Chapter 371.1: Outside the Door

Prodigal Alliance Head


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Mu Ye left.

After giving a couple 'en's, he ran off without even giving Tang Doudou a chance to say goodbye.

Tang Doudou stared at the skull for a while, then finally realized that she had accepted it without even putting up a pretense of rejecting it. Could it be that she was, by nature, someone that liked to gain small advantages?

It was seriously shameless.

Or was it that she subconsciously thought that she needed these hidden guards right now, that's why…

There was no point thinking about it since she had already accepted it. From the sounds of it, Mu Ye had disbanded the Demonic Sect for her and he was serious about giving these hidden guards to her… But then again, Mu Ye had said that he was the guardian of the Xuanyuan Tribe. He was always helping her out with everything, although she felt that there was no reason for Mu Ye to help her so much. And at the same time, due to all his doings, it was hard not to overthink his intentions.

Hopefully he'd forgive her for being so shameless right now.

But who asked him to never say things clearly?

It was also just in time as well. She was lacking trusted aides…

Tang Doudou put away the skull and walked out. The courtyard was still empty except for those two boys who were in charge of guarding the doors. At this current moment, they were gasping for breath while staring at her.

"Xiao Ren, Xiao Yi, good morning!" Tang Doudou greeted the two with a smile.

Heh, this was the definition of it was hard to demand and take after being fed by another person.

In the past, these two didn't really treat her with a good attitude and would often ignore her, but due to the allure of her cooking, these two decisively abandoned their dignity and started flattering and fawning upon her. Even today, when this happened, they chose to use all their strength to keep those people outside rather than go knock on her door.

Standing on the right of the door, was the tall Xiao Yi who had very clean looks. When he saw that she still had the mood to greet them so cheerfully, his expression filled with helplessness. "Lady Doudou, you had better head out."

Tang Doudou nodded. "I'm about to head out."

On the left was the short and plump Xiao Ren. When he heard this, he reached out to push the door but Tang Doudou walked over and stopped him.

Xiao Yi's expression which had just relaxed became tense again. "Lady Doudou, you're?"

"Right now, I need to prepare a little, so I'll head out later." Tang Doudou smiled towards them mysteriously, which baffled them. Xiao Ren was especially confused. Although he didn't like to speak, he was filled with tricks.

Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi were twins, so whenever Xiao Ren was up to something, Xiao Yi would immediately realize it.

Xiao Ren was thinking that Tang Doudou was definitely scared of heading out, but the situation outside really was quite frightening. If it weren't for the fact that the people outside were worried about offending the godly doctor Cang Baicao, they definitely would've already rushed in.

Xiao Yi immediately understood what Xiao Ren meant to do and asked, "Why? If you don't head out now and they get even more angry, wouldn't it be worse?"

They had been able to hear most of it from behind the door. Those people said that they were here to bring her back so that she would continue being the alliance head. However, the truth was, there were a lot of troublesome matters that they wanted to push off to Tang Doudou.

They were also split into several factions. Two of the large ones supported having Tang Doudou continue as the alliance head. There was also a faction that was against it, but that faction was subdivided into like seven groups. In short, things were too complicated to figure out just by listening.

"Why? Of course it's thanks to you two!" Tang Doudou continued smiling mysteriously. This sentence was actually true. She really needed to thank them. If it weren't for the fact that they were here to block the doors, she really would've walked out just now.

But now… She really didn't need to trouble herself.

Xiao Ren and Xiao Yi were made even more confused. In the end, they shared a glance and decided to just ignore her. The valley master had said to allow her to do whatever she wanted in Azure Water Valley as long as she didn't try to destroy the valley.

Usually, Tang Doudou would continue teasing these two kids, but she wasn't in the mood for it right now. She pressed her ear against the crack in the door and was nearly made deaf by someone's booming voice.

"Is there a side door?" Tang Doudou endured the racket and listened for a while. She couldn't hear the other people, but she recognized Elder Yu's voice. She wasn’t surprised. Rather, she would've found it strange if he wasn't here.

Xiao Yi pointed the way. "There is one, but you'd have to walk all the way around the valley to get back to this side."

"Where is it?"

"You get out from this side, take a left turn and pass through two corridors, then take a right turn and head through the small door…"

Apologies, she was slightly directionally-challenged ah!

Da fudge? She probably wouldn't be able to make her way back even if she took the whole day.

"Lady Doudou, you're going the wrong way. It's this way!"

If she walked that way, she wouldn't be able to find her way back! It seemed that she'd have to rely on herself during the crucial time! When she got back to the room, she rummaged through the chest to find the human skin mask she used earlier. After putting it on her face, she changed into the gray hemp garments and headed over to have Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren open the door.

"We're really about to open the door now?" Although she had put on a human skin mask, she would definitely be questioned since she walked out from this door. At that time, what would she say?

In addition, what was she planning by heading out this way?

Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren shared a confused glance.

"Stop wasting time and open the door already!" The two kids thought about it, then came to the conclusion that there was no need to fear puberty causing hormonal imbalance, what really should be feared was the start of menopause!

Xiao Ren sent Xiao Yi a look, then they slowly pushed the door open.


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