Chapter 372.1: Eavesdropping in the Open

Prodigal Alliance Head


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When he said this, everyone present stiffened and stared to catch Tang Doudou's reaction.

That feeling seriously sucked.

Tang Doudou silently cursed even as she continued acting carefully. As this old man spoke, he had embedded inner strength into his voice.

An ordinary person would definitely show signs of being hit by the force of the inner strength, only those that were truly deaf would have no reaction.

Although it was just a small probe, it caused Tang Doudou to suffer enormous pain. She had to use her own inner strength to dissolve the force of that inner strength without a trace.

It was fortunate that she was no longer completely ignorant about inner strength. Whenever she had free time, she would ask Baili Yu about how to train to become strong.

Baili Yu held nothing back from her and had not only taught her how to train, he even drew up suitable methods for her to use inner strength in the most intricate way.

However, she hadn't practiced it much and still wasn't very familiar with it, so it took a little longer than it should've for her to dissolve that inner strength.

"There's a reaction! She's not deaf!" Someone shouted coldly.

The people who were originally only suspicious were now certain and looked towards her with unfriendly expressions and such sharp glares that it felt like their gazes could tear her human skin mask apart.

However, Tang Doudou didn't panic because the person in front of her still hasn't spoken yet. He had been the one that released that inner strength, so he should be the clearest on whether she was deaf or not.

She continued searching along the block without pause as if she hadn't heard the words earlier, so that slight reaction seemed to not exist.

This was the way humans were. If you aroused suspicion due to a lie and showed signs of panic, people would just suspect you more. However, if you remained unperturbed, they would start doubting themselves.

Humans tend to be complicated. In other words, they tend to overthink.

There were so many people present. If they didn't bother to think so much and had just immediately acted on their suspicions, there was no way she could keep acting. However, because they kept doubting themselves and spreading the doubt, it gave her an opportunity to take advantage of.

As she had expected, Jin Fengyi sensed no response from his inner strength, so he handed the broom to a nearby disciple. "Give the broom back to the grandma."

After finding out that this wasn't Li Xueyi and was just a blind old lady, there was no way that he, as the leader of a sect, would lower himself by personally handing over a broom.

That disciple was pretty clever. After seeing this, he didn't hand the broom directly to Tang Doudou and instead, placed the broom near the block.

Tang Doudou could see the broom, but she didn't reach directly for it and kept feeling around with her hands. When she finally touched the shaft of the broom, she smiled in relief.

"She really doesn't seem to be pretending!"

"En, Sect Leader Jin has already check himself, there's definitely no mistake! However, that Li Xueyi is seriously hateful! Everyone got definite news that she was in Azure Water Valley…"


Someone whispered, "Be careful, lest your words cause calamity. If it weren't for the fact that something happened to the four large clans, who'd come look for Alliance Head Li? Alliance Head's Li heart is like a clear mirror. She's definitely using this chance to teach the four large clans a lesson and make sure that they understood who's truly in charge!"

It was pretty much as she had guessed!

Xiao Ziyu's death was definitely related to the four large clans. However, she didn't understand what exactly happened to make them all run here to Azure Water Valley.

The fact that she was in Azure Water Valley was probably discovered the last time she went out with Baili Yu.

However, since Baili Yu hadn't stopped it from spreading, she didn't ask about it either since she didn't have anything to worry about while he was here. As long as the sky wasn't falling down, it really didn't matter to her.

However, whenever Baili Yu wasn't by her side, she would feel a strong wave of danger. It was seriously strange, could it be that all women who were in love were like this?

She slowly sweeped the leaves on the ground as she mulled over what was going on between the four clans and listened to the whispers within the clamor of the crowd.

This was the reason she had taken the trouble of coming out in the disguise of a blind and deaf old lady. It was precisely because she was worried that these people would take advantage of her ignorance and troll her, so she had no choice but to come out in order to gather information.

Most of the information wasn't very useful. The information that was useful was the information that's quietly gossiped about.

She had already spent about a year stumbling and bumbling around the martial arts community so she had already come to realize that these people liked saying the grand things loudly, then secretly badmouth people.

Most of the time, the things they say straightforwardly shouldn't be taken seriously.

This was actually something that Bai Feiyun had taught her back then, but now she had to use this on him. The matters of the world were seriously fickle...

As she was thinking this, her eyelids suddenly twitched slightly. She spotted Bai Feiyun in the middle of the crowd, dressed in snow white as usual.

She hastily lowered her head in fear that Bai Feiyun would notice.

She didn't fear any of the people present aside from Bai Feiyun because their past relationship was too good. She could guarantee that if Bai Feiyun wanted to probe her, all he had to do was stand in front of her to break her disguise.

Fortunately, Bai Feiyun didn't seem to suspect her at all and seemed to be deep in thought. He didn't pay attention to any of the people around him and gave off an estranging aura almost like Mu Ye.

Tang Doudou quickly looked away.

There were two reasons. The first was because Xiao Bai had already betrayed her out of the blue and the second was because there were too many martial arts experts near Bai Feiyun, so if she looked for too long, she would be suspected.

Hence, she decided to focus on her goal of collecting information.


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