Chapter 372.2: Eavesdropping in the Open

Prodigal Alliance Head


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The doors were still firmly closed. Not only was there no sight of Tang Doudou, there wasn't even a shadow of her.

Although everyone present were people of the martial arts community, most of them had grown up in luxury so having to wait in the unbearable heat like this was infuriating.

After sweeping from one end to another and back, Tang Doudou finally got a clear idea of where all these people came from.

People from all four clans were here.

Lin, Bai, Murong, Xiao—the four families were standing beneath the shade of the bamboo in groups of about a dozen. They stood there quietly as if the heated discussion had nothing to do with them.

The group deepest in the bamboo forest was the people of the Lin Clan Stronghold. They were dressed in simple red martial arts clothing. The only person dressed differently was Lin Shuxuan, who was dressed in a scholarly outfit and sitting next to the person in charge of the Lin family. He made a striking contrast among all these people dressed in martial arts attire, but he didn't seem to care and just looked over all the young girls present.

Next to the Lin Clan Stronghold was the people of the Bai family. Since they were the Bai (white) family, Tang Doudou thought that they would be like Bai Feiyun and dressed in ethereal white garments, but they actually had purple attires. Although they did have an ethereal air, there was a strange aura around them. The fact that the person sitting on the main seat was a very alluring woman with a veil surprised Tang Doudou the most.

Who would've thought that the Bai family was actually like this?

Then there was the Murong family. The entire row was filled with unfamiliar faces and they had completely different attires that gave off a very undisciplined air.

Tang Doudou didn't have a good impression of the Murong family and this didn't help to improve it.

Next to that was the people of the Xiao family.

Solemn and extremely strict!

Tang Doudou only briefly glanced at them before turning away with feigned calmness. However, her heart was pounding nonstop and she was so nervous that sweat covered her palms. This feeling of nervousness originated due to the elder who was clearly leading the Xiao family. His aura was way too intimidating. She had only taken one glance, but her stomach and legs almost started trembling. At the same time, she was confused. Was that old man the master of the Xiao family?

He clearly had such an intimidating presence, so why was the Xiao family at the very end of the four clans?

Could it be that she had gotten things wrong this entire time?

The rankings of the families was actually in the opposite order?

Regardless, she didn't dare to glance in that direction again.

If that elder noticed anything, all her work would've been a waste.

Aside from the four large clans and the Gold Sword Faction, she was familiar with most of those people and they were here just to watch the show.

The most important group was still the group around Elder Yu!

It was also the place where Bai Feiyun was. Tang Doudou was also puzzled by this. She couldn't help but feel that there was some secret between Bai Feiyun and Elder Yu.

If not for that, why would Elder Yu glance towards Bai Feiyun every single time that someone asked him a question?

For example, when someone asked, "Elder Yu, are we going to continue waiting?"

Elder Yu immediately glanced towards Bai Feiyun out of the corner of his eye, then acted like he was contemplating for a moment before saying, "We had come here this time sincerely. If we can't invite Alliance Head back, this Yu refuses to return.""Aiy, Elder Yu truly spills blood, sweat, and tears for the martial arts alliance…"

"It's simply duty." Elder Yu glanced at Bai Feiyun again. "However, comrades, it seems that the alliance head is still angry! She probably won't come out for quite a while. If there are some that wants to leave, you guys can leave first. Once Alliance Head comes out, we'll send everyone invitations to the martial arts convention."The person who had asked the question earlier immediately shook his head. "Since we're already here, why wait for a martial arts convention? Let's hurry and resolve this matter so that everyone can head back with their minds at ease."

"That's right! Rather than head back with worries, it'd be better to wait here for Alliance Head Li!"

"Humph! What kind of alliance head is she to hide out here when such a huge problem has occured on the Jianghu? Her duty is to step out and help the martial arts community get justice, but I guess she's already gotten too comfortable in the countryside and no longer cares about our fates! Rather than waste our time waiting here, it'd be better to hurry and pick a new martial arts alliance head!"

"Syndicate Leader Xi, how could you say that? Cloud City was the one that appointed Alliance Head Li. Who would dare to take the alliance head position without her acknowledgement?"

When Tang Doudou heard this, she finally understood. Elder Yu had probably taken some wracky medicine because he was actually advocating for her to continue being the alliance head. For some reason, the people that were against her were all unfamiliar faces?

After she finished sweeping the last part, she made her way back to the stone block and put the broom down to head back.

Everyone had been too absorbed in talking and hadn't noticed her at all. They jumped in the heated discussion with everything they knew as if something would manifest that way.

"However, it seriously is strange. This affair has already caused such a huge disturbance, so how come there's no news from Cloud City at all?"

"I heard that Elder Yu and Bai gongzi had sent Cloud City a lot of messages, but it was like throwing stones into the ocean. Could it be that something has happened to Cloud City as well?"

"That seems quite plausible."

"Elder Yu, let's stop waiting! Wouldn't it be best to just select a new alliance head?"

"Yeah, ever since this Alliance Head Li took office, she really hasn't dealt with any of the serious matters and just sticks to that shrewd fox Baili Yu all the time…"

"Shhh! Are you trying to court death?"

"Baili Yu's actions lately have also been very strange. This country is probably about to go through a huge change!"

"Change is inevitable. After all, didn't some Mandate of Heaven's Child appear earlier…"

When Tang Doudou heard this, she was stunned again. Yuner?


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