest as well! Be good to your body, otherwise you'll regret it once you get older! Cough cough…" Cang Baicao hammered his back as he walked away. Every word he said was deeply imprinted on Mu Ye. When it occurred him that in the future, he would be the one that had to carry all of these secrets alone, the rare smile on his face faded again. In the moonlit night, he took out the Green Bone Phoenix Lamps that he had collected, then took out the smallest one. Tilting it towards the moon, he gently blew on it and it started emitting a faint light, causing Mu Ye's usually stiff expression to seem gentler.

If Jun Xin had been present, he would've recognized the true Green Bone Phoenix Lamp with one glance.

Mu Ye put away the lamp and his eyes turned thoughtful. Why exactly was Tang Doudou collecting these lamps?

And why was it that though the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance had gone through so many changes, she hadn't recovered any of her past memories?

Now that he thought about it, it was very strange. Could it be that she wasn't Li Xueyi?

He recalled the first time he saw her in Rutaceae Pavilion. Before that, when he got that mysterious commission, she hadn't approached him with the identity of Li Xueyi and had come to him masked and dressed in black.

Then, after she got to Rutaceae Pavilion, she lost her memories…

He was the one that knew about the situation at that time the most clearly.

She had drank the Tendons Softening Powder and passed out. When she woke up, that was when she seemed completely different.

What exactly had she experienced while she was unconscious?

No one knew that the reason he was following Tang Doudou, aside from the fact that he was the guardian of the Xuanyuan Tribe and had feelings for Tang Doudou, was because he wanted to figure out what exactly had happened to Li Xueyi that night in Rutaceae Pavilion.

The sun was very bright the next morning and the autumn wind was refreshing.

Baili Yu drove a carriage out of Azure Water Valley. Tang Doudou lay snug in the carriage and allowed the wind to caress her face.

Her expression was also very smug.

How could she not be smug?

She smirked as she blew on her nails. They should take a look at who was driving her carriage. He was the wealthiest individual in the world, the famous Resplendent Prince! A single tap from him would shake up the entire martial arts community, he was Baili Yu!

Someone this amazing had ended up falling to the level of driving a carriage for her. How could she not be smug and happy?

"Baili Yu? Big evil spirit?" This time, they hadn't put on human skin masks, but Tang Doudou wasn't worried since Baili Yu's martial arts were so strong. What worried her was that Baili Yu had always been the one taken care of by others. However, now he had to look after all her needs. Did he not find this change uncomfortable?

"What is it, Wife?" Baili Yu swung the whip again. He had of course, noticed that nefarious smile hanging around her lips ever since they left Azure Water Valley. However, he had no idea what she was planning this time.

"Do you think I'm fierce? Very oppressive? Very unreasonable and crass?"

Baili Yu burst out laughing. "Why is Wife asking this?"

"That doesn't matter, just answer!" Tang Doudou glanced towards his face and couldn't help but be captivated. She patted her stomach softly. Baby ah, look, your dad is so good-looking and your mom is this beautiful. If you're ugly, do you have the nerve to come out?

Baili Yu didn't know that his child had already been threatened by his mom before he was even born. It was already mean of them not to let him grow up, but he wasn't allowed to come out if he turned out to be ugly? How could this not be oppressive, fierce, and unreasonable?

If the child could reply for Baili Yu, he'd definitely voice his complaints tearfully.


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