Chapter 384.1: Big Brother Baili

Prodigal Alliance Head

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Chapter 384.1: Big Brother Baili

The smell of blood filled the air. Everyone soon saw that three people had died and they immediately moved away in fear of also being injured.

A lot of people had been splashed by the still hot blood and were frightened. However, they were also indignant.

This person sure had a lot of guts, to dare to kill someone despite all of them being here!

Tang Doudou patted Little Gray slightly hard to ask why he didn't warn her that the person had appeared again. It was seriously frustrating that another person had died in front of her.

Little Gray looked wrongly accused and gestured to explain that the person had moved too fast. He didn't have time to warn her before that person made his move.

This meant that her plan to rely on Little Gray to locate that person and then capture him wouldn't work?

The blood-soaked corpses looked remarkably similar to how Xiao Ziyu's corpse had looked. Tang Doudou immediately turned away after a glance, unable to look on.

This had happened right in front of everyone, but no one had been able to even catch a glimpse of that person. Everyone silently stared at the corpses as they mulled over things. Some people were thinking that it might be better to leave now.

"Eh? What's that!?" A woman suddenly cried out.

Everyone looked over and some people even pulled out their swords thinking that the woman had discovered a trace of the assassin. Someone asked, "This lady, what did you see?"

"Flower petals!" That woman squeezed her way through the crowd and walked forward.

"Flower petals?"

What was that?

Everyone looked at her in confusion.

The woman furrowed her brows and pointed at the corpses. "I'm talking about the flower petals on the corpse!"

There were flower petals on the corpse?

"Where?" Some people moved closer to the corpse but didn't see any petals.

The woman could only move even closer to point to it. On the corpse's chest was a thin pink petal that was stained with blood.

"There really is a flower petal!" When that woman pointed it out, everyone finally saw the flower petal. They were shocked, where had this come from?

Tang Doudou's heart dropped in shock. Why did that petal look so familiar? It- it looked extremely similar to the flower petals created by Baili Yu's Three Thousand Overlooking Blossoms.

What was going on!?

She quickly glanced over everyone but saw that they mostly looked puzzled. She loosened a breath in relief but before she could fully relax, she sensed a gaze shoot towards her.

She didn't know who that person was, but she broke out in cold sweat in worry that the person would say the flower petal belonged to Baili Yu.

Although no one suspected Baili Yu yet, they were already starting to discuss it. "Could this flower petal have been the murderer's weapon?"

"It's so small that it's barely visible and it's unbelievably sharp. If the murderer was using this, it would make sense how he was able to kill without a trace!"

"If that's really the case, that person's truly fearsome!"

"Who on the Jianghu uses flowers as weapons?"

When Tang Doudou heard this, her heart trembled again and she itched to just turn and leave.

"I know! The master of Hundred Flowers Valley, Qing Yan, uses a hundred flowers as her weapon."

"Qing Yan has already passed away many years ago, it can't be her."

"Clear Quiet Manor's Qingqing gongzi also uses flowers as weapons, but he uses silver plum blossoms."

"Perhaps he's changed his tastes and now uses pink petals."

"Qingqing gongzi has long been taken by Palace Head Fu as exclusive property. There came news last month that he had provoked Fu Yunliu somehow and had all his limbs broken…"

"Then who else uses flowers?"

"Don't know…"

If things went on like this, someone would throw out Baili Yu sooner or later. Tang Doudou was extremely nervous but she didn't know how to change the topic of discussion. That gaze was still focused on her as well, so she didn't dare to let anything slip on her face.

Inwardly, she was stomping from anxiety.

Because not even she was sure whether the murderer was Baili Yu or not.

Now that she thought about it, Baili Yu was super suspicious. His martial arts were extremely good, and with how wealthy he was, it wouldn't be hard for him to obtain a martial arts manual that allowed him to conceal himself like Liu Zhiyuan. In addition, there was this pink petal and the fact that she didn't know where he was right now…

What was even more frightening was the fact that this murderer had killed people in front of her multiple times but hadn't done anything to her yet.

If it weren't for the fact that she trusted Baili Yu and was well aware of his personality, even she would've suspected him.

However, there was no way the murderer was Baili Yu!

She dared to use her own life to guarantee it!

But what use was that?

No one else would believe!

Tang Doudou was extremely anxious and kept rubbing Little Gray. Little Gray was uncomfortable, but he knew that she was worried so he just stayed still and allowed her to vent in this manner.

Who asked for him to be useless and to have not warned the female master in time?

However, it was also because the deaths of those people had nothing to do with him so he hadn't paid that much attention. If that person had been aiming for the female master, he definitely would've noticed instantly.

"I remember now! There's still one more person that uses flower petals! And it's very likely for it to be him!" Just as everyone was discussing this topic, a shrill voice suddenly appeared.


"That's right, hurry up and tell us!"

"It's, it's…"

"Zizizi!" Just as that person glanced towards Tang Doudou hesitantly, Little Gray suddenly started screaming. The sound of his high pitched shriek pierced the eardrums like needles. Everyone covered their ears in pain.

Tang Doudou was the only one that wasn't affected. She was suddenly overcome with the feeling of danger and abruptly jumped to the side.

An instant later, an eye-piercing white light passed by where she had been standing a second ago. It was the flash of a blade! An extremely sharp blade!

If Tang Doudou hadn't reacted at that moment, she would've been cut straight in half.

There was no way the discussion could continue after this happened. Even Tang Doudou had been attacked in such a fearsome manner. Everyone hastily pulled out their weapons and looked around in alarm.

A couple people came to realize that the reason Tang Doudou had been able to react in time was because of the gray monkey she was carrying.

"Alliance Head." Someone wanted to ask if Little Gray was about to sense that murderer ahead of time, but just as he called out, Tang Doudou frowned and then jumped up the decorative mountain. With a few leaps, she disappeared beyond the wall.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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