Chapter 385.1: Shadow Person

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Chapter 385.1: Shadow Person

The young girl was caught completely off guard and ended up falling when Tang Doudou pushed her. "Owww! My leg!"

Tang Doudou looked over in surprise when she found that the girl didn't seem to be faking it. She couldn't help but be speechless. Wasn't this girl a little too weak?

She hadn't used much force at all.

"Are you alright?" However, since she had done it, she had to take responsibility for it. She glanced at the guy, then turned to help the girl up first.

"I'm fine." The young girl stood up, then more tears filled her eyes due to the pain. However, she hastily said, "This lady, can you please help save Big Brother Baili?"

The young girl was so delicate-looking that it felt like a gust of wind could knock her over. Tang Doudou hadn't paid attention to her earlier, but now that she looked, she was actually quite pretty. She seemed only around fourteen so her features weren't fully developed yet. However, those bright eyes, the delicate nose, and her small pouty lips were all telling the world about her beauty. Then there was also the fact that she seemed like a delicate willow swaying in the wind. Tang Doudou was confident that in a few years, this girl would be beautiful enough to topple a city.

After a moment, she shifted her gaze away. Now wasn't the time to appreciate a beauty.

There was still a drowned person to save!

However, before that, she first quietly asked Little Gray if that person was still there. When Little Gray told her that he wasn't, she frowned in confusion.

It felt like that person had led her here on purpose.

But for what motive?

So that she could save him?

Would a murderer who kills without blinking an eye even care about saving someone?

Tang Doudou inwardly laughed at herself for being so fanciful. In reality, that person could've killed her multiple times on the way here, but he didn't. With the fact that she had already encountered him multiple times before added on, she became pretty sure that this person didn't plan to kill her.

As for why, she naturally had no idea.

The young girl saw that she was just looking at her Big Brother Baili without moving, so she limped forward uneasily. "Lady, is Big Brother Baili already… already…"

She couldn't bring herself to say the word 'dead' but her teary eyes made her meaning clear.

Even Tang Doudou felt heartache upon seeing this little beauty cry. She patted her shoulder and said, "He's fine, he didn't go under for long so he's probably fine. Come help me!"

After saying that, she rolled up her sleeves and crouched down. Little Gray jumped from her arms up to her shoulder and looked over curiously to see how she was going to treat this person.

The young girl was also curious. Since Tang Doudou told her to help, she kneeled down next to Tang Doudou while staring at her attentively.

Tang Doudou first checking the man's breathing, then felt for his pulse. His breathing was weak, but his heart was still beating. She pulled apart his clothes so that his neck was uncovered to make it easier for him to breathe. Then she pulled open his mouth and reached in to get all the mud, water, and other dirty stuff out of his mouth. Following that, she asked the girl, "Do you have a handkerchief?"

Her critical care treatment was too modern, the young girl was completely stunned. When she heard this sudden question, she cried out in surprise, "What?"

"Do you have a handkerchief?"

"I do, I do!" The young girl hastily pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou didn't take it though. As she checked to make sure that there was nothing else in this person's mouth, she said, "Wrap the handkerchief around your fingers, then pull his tongue out."

Pull his tongue out? What for? The young girl was flustered. "Huh?"

Why was she dawdling so much? They were trying to save a life here!

Tang Doudou urged her impatiently, "Hurry up!"

"Oh, oh!" The young girl didn't dare to ask anymore since Tang Doudou sounded irritated. She hastily wrapped the handkerchief around her fingers, then pulled out the man's tongue as Tang Doudou had instructed. However, her face then turned red as a tomato.

Tang Doudou knew why. It was because as she was pulling the man's tongue out, her finger touched the man's lips. Tang Doudou was pretty speechless.

Although she was speechless, she continued doing everything she needed to.

She told the young girl, "Make sure to grab it tight."

Following that, she kneeled down on one knee, positioned the man's abdomen on her thigh with his head facing down, then pressed on the man's back with her palms. After a few moments, the man started vomiting water, then coughing.


Tang Doudou put the man down, then walked over to the lake to wash her hands. When she get back, she saw that the young girl was looking towards her with a helpless expression.

Tang Doudou glanced over, then laughed.

That person had already woken up and was currently looking towards the two of them weakly. He wanted to speak, but the young girl was pinching his tongue hard. He wanted to push her hand off, but he felt too weak to lift his arms.

That young girl had heartache written all over her face and just looked at Tang Doudou in a pitiful manner. "Lady, can I let go now?"

"You could've let go a while ago." Tang Doudou shook her head. They all said that the bigger the chest, the less brains you had, but this girl's chest wasn't that big. Why was she still so out of it?

Tang Doudou was completely unaware that the girl was just too worried about her crush.

Upon hearing this, the young girl hastily released his tongue and threw the handkerchief to the side to help the man up. "Big Brother Baili, how do you feel now?"

The man called Baili paused for a little while to allow his tongue to recover, then said, "I'm fine. Yu er, don't worry."

"Really?" The young girl's eyes were hazy with tears and the sight of it caused people's hearts to ache.

"Really. When have I ever lied to you? Oh, that's right. This lady, were you the one that saved this one?" The man forced a smile to reassure the young girl, then looked towards Tang Doudou. "This one cannot express his gratefulness for your grace. May I ask what your surname is? That way this one can visit your residence in order to properly thank you for your grace."

Tang Doudou had been planning to ask what his name was. Although he seemed very weak, his way of speaking was very elegant and he gave off an unusual noble air. His looks were very handsome and if one just glanced over briefly, he actually resembled Baili Yu quite a lot. The thought that she had dismissed earlier came back. Could it be that the person from earlier had purposefully led her over here so that she would save this person?

Otherwise, there's no way such a coincidence would occur. It was enough that his surname was also Baili, but he looked similar as well.

The man didn't push her when she didn't reply and instead, looked towards that young girl warmly. His eyes were filled with doting affection, but there was no trace of romantic love.

However, that young girl blushed from his gaze.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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