Chapter 385.2: Shadow Person

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Chapter 385.2: Shadow Person

"It's not important who I am. Saving you was just a passing effort." Tang Doudou finally came back to her senses when Little Gray scratched her ear. She looked at the two that were currently exchanging passionate gazes for a while, then finally disrupted them. Even though she felt bad, she was really curious about this man's identity.

The man's phoenix eyes were very deep but also very gentle. "Lady wishes to ask this one something?"

He was evidently very smart!

Tang Doudou said with a smile, "That's right. I just want to ask what your name is? What's your surname and given name? Where did you come from? Where does your family live? What kind of people are in your family… And, why were you here? How did you end up in the water?"

This outburst of questions would definitely offend any normal person since they were all asking about very personal things.

However, this man seemed to have expected these questions. His expression didn't change in the slightest and he smiled politely, "It'd take quite a while to answer these questions, so how about this? My house is nearby. Lady, why don't you come with us? Once I change out of these clothes, I'll answer your questions."

His clothes were soaked and it was already late autumn, so the sun wasn't very warm. There was also a strong breeze by this lake as well, so although he was trying hard to control himself, he couldn't help but shiver… When Tang Doudou saw this, she nodded. "Alright!"

Following that, the girl called Yu er helped the man up and supported him while walking towards the forest next to the lake.

When she moved over to help support him as well, she found that the man gave off an abnormally cold air.

It wasn't due to falling in the water, it seemed to emit from his body.

"This one has a naturally cold disposition. If Lady feels uncomfortable, please let go. This one will be fine with Yu er's help."

Tang Doudou shook her head. "It's fine. She sprained her leg, so if I let go, both of you will fall."

The man turned to look towards Yu er in surprise. "You sprained your leg?"

Yu er said, "Big Brother Baili, it's nothing."

"Nonsense!" The man's pale face turned stern as he glanced down at her leg. When he saw how pale her face was due to the pain, he scolded, "Let me go! I didn't let you come here to serve me! I didn't let you come here to suffer."

"Big Brother Baili." Yu er bit her lips. She seemed to gather up her courage and grabbed the man's arm tightly. "I really am fine. We'll be home soon. Once I get home, I'll immediately go rest."

"Yu er, just let go. I'll help you support him." Tang Doudou saw that the atmosphere was getting tense so she tried to smooth things over. "This isn't a good place to rest so Yu er, please endure it for now. Once we get to your house, I'll help you treat it."

Then she smiled apologetically, "After all, it's also my fault."

Yu er hastily said, "Don't say that. The situation was urgent and you hadn't done it on purpose. It's just that Yu er's useless."

"Haha, let's stop talking about this. How much farther is it?"

The man's expression softened a little after Tang Doudou spoke to ease the atmosphere. However, he pushed away Yu er's hands and looked towards Tang Doudou. "I'll have to trouble you, Lady."

"It's fine, it's no trouble." Tang Doudou said with a smile, "There's no need for you guys to be so polite either, just call me Doudou."

"So this benefactor's name is Doudou. It truly suits you well. This one is Baili Feng, this lady is Mu Qingyu. This one's residence is the nearby Flowing Clouds Manor."

Flowing Cloud Manor?

Tang Doudou was pretty much certain that this wasn't a coincidence now. It was just that she didn't know what relation this Flowing Clouds Manor had with Flowing Clouds Palace, and whether this Baili Feng was related to Baili Yu.

She'd have to wait to find out the answers, it seemed.

The three people and one animal gradually got further away from the lake. Once they disappeared from sight, a black figure appeared in the surface of the lake. Although the sun was bright, it couldn't illuminate this particular shadow so the figure's features couldn't be made out.

However, that person seemed to be watching Tang Doudou leave with the other people.

Suddenly, a ball of faint blue flame shot towards him.

Just as the flame was about to touch him, his body dispersed like a ripple and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was on the shore.

He glanced behind him towards the flame, then his figure dispersed again. However, this time, he couldn't escape and was forced back by a red blade.

"Haha, and I had expected you to be so amazing. Who would've thought that you'd only amount to this." A mocking voice came from the forest.

The shadowy figure looked over and saw that a handsome man was sitting on a tree nearby. One long leg hung down and swung slightly.

It was Jun Xin.

In reality, he had been following Tang Doudou this entire time and had also been following that mysterious person. This was already the second time he had shown himself, but Jun Xin still wasn't able to make out his features.

There was clearly nothing concealing his face, but for some reason, his features couldn't be made out.

Jun Xin lifted his brows curiously, "Who exactly are you? Why did you lead her here? And why did you kill someone and try to frame Baili Yu? Do you have a grudge against him or something?"


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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