Chapter 383.2: The Murderer Was Right Next to Them

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 383.2: The Murderer Was Right Next to Them

"Shen Wuming, you're already a prisoner, but you still have the nerve to be so presumptuous? Once Alliance Head comes, I'll definitely ask Alliance Head to deal with you!"

"Humph! If you have the guts, you should just kill me. Since you don't dare to kill me, stop trying to distract everyone with pointless words."

The person arguing with Shen Wuming was from the faction that Shen Wuming had murdered a member of. However, he didn't seem to the be leader of the syndicate.

"Someone will kill you sooner or later! We just don't want to dirty our own hands!" replied that person fiercely.

Shen Wuming humphed in disdain. "The fact that you don't dare means you don't dare. Just admit it, fake bastards!"


"Brother He, don't be so stirred up. There's no point arguing with someone like this," said Elder Yu.

"I can't swallow this anger!" The man with the surname He glared at Shen Wuming as if glaring at him could take off his flesh.

"If you can't swallow the anger, why wait? He Shuiyi, you should've just killed him when Jun Xin knocked him out earlier to avenge your poor disciples, but now… Haha, everyone is smart, there's no need to put on such an act. Let's just get to the point, how exactly should Shen Wuming be dealt with? He has killed people from multiple families before this. Elder Yu, you should give everyone a clear answer!"

The person that spoke was Jin Fengyi from the Gold Sword Faction.

"Senior Jin is right, Elder Yu, you must give us a decision. There's no way we can just let him off like this! That'd be letting him off easily!"

"Don't worry, the reason I brought Shen Wuming here is because I wanted to wait for Alliance Head to come and make the decision on what to do with him." Elder Yu has always been like this. Whenever he encountered something he couldn't resolve, he'd just push it off to her.

Tang Doudou cursed when she heard this. This bunch of rotten old men!

"Zi!" Right at this time, Little Gray started shouting.

Tang Doudou hastily stood up and looked around in alarm as she whispered, "What's wrong? Little Gray, did that person from earlier show up again?"

Little Gray shook his head, then nodded with a confused expression.

Tang Doudou couldn't tell what he meant. She glanced one last time at the noisy hall, then ducked down and went to hide behind a decorative mountain.

Little Gray was still gesturing something, but Tang Doudou didn't have the time to pay attention to him since she could sense someone approaching!

Her gaze darkened slightly. She was wondering whether it was that person when a black shadow suddenly crossed the edge of her vision. She hastily turned around but was too late to catch him.

Little Gray pointed behind her and cried, "Zizizi!"

Tang Doudou hastily turned around again but didn't see anyone there.

"Is it really that person?" asked Tang Doudou quietly. Little Gray pointed out the person's location again.

However, Tang Doudou knew that this wasn't a solution. She couldn't tell where that person was nor see him, she was at too much of a disadvantage.

Her eyes suddenly lit up and she ran forward while pouring energy into her dantian. Suddenly, she shouted, "Who's there!?"

The moment her shout resounded, there was the sound of chairs being overturned in the main hall and many people soon appeared.

The first to appear were some of the strongest martial artists. When they saw her, they hastily walked over. "Greeting, Alliance Head. May I ask why you shouted earlier?"

Tang Doudou saw that more people were coming up and Little Gray didn't warn her again that the person was approaching, so she loosened a breath in relief. She decided to tell them about that strange person while they were all here.

"So this means that Alliance Head, you've already encountered that person?" asked someone in shock.

Tang Doudou nodded, then told them about how the people from the Lin and Xiao families were killed in the blink of an eye. After all this, she finally said, "I discovered him just now as well, but I wasn't able to see where he was."

This news was frightening. Someone that scary was actually right in this courtyard?

Right after she said this, people started looking around warily in an attempt to figure out where that person was.

However, they didn't see anyone around.

Due to this, they became even more tense in worry that the person would suddenly appear right next to them.

"Everyone, don't panic. We have such great numbers, he wouldn't dare to make a move…" said someone from the happy-go-lucky sect.

Although these words weren't completely illogical, just as everyone was about to agree, a scream suddenly came from the crowd!

Everyone heart tensed. It happened after all!


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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