Chapter 386.2: Flowing Clouds Manor

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Chapter 386.2: Flowing Clouds Manor

There was no way Mu Qingyu would know what she was thinking. She just thought that this Lady Doudou was very strange. However, she was also very envious of how laidback she was and how she was able to say whatever she wanted to say.

Since young, she had been taught to be careful in her speech and manner, so she didn't dare to express any of her thoughts. Big Brother Baili was the only one willing to listen to her patiently. There had never been anyone else that had been willing to get close to her.

Tang Doudou instructed a servant to boil an egg, then came back, just in time to see the sadness in Mu Qingyu's eyes. She walked over and sat down next to her. "What's wrong? Did you think of something unpleasant?"

Mu Qingyu shook her head. "No."

Tang Doudou was a little helpless. This was the one thing about this young girl that wasn't good. The fact that she had something on her mind was written all over her face, but she wasn't willing to tell the truth.

Baili Feng probably also felt very helpless about this aspect of her personality, which was why he had reacted with such rage when he found out that she had sprained her ankle.

Since Mu Qingyu wasn't willing to tell her about it though, she didn't push either. They had just met after all, so pressing for answers would only make her feel uncomfortable. In addition, she already had a lot of questions, so there was no point in asking too many questions and making the situation even more complicated.

Her brain was only oh so big. If she had to think too much, she'd go dumb.

The two sat together in silence for a while, then a servant came and invited Tang Doudou over.

"En, I got it." Tang Doudou was already nearly out of patience. The moment she heard this, she got up to follow the servant. However, when she reached the door, something seemed to occur to her and she turned back to exhort, "Don't run around no matter what, alright? At the very least, let it rest well for today, got it?"

Mu Qingyu was just about to get up to go with her, but when she heard this, she could only say, "Alright, I'll do as you say."

Only then did Tang Doudou leave.

As Mu Qingyu watched her leave, her gaze darkened. She was recalling how Tang Doudou had arrived just in time to save Baili Feng earlier.

Hardly anyone visited that lake. For some reason, Big Brother Baili suddenly said today that he wanted to go there to admire the scenery. However, his body temperature tended to be low from the start, so it wasn't good for him to stay in places with water. Most of the time, he wouldn't approach any body of water, so why had he suddenly wanted to visit the lake today?


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