Chapter 387.2: Taking a Look at the Silkie

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Chapter 387.2: Taking a Look at the Silkie

Tang Doudou retrieved her gaze and looked towards Baili Feng. "Oh? Then this manor doesn't actually belong to you?"

Baili Feng replied, "No."

Tang Doudou didn't ask about the owner of the manor and instead asked, "Then where is Baili gongzi's home?"

She had already asked this earlier so Baili Feng didn't react much to it and replied straightforwardly, "Wind Cloud Island."

The cup Tang Doudou was holding fell to the ground and shattered.

Shock flashed through her eyes but quickly vanished. She exclaimed, "Baili gongzi is actually someone from Wind Cloud Island?"

"I guess I count as one."

Baili Feng didn't react much to Tang Doudou's overly strong surprise either. He just glanced at the broken tea cup, then poured Tang Doudou a new cup of tea. "Lady Doudou seems very shocked."

"I am pretty shocked. It's very rare to see someone from Wind Cloud Island, who would've thought I'd encounter one on a casual stroll? Shouldn't I be shocked?"

Baili Feng just smiled, so Tang Doudou couldn't tell if he believed her or not.

After chatting with him a while, Tang Doudou started to feel that Baili Feng was seriously very similar to Baili Yu. It wasn't just their looks or temperament, they also shared the same characteristic of being unreadable.

Tang Doudou was pretty certain that Baili Feng knew her identity.

In addition, what happened today was definitely related to him.

"Disciples of Wind Cloud Island often head out for training, so it's not as rare as Lady Doudou puts it."

Tang Doudou nodded. "Really? I don't know much about this."

"Lady Doudou, do you have any other questions?"

"Uh…" Since he looked like he was happy to answer all of her questions, she felt the impulse to ask all the questions she had.

However, she was no longer that ignorant newbie from back then and wouldn't do such a stupid thing anymore. Since she had finally met up with Jun Xin again, she felt like leaving now.

"There's nothing else that I really need to ask. It's already rather late, so I won't bother you any longer. Rest well, I'll take my leave for now."

Baili Feng's expression remained the same as he said mildly, "Lady Doudou, I haven't even thanked you properly for saving me. If you don't have anything urgent, why don't you stay here in this manor so that this one can act as host for a little while to express my thanks?"

"There's no need. I still have business to deal with, but many thanks for your kind intentions."

Baili Feng's expression finally changed slightly when he heard that she was adamant about leaving. "Then can Lady Doudou tell this one where you live? Once I get better, I'll pay you a visit!"

"There's really no need! If Baili gongzi truly thinks of me as a friend, then please don't mention this anymore." After Tang Doudou said this, on second thought, she felt that she shouldn't completely end all ties just like this, so she said with a smile, "It just so happens that I'm dealing with some business in Barbarian Mound Garrison which isn't far from here. Once I finish dealing with those matters, I'll definitely come to bother you guys for a few days. At that time, please don't turn me away."

The earlier words caused Baili Feng's facial color to change, but these words made him smile again. "What is Lady Doudou saying? I'd be delighted to welcome you!"

"Then I won't say anything else, let's call this goodbye!" As Tang Doudou spoke, she stood up.

Baili Feng stood up as well. "Allow this one to walk you to the door."

"Alright!" Originally, Tang Doudou was going to refuse, but she changed her mind and accepted.

The two left the pavilion together. Mu Qingyu frowned at the sight of this. There was nothing inappropriate about their exchange and everything Big Brother Baili said was fact. Tang Doudou also only asked the questions she had asked earlier.

Could it be that she was overthinking things?

Mu Qingyu stood up and went back to her room, but she couldn't help but continue to feel very uneasy. When the servant brought the egg over, she asked the servant, "Is Big Brother Baili with that lady in the back garden right now?"

The servant replied, "No, when I was walking here, I saw that gongzi was seeing that lady off."

Mu Qingyu feigned surprise. "She's leaving?"

"That's right. From the looks of it, that lady has some urgent business and seemed to be in a rush!"

"But didn't she say earlier that she wanted a silkie?" As Mu Qingyu said this, she looked towards the servant. "Go ask that lady if she still wants a silkie."

"But the silkies are gongzi's most prized possessions…"

"Gongzi fell into the water earlier and it was this lady that saved his life. It's nothing but a few chickens, I'm sure that Big Brother Baili would give one to that lady. She had saved his life after all. Just make a run and ask to make sure."

That servant felt that things made a lot more sense after hearing this. It was no wonder that lady had come back with gongzi. So it turned out that she had saved his life.

He immediately went to look for Tang Doudou.

At this time, Tang Doudou had already reached the entrance of the manor and was saluting Baili Feng goodbye. Suddenly, she saw a servant run over.

She remembered that this was the servant she had instructed to help boil an egg for Mu Qingyu, so she couldn't help but glance over. Could it be that something had happened to Mu Qingyu?

Baili Feng noticed her gaze and looked over as well. When he saw his servant's improper behavior, he frowned and berated lightly, "What kind of propriety is that?"

"Gongzi!" The servant was gasping for breath. "I have something urgent to ask this lady."

When had his servant gotten familiar with Tang Doudou?

Baili Feng was a little surprised. "What matter?"

"This little one greets Lady." The servant bowed towards Tang Doudou, then peeked at Baili Feng's expression. When he saw that Baili Feng seemed to be very polite towards this lady, he finally felt reassured enough to ask, "I'm here to ask Lady if you still want that silkie?"

"Silkie?" Embarrassment appeared on Tang Doudou's face. She was confused for a moment since she had only talked to Mu Qingyu about this. There hadn't been anyone else present at this time, so how did this servant learn about this?

Was it Mu Qingyu that told him?

But why?

Didn't she already tell Mu Qingyu not to bring this up anymore?

And how did she know that she was about to leave?

Countless thoughts flashed through her mind as she turned to look at Baili Feng.

Then she discovered that he was also looking at her strangely. "Lady Doudou wants to take a silkie?"

"Uh…" How was she supposed to respond to this?

Inwardly, she sighed. What exactly was Mu Qingyu trying to do?

"I do raise quite a few silkies in this manor, but these silkies are a little different from ordinary silkies. Lady, if you want one, please go take a look first. If you're certain that you want one after taking a look, I'll gift one to you." He could tell from the look on her face that she had asked for one. Mu Qingyu had probably brought up the silkies at some point, but he was surprised that she actually had an interest in them.

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin with a laugh. "It's fine, I was just asking casually. I never thought that Lady Mu would take it seriously."

"Taking a look at them won't take long."

Tang Doudou's interest was aroused since it occurred to her that Mu Qingyu might have been trying to tell her some sort of news through this?

When she thought about it, this really was possible. Based on that lady's personality, she probably wasn't the type to lay schemes and stab someone behind their back.

When Tang Doudou got to this conclusion, she nodded and said, "Alright, then let's go take a look. I'm really curious how different the silkies at Baili gongzi's house are."


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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