Chapter 368.2: Palace Head Fu

Prodigal Alliance Head


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However, sadly, Baili Yu didn't know this ah. He was thinking of how a certain little rascal had taken a few bites of him and caused him to be infatuated with her ever since…

"Wife is very gentle, cute, magnanimous and wise…"

"Stop, stop!" Tang Doudou hastily interrupted Baili Yu's prepared speech of praise and moved to the door of the carriage. "Baili Yu, what about our mutual trust? With the relation we have, is there a need to fake things this way? You should just tell me straight out that I'm unreasonable, crass, and fierce."

If he really said that, they probably wouldn't be able to finish the rest of today's trip.

Baili Yu lowered his eyes to look towards her. His intoxicating voice spilled out softly, "Everything this husband said earlier were simple truths, but if Wife doesn't believe, there's nothing I can do!"

"Aiyah, this sweet little mouth! Hurry and come give this daddy a kiss!"


"Baili Yu, can't you be a little more reserved?" Tang Doudou blushed when she saw him drop the reins to enter the carriage. However, she had to admit that she really did love this evil spirit!

"Aaah!" Just as the two were bickering playfully, there suddenly came a cry from outside the carriage. They were currently on the streets so the horse might've crashed into someone. When this occured to Tang Doudou, she hastily lifted the curtain to take a look.

Baili Yu also reacted quickly and pulled the reins on the horse while looking towards the road.

They got a clear look at the person at almost the exact same time. The person had fallen onto the ground, in a seemingly disheveled state. The first thing that came into sight were those dazzling white blossoms, then the delicate and sweet little face. Wasn't she that Fu Yunliu, Palace Head Fu?

The visitor didn't harbor good intentions, so she wasn't going to be kind either.

Tang Doudou raised her brows slightly, then patted Baili Yu's back and jumped off the carriage. She jogged over to Fu Yunliu and exclaimed, "Aiyah, little lady, I truly apologize. This animal is seriously blind. Where did you get hurt?"

Fu Yunliu was originally planning to accuse them of knocking her over while they were still stunned, but Tang Doudou had reacted faster than she had anticipated and came over to help her up before she even had a chance to speak. She could only pat her chest in a frightened way and say, "No, I'm fine. I didn't get hurt, I just got a fright."

Tang Doudou said, "Aiy, young lady, you sure get frightened easily. The streets are full of carriages and there are horses everywhere. If you're like this, wouldn't you get scared everywhere you go?"

Fu Yunliu furrowed her brows. She covered her mouth and coughed softly. "Madam, you're misunderstanding. I only got frightened by your horse."

"My horse?" Tang Doudou patted Little Bell and smiled. "Little lady, you're arguing that you don't get frightened easily? My family's Little Bell is handsome and gentle while all the other horses either look spirited or temperamental. How could my horse be frightening?"

"Madam, you're still misunderstanding. I'm not saying that this horse looks frightening. It's just that I was walking earlier and this horse had suddenly rushed over…"

"Oh, so it was like that!" Tang Doudou glanced around at the crowd that had gathered. "Then my family's horse really has caused trouble."

"Lady, how about this? Since my horse frightened you, I'll give you some money so that you can buy something nourishing to eat and calm down?" There were plenty of people on the street but only this one person had been frightened by her horse.

From the looks of it, Fu Yunliu wasn't trying to swindle money.

Tang Doudou recalled that she seemed to be working together with Yun Hai, so she decided to make Fu Yunliu suffer a little. After all, there was no way she could let them off for bullying her family's big evil spirit!

When her thoughts got to this point, she looked at Fu Yunliu's attire and said, "Lady, you're traveling somewhere?"

There was no way Fu Yunliu could guess everything that Tang Doudou had considered in those few moments. She had come to try and see if Baili Yu had recovered his memories, but unexpectedly, Baili Yu hadn't shown his face at all. After pulling on the reins, he just sat down quietly and waited for Tang Doudou to finish dealing with it.

Then, there was the fact that Tang Doudou was speaking too fast, so she didn't have time to mull over the meaning contained within those words at all. Tang Doudou shouldn't know her, but her words clearly contained hostility. Fu Yunliu found this baffling.

However, she responded without a trace of unnaturalness. "I am traveling somewhere. I was just thinking about something earlier, that's why I ended up being frightened by the horse. There's no need to worry about it, Madam."

"How can I do that?" Tang Doudou reached out and slapped her shoulder. Fu Yunliu was reflexively about to use inner strength to guard against it, but then quickly stopped, so she ended up taking the full force of the blow and fell weakly towards a tree.

Her face paled as she asked, "Madam, what do you mean by this?"

Tang Doudou spread her hands innocently. "I didn't do anything? I just wanted to say that there's no need for you to be polite. Since my horse frightened you, of course we must compensate you. It's difficult for a woman to make her way about the Jianghu on her own, how could I take unfair advantage of you?"

As she said that, she took out some loose silver and pressed them into Fu Yunliu's hand. "It's still best for ladies to stay at home and obediantly study the feminine arts in preparation to get married. Don't run around so much. If you get traumatized by some horse or dog, it'd be terrible!"

Fu Yunliu looked at the loose silver left in her hand with a bewildered expression. She seriously didn't understand what Tang Doudou's motive was. Just as she was about to try and probe for more information, she saw Tang Doudou wave towards her before jumping onto the carriage and leaving.

She left in such a rush. Could it be… that she was worried about something being discovered?


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