Chapter 369.1: Arrogant Appearance

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Fu Yunliu wasn't the only one confused by her actions, Baili Yu was too.

Ever since she had quickly leaped off the carriage and started rapidly talking, he had been wondering what exactly she was trying to do.


"Hehe, there's no need to ask. You'll understand why in a bit!" Tang Doudou rubbed her chin thoughtfully, then threw the reins to Baili Yu and kicked him slightly. "Hey hey, don't try to slack off! Drive the carriage!"

Since the reason they had headed out today was so that she could have fun, Baili Yu didn't really mind as long as she was happy.

So he took the reins with a smile and continued driving the carriage towards the town.

However, they encountered trouble at the entrance to the garrison.

As of now, their wanted posters were up in every corner of the country. The fact that they tried to enter the garrison without even bothering to try and hide their identities were clearly slapping the imperial court's face.

So when the two of them appeared at the entrance of the garrison, their carriage was immediately surrounded tightly on all sides. However, no one dared to actually attack them.

Everyone knew that these two were no pushovers. If they were at a large city, they could use numbers as an advantage, but there was no way a little garrison like them have enough numbers.

The leading guard knew that things wouldn't get anywhere if they just stood here like this, so he shouted, "Y-you two! Get out here!"

Tang Doudou lifted the curtain and leaned against the side of the carriage as she glanced towards that guard. With a faint smile, she asked, "What would I get out for? Big Bro Official, are you going to invite me to tea?"

Baili Yu had already said earlier that the only thing they had to worry about was getting rid of the imperial court's arrest orders. If they didn't get rid of them, it'd be troublesome whenever they wanted to go somewhere.

Tang Doudou already came to understand this through first-hand experience. If it weren't for these people blocking their way everywhere they went, they would've been able to get back to Huai City ages ago and wouldn't have had to go through all this trouble.

The guard was irritated by her impudent and fearless manner, but he didn't dare to express it. He wasn't dumb. Although he was someone of the imperial court, the person in front of him was a martial arts expert that was capable of crushing him with a single finger. He had only stepped out to go through the necessary formalities, otherwise it'd be hard to explain things to the higher ups.

At the same time, he was trying his luck for the off chance that they would listen and not resist…

The latter thought was clearly the guard being too fanciful. After he heard what Tang Doudou said, he also realized that there was no way that they'd cooperate. However, he had already stated things, so he couldn't very well take his words back and could only press on. "E-enough! I suspect you two of being t-the c-criminals wanted by the imperial court! Get off the carriage and cooperate with the investigation! If you're not, we'll let you guys go. If you are, then… then…"

"Then what?" Tang Doudou jumped off the carriage and pulled off the portrait pinned to the bulletin board. "You're talking about the two people in these drawings? They're wanted criminals?"

The guard nodded. "That's right, that's them."

Tang Doudou held the portrait up next to her face, then asked, "Is it similar?"

The guard hastily shook his head. What was with this great aunt ah? She was comparing her looks to the portrait of a man, how could it be similar?

Tang Doudou then pulled off her portrait, lifted the curtain of the carriage, then held up the portrait next to Baili Yu's devilish yet celestial-like face and asked, "Do they look alike?"

The guard was about to cry, especially when he saw that faint smile on Baili Yu's face. For some reason, he couldn't get the words 'Lady, you got the portraits mixed up' out.

However, Tang Doudou continued on by herself and tossed the portraits to the side. "Right? How could such ugly drawings be us?"

This remark finally jolted the guard back to his senses. She was giving him a way out of what he said earlier!

When he realized this, he hastily nodded and stopped even looking at them. "That's right, that's right, it's not you two. It's definitely not you two, I must have been mistaken…"

"Since it's not us, we'll be heading in!" Aiy, this was the benefit of having strong backing! If it weren't for the fact that Baili Yu was in the carriage and the fact that he told her she could make as much trouble as she wanted and he'd clean it up, there was no way she'd dare to do this!

However, she was extremely good at faking an imposing manner! Once the guards made way for them, Tang Doudou patted Baili Yu's arm and said, "Let's go!"

Baili Yu smiled. Although he didn't understand why Tang Doudou was doing this, but he was happy to see her happy.

After they entered the city, the guard hastily sent for people to notify the county magistrate. They were a tiny garrison, there was no way they'd be able to deal with such infamous criminals. The county magistrate immediately sent for someone to rush to a nearby large city for help. Not long later, several of the large powers got wind of this news.

Baili Yu and Li Xueyi who had been gone for near four months had reappeared again, together.

And they had even shown up without even bothering to disguise themselves. The people concerned soon got these reports from their subordinates. Those two have always had very unusual styles and this sounded like their style. Those two truly have come back, it seems.

In Green Maple City, Yun Hai released the white pigeon and unrolled the secret message. After reading it, he smiled and turned to gaze into the distance. It seemed that it was about to time find him and have another conversation.


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