Chapter 387.1: Taking a Look at the Silkie

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Chapter 387.1: Taking a Look at the Silkie

Back then he had fallen into the water so abruptly that she started crying from panic. If it weren't for the fact that Tang Doudou came just in time, Baili Feng probably would've drowned.

However, the more she thought about it, the more strange that things seemed. She felt that there was something about this that wasn't a coincidence. When this thought occurred to her, she couldn't sit still anymore and quickly put on her shoes, then hopped on one leg to the door.

When the servant at the door saw her, he hastily moved over to support her. "Miss Mu, where are you going?"

"I…" There was no way she could say that she was going to find Big Brother Baili, so she said, "I wanted to check and see if the eggs were ready."

The servant said, "Just leave that to me. Miss Mu, your foot is injured, so it's best…"

Before he could finish his sentence, he smelled something fragrant, then his vision went dark and he collapsed to the ground.

Mu Qingyu showed no surprise at this and just glanced around to make sure that there was no one around before dragging the person into the room. Following that, she started hopping towards the back garden.

She wasn't aware that someone had seen everything that she did.

The only one that could spy on someone in the open without being caught was Jun Xin.

He had one leg up and his arms pillowing his head as he half lay on the highest roof of Flowing Clouds Manor. He was watching with mild interest as that Mu Qingyu slowly hopped towards the pavilion where Baili Feng and Tang Doudou were at.

She was very familiar with Flowing Clouds Manor so she entered the back garden through a small side door, then quietly hid in a nearby flower shrub. She lightly rubbed her ankle as she eavesdropped on their conversation.

"I've had a naturally cold constitution since birth. Often times, I'd feel chilled to the bones just from staying near water and would become heavily ill. After falling into the water today, I'll probably have to spend a long time on the bed," said Baili Feng.

Tang Doudou asked in shock, "Something like this happens? Could it be due to some sort of illness? Baili gongzi, have you had any doctors take a look at you?"

"Isn't it strange?" Baili Feng laughed. "When I was first born, since my body was ice-cold, the midwife almost declared me dead. It was due to my mother's insistence that I was kept and managed to survive.

"My parents got a lot of people to take a look at my condition, but none of them could figure out what was wrong.

"Later, I found that as long as I didn't approach places with water, the chill wouldn't be too bad, so I stopped minding it. I was also fortunate enough to encounter the godly doctor, Cang Baicao, one time and it was from him that I learned that my condition wasn't an illness but an innate characteristic."

"Then did Cang Baicao tell you how to treat it?" This place wasn't far from Azure Water Valley so it wasn't strange that he was able to encounter Cang Baicao.

Baili Feng sighed. "Since it's not an illness, there's no way to treat it. Even Senior Cang had his hands tied."

"Then that's really a pity."

"It's fine. As long as I don't approach water, it's not too bad."

"Has Baili gongzi lived here a long time?" While walking here, she noticed that this manor looked very old. A lot of the places had marks left by time.

The sole large ginkgo tree next to the pavilion was one of them. The autumn wind gave it a golden glow and its fine yellow leaves formed layer upon layers on the ground, making the scene feel very autumn-like.

A ginkgo tree had no way of growing this large without several hundreds of years.

As Tang Doudou was thinking this, she couldn't help but glance towards that tree.

She ended up seeing the figure hidden by the leaves and her lips curved up slightly. Her nervousness also subsided quite a lot.

Who would've thought that this unreliable brat actually managed to find her after all?

Baili Feng noticed that she was looking at the gingko tree, but he didn't follow her gaze. Instead, he tightened the thick fur coat around himself to block the chilly wind more. "This isn't my true home. I had only moved in last year.

"This Flowing Clouds Manor has already been here for many years. However, I'm not clear on when exactly it was established."

As she had expected, he wasn't Flowing Clouds Manor's true owner.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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