Chapter 369.2: Arrogant Appearance

Prodigal Alliance Head


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In Ebbs Garrison, although many people witnessed the incident at the entrance of the garrison, no one in the garrison knew who Tang Doudou and Baili Yu were. The sight of the beautiful couple strolling on the streets attracted many looks.

In a small garrison like this, it was already rare for there to be someone good-looking, so they've never seen people as beautiful as this.

In the end, every time Tang Doudou saw something she liked and was about to have Baili Yu buy it for her, the shop owner would directly gift it to her and refuse to accept any money. It was to the point that she didn't even dare to look at the goods anymore. She glanced, annoyed, towards Baili Yu who had been accompanying her without saying much this whole time. She sighed, then said, "How about we go somewhere else?"

Baili Yu rubbed her hair dotingly. "Alright."

So the two headed to the nearby West Wind City in a grandiose manner. They caused another ruckus at the city gates, then entered the city without much trouble. After they entered, Tang Doudou discovered that West Wind City was actually not much smaller than Huai City and there were a lot of people from the martial arts community. There were even quite a few people that she recognized.

Tang Doudou then glanced behind the carriage. "Huh? Why didn't that Palace Head Fu follow us?"

"Wife seems to really like Palace Head Fu?" Unexpectedly, this was how Baili Yu responded.

When Tang Doudou recalled Fu Yunliu's abundant figure, she was struck with envy again. She mentally measured her little meat buns against those surging waves and shook her head. "I don't like her. Her figure's too good, I can't help but envy."

"Her figure is good?" asked Baili Yu.

Baili Yu never wasted words, so the fact that he asked this twice meant that there was something he was trying to point out. Tang Doudou asked, "Hey, big evil spirit, what's with all those questions? Could it be that you like her? You know, actually, that's not unreasonable. After all, Fu Yunliu's figure really is impressive, even a woman like me is tempted and you're a normal man after all. So it's fine. If you like her, you should just be brave and admit it! I won't mind!"

Did he sound like he meant that?

Baili Yu was made speechless by Tang Doudou's ability to fly off the normal trail of thought. He was a normal man, but he would only be interested in normal women, and he would only be interested in the woman he liked… When his thoughts reached this point, he chuckled. He had almost been led into the gutter by this girl.

But in short, he would never have any interest in someone like Fu Yunliu.

"Silly girl." Baili Yu sighed. "I've encountered Fu Yunliu a long time ago. She's also someone of the Saint Tribes."

"No way?" It was now Tang Doudou's turn to be dumbfounded. When she first got here and started hearing about the Seven Great Saint Tribes, it had always been whispers here and there. Hardly anyone had known of their existence, but now there were people of the Saint Tribes everywhere.

"Do you remember that Mandate of Heaven's Child?"

Tang Doudou nodded, then shook her head. "Fu Yunliu and Yuner? You have better not say that they're related."

"Fifteen years ago, the young son of the prime minister's family was only three years old. When he headed out to play with servants, someone kidnapped him. He was found three months later, but he had become dumb and could not grow like a normal child. Hence, he had been disregarded by the prime minister's family all the way until now."

"How did you find out about something that happened so long ago?"

"It's easy to find out about things like this, you just have to ask around a little." Baili Yu said with a smile, "In addition, I had experienced this myself as well. I was only around four back then as well. I had left Wind Cloud Island with Master. We heard that a strange person had appeared and was kidnapping boys that were around the age of three. Master didn't mind and just continued rushing to Huai City with me. Just when we were about to reach Huai City, an accident happened."

"You were kidnapped?" Tang Doudou's eyes went wide. She was surprised that someone actually dared to kidnap Baili Yu in front of his master, but at the same time, she was inwardly laughing. Back then, Baili Yu had definitely been tiny. Otherwise, why would he have been kidnapped even though the kidnapper was targeting children of around three?

There was no way Baili Yu would know that she was thinking off tangent again. He nodded with a smile. "Master was very angry when I got kidnapped. He usually didn't meddle in the affairs of the Jianghu, but that time, he persistently hunted down the strange man and traced his whereabouts to the Seven Great Saint Tribes. While he was at it, he found that strange person's base and saved several thousand children. In that group, there was a child called Yuner."

"Oh! So you and Yuner are actually old acquaintances?"

Baili Yu's gaze turned slightly more serious and he glanced towards Tang Doudou meaningfully. "Why don't you ask about Fu Yunliu? I haven't mentioned her at all yet."

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. "I'm waiting for you to confess of your own volition."

"Wife, I think, before I confess, I should teach you a proper lesson."

"What lesson?"

"A lesson about men and women!" Baili Yu smirked as he looked over her. With a teasing tone, he said, "Wife should learn properly what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman so that you don't confuse the genders again. Otherwise, other people would laugh if they find out."

Tang Doudou covered her chest with both hands. Then her eyes narrowed slightly. She caught the meaning in Baili Yu's words, but she wasn't certain. "You're saying…"

"Aaah! It's a murder!"

Just as Tang Doudou was about to ask the crucial question, there came blood-curdling screams and the sounds of people running for their lives.

"What happened?" It was quite a large ruckus, so Tang Doudou's expression turned serious.

Baili Yu indicated for her not to panic and patted her stomach before saying, "I'll go take a look."

He quickly lifted the curtain and took in the situation, then sat back down.

"Did someone really die?" Tang Doudou went up and grabbed his arm nervously.

Baili Yu nodded.

"Are they targetting us?" If she knew earlier that they'd end up in this much trouble, she wouldn't have come to the city and would've just stayed in the little garrisons instead!

"No. From the looks of it, it's related to Palace Head Fu. We should just watch." Following that, a red light flashed beneath Baili Yu's sleeve and a small door opened on the side of the carriage. He carried Tang Doudou and flew out of the carriage, landing on top of the nearby building.

The street was now mostly empty with only a few random things tumbling around on the ground and the disfigured corpse.

"That person's…!" When Tang Doudou got a look at that corpse, she covered her mouth in shock.


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