Chapter 371.2: Outside the Door

Prodigal Alliance Head


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People, it was a sea of people.

After pushing the door open, they saw that there were people as far as the eye could see. Although they had been able to hear the disturbance from inside, actually seeing such a crowd was an entirely different matter.

This was the only inhabited area in Azure Water Valley. Originally, the path here went through a very narrow bamboo forest, but that forest could no longer be seen. Instead, the area was filled with human figures dressed in various colors that were a bit glaring to look at under the scorching sunlight.

That was right, she had been blinded by these people.

Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren had peeked at the situation outside through the crack in the door earlier, but they hadn't seen the situation this clearly. After glancing outside, the two quickly pushed Tang Doudou, then slammed the door shut without hesitation.


It hadn't been loud, but everyone present heard it. No one had noticed when the door opened, but when the door closed, the sound attracted their attention and they all looked over at Tang Doudou.

An old lady?

Everyone was taken aback when they got a clear look at the person. Why was it an old lady? However, when they took a closer look, she really did seem to be an old lady! They had traveled all the way here from Huai City and waited here under the scorching sun for an entire afternoon only to see an old lady?

Some people's expressions turned unfriendly as they scrutinized Tang Doudou. There were quite a few that were suspicious.

With so many scorching gazes trying to examine her, she naturally used her strongest skill of being shameless and ignored all these looks. Without any expression on her face, she started feeling her way forward while keeping her eyes fixed in one direction.

"She's blind!"

"Could she be acting?"

"I feel like it's likely!"

The sound of discussions soon appeared after a moment of silence.

Tang Doudou didn't mind. It would be strange if they didn't suspect her. She would only be able to shed these suspicions after they suspected her and reality proved their suspicions wrong. After that, she'd be able to listen and find the information she needed.

"Grannie?" After watching her walk for a while, someone finally couldn't stand just watching anymore. A sweet beautiful female voice appeared in front of her. Tang Doudou could see that that it was a quite beautiful woman. She used the standard way to check if someone was blind on Tang Doudou, which was, waving her hand in front of Tang Doudou's eyes.

Tang Doudou, of course, ignored her and continued walking without reacting to that woman at all.

"Looks like she's not only blind, she's also deaf!" Someone shouted.

"Azure Water Valley is a medical valley. It's normal for them to take in crippled old people. Alright, stop watching her and let's just continue the discussion!" suggested someone.

However, another person quickly refuted, "No way. Who knows if she isn't Li-, Alliance Head Li in disguise? Everyone knows that Alliance Head Li is very strange in her ways and often does unpredictable things."

"Then we should probably ask Bai gongzi," said someone in a meaningful way.

"Bai gongzi, see that blind and deaf grandma over there. Is she Alliance Head Li?"

Aiyah, Bai Feiyun was here too?

Tang Doudou originally wanted to glance around and see where Bai Feiyun was, but then it occurred to her that there would definitely be a lot of martial arts experts here. The slightest change in her behavior would be detected, so she really needed to stay unperturbed.

However, Bai Feiyun was a frequent visitor of Azure Water Valley. Normally, he didn't even need to give a greeting to enter but he had chosen to wait with these people outside. Xiao Yi and Xiao Ren didn't know much about the affairs of the martial arts community and definitely wouldn't bar him from entering, so Bai Feiyun's current actions were seriously strange!

In addition, Cang Baicao and Bai Feiyun pretty much had a master and disciple relationship, so what exactly was Bai Feiyun trying to do?

When she recalled Bai Feiyun, she couldn't help but remember how he poisoned Jun Xin in Cloud City. At that time, she hadn't believed it. After all, Bai Feiyun seemed to be the type of person that would find using poison contemptible and there was no way that Cang Baicao would pass on his knowledge to Bai Feiyun if Bai Feiyun's moral quality was lacking.

And even if Cang Baicao's eyes had gone bad from age, what about Su Yi's?

He had lived for so long so he probably had more experience than anyone else alive. No matter how good Bai Feiyun was at scheming, he still wouldn't be able to also trick Su Yi as well, right?

Could it be that this Bai Feiyun was fake?

This thought shocked Tang Doudou to the point that her back was covered with cold sweat and she couldn't help but shudder.

Immediately, she heard the slight sound of inner strength being released, so she hastily calmed her thoughts down and sneezed, then hammer her chest while coughing.

Those waves of energy gradually receded, but it didn't disappear entirely.

Tang Doudou didn't dare to think about it anymore and just focused on walking forward until she reached the edge of the forest. She remembered that there was a stone block here and that next to it was a broom for sweeping the leaves.

However, right now, not only was the block gone, the broom was also gone.

Instead, there was a row of young people dressed in bright yellow attire hugging longswords while watching her curiously.

Tang Doudou didn't care and just walked straight over.

Those people naturally wouldn't stand there for her to run into them. They moved aside and revealed that stone block.

All the moss on the block had been trampled flat. Tang Doudou reached out to start feeling for something.

Some people were confused. What was she doing?

However, someone soon answered for her. "I remember now, it's a broom! There was a broom here earlier!"

"Where's the broom?" A dark yellow attire suddenly appeared in the midst of the people dressed in bright yellow. A stern-looking old man berated the people behind him.

"It's here!" A young man picked up the broom from the ground.

The old man glanced at that broom. "Bring it over."

"Sect Leader, we can do it!" The people of the sect were well aware that their sect leader was currently angry, so he was trying to act more enthusiastic, but the sect leader just glared at him. Hence, he stopped talking and just obediently handed it over.

The bright yellow garments were very distinctive, so Tang Doudou remembered it clearly. They seemed to be called the Gold Sword Faction and their sect leader was Jin Fengyi.

She had never seen him before though, so she wasn't sure if he was Jin Fengyi.

He walked over with the broom, his steps firm as rocks and his voice as deep as water. "Grannie, your broom."


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